Muse: 'This Will Be The Last Time We Play Origin Of Symmetry Songs'

artist: Muse date: 03/22/2011 category: music news
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Muse: 'This Will Be The Last Time We Play Origin Of Symmetry Songs'
With Muse announced as the final night headliners at Reading And Leeds Festival, fans of the group know to expect something special. But this year, the band have decided to make the event a swan song for an era that made their name. Origin Of Symmetry, their second album, was the first to bring the band wider acclaim, as frontman and guitarist Matt Bellamy explains: "It was on the second album that things really started happening for the band, and when we focused on the live side of things much more." With backing from major press and videos on the newly founded Kerrang TV, they quickly became British poster boys for the new-rock generation, bringing a wealth of fans under their wing. With a full decade passing since the original release, they have announced that Reading and Leeds Festival will probably be "the last time some of these songs will ever be played live again it'll be like coming full circle; we've gone off on one a little bit, and now it feels like the right time to pull it back and remind ourselves of what we were doing 10 years ago." The band fondly remember attending the festival in their youth. Speaking to Nme, the band said seeing the 1994 lineup of Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jeff Buckley made them want to be in a rock band. "Reading really is special because it was the first festival that we ever went to when were were 16 - it was a real eye opener to international music. It's a massive, favourite festival of mine," said drummer Dominic Howard. The festival which is also headlined this year by The Strokes and My Chemical Romance will take place from August 26th to 28th.
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