Muse Threatened To Fire Bassist Over Boozing

artist: Muse date: 10/01/2012 category: music news
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Muse Threatened To Fire Bassist Over Boozing
Muse have revealed how they once threatened to fire bassist Chris Wolstenholme if he didn't overcome his drinking habit. The revelation comes shortly after their set at the iTunes festival, which you can see in the player below. Wolstenholme managed to keep his alcoholism secret from the band for years as he "wasn't a nasty drunk" - but finally went public with his problem in 2009 after a meltdown on April Fool's Day: "Everything I should have dealt with in the previous 10 years suddenly hit me in the face. There are some things I regret", said Wolstenholme at the time. "There are probably moments I should have enjoyed more than I did and that's a bit upsetting. With the mess I was in you don't feel any intense emotion any more". Drummer Dom Howard said the band didn't realise there was a problem until they started counting how many drinks Chris got through on-stage. "For some reason he could still play the bass, even though he was sh-tfaced", Dom told NME. "He was drinking on stage. I started counting how many drinks he was having during the set and I could see him getting more and more glazed. By the point we came off stage he'd be f--ked. It just got too weird". Dom and frontman Matt Bellamy gave Chris an ultimatum "a few times", but ultimately stayed together. Dom continued: "Chris now says things like, 'I can't believe they put up with me for 10 years'. Which is true. I can't believe we did. But we did. I've always believed in band integrity and sticking together". Watch Muse (and a sober Chris Wolstenholme) playing at the iTunes Festival here:
Can you imagine Muse without their original bassist? Do you think alcoholism is a problem in the rock world? Share your opinion in the comments.
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