Muse: 'This Tour Will Be Our Version Of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall''

Matt Bellamy says the band's forthcoming world tour will see the band eaten by a giant pyramid.

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Matt Bellamy has revealed that Muse's tour will be their equivalent of "The Wall", the 1980 Pink Floyd tour which saw the band bricked up behind a giant, white wall that was built live onstage.

Speaking about the band's forthcoming world stint, singer Matt Bellamy told CBS local, "I think it's going to be our best tour so far. It's like our version of 'The Wall'," making reference Pink Floyd's 1979 double album and subsequent tour (via NME).

He added: "We've built this upside down pyramid structure which is full of video screens. Throughout the gig, it gradually comes down and consumes the band. So we end up eaten up by this pyramid thing, which is all very symbolic, of course. We blast out of it and escape. It's going to be a big experience. This is our Stonehenge tour!"

The band will kick of their global trek later this month (October 16) in France. They will play London's O2 arena later on in the month on October 26 and 27. Drummer Dom Howard previously revealed that the stage set-up would also include aliens and kung-fu.

Muse knocked Mumford and Sons from the top of the UK Official Album Chart on Sunday (October 7) with their new album, "The 2nd Law". The Devon trio's sixth album shifted 108,000 copies in its first week of release, making it the fourth fastest-selling album of the year so far.

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    I love Muse, but they really should stop with all the obvious other-artist-isms and be more like, well, Muse.
    This will be Muse's The Wall tour. So they'll lose a fortune and sack their keyboard player? Have you thought this through Matt, or have I just taken this too far?
    I'll be going to the concert... But I gotta admit, didn't dig the new album. Supremacy was good and Panic Station was a mash-up of Another One Bites the Dust and Trampled Under Foot... Which made for some interesting listening. But hey, they do a good show!
    It's foolish to say something is going to "be as big as" some past great something. There is only one 'The Wall.' Nothing Muse will ever do would ever cone close to that.
    This is not original at all. I grew up to muse and i love there music but they ****ed up with this new album.