Muse Sign New Deal With Metallica, RHCP Management

Q Prime taking over band's affairs after 12-year relationship with Brontone.

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UK rockers Muse have officially parted ways with longtime management company Brontone and have now signed a new deal with Q Prime, a team known for managing such class acts as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Keys.

"After a successful 12-year relationship, Muse will be parting company with Brontone, until now their manager for all territories outside North America," the group's spokesperson told Music Week. "As of March 2014 Muse will be managed worldwide by Q Prime, who have been managing the group in North America since 2003.

"Muse wish to thank Brontone for its support in developing the group’s hugely successful career so far, and Brontone wish Muse every success for the future," the statement concludes.

According to the latest reports, Muse are aiming at an early 2015 album release. Discussing the new material, frontman Matt Bellamy stressed on several occasions that the band is getting back to guitar-driven, raw approach. "You can't just beat guitar, bass and drums," he said.


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    Damn title. I though they signed with "Blackened Reccords"
    I thought the title suggested that they got signed by Metallica and the RHCP. I'm glad that this isn't the case!
    Come on people, this is one in a hundred articles that doesn't actually have a misleading headline. It's right there, you just need to read.
    Out of a thousand ways to write the same information, they chose the one that is the most susceptible to being misread. Your "come on" has thus been declined.
    Title said they found new management buy a company who does business with Metallica and RHCP. Was not disappointed.
    To be honest, I'm starting to feel sick and tired of these misleading UG titles. Are monkeys running the site?
    I thought they were going to tour together.. Would have been interesting! Misleading title is misleading, but I guess that's how you get views.
    Inaccurate comment is inaccurate, but I guess thats what you get for misreading a title.
    misleading titles are the be all end all of media. its everywhere nowadays, the news ppl in the campus radio station i volunteer for adhere to this too.
    It should have said "... with Metallica's management", it was poorly presented but not incorrect...