Muse Tour To Feature 'Aliens, Pyramids And Kung-Fu'

artist: Muse date: 10/05/2012 category: music news
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Muse Tour To Feature 'Aliens, Pyramids And Kung-Fu'
Muse have revealed details of their ambitious new stage rig for their forthcoming tour. Drummer Dom Howard said it will include dancing aliens, a shape-shifting pyramid and "me doing kung-fu at some point on stage". "We made this huge upside down pyramid, which is made out of LED screens so we can put visuals on it", he told the BBC. "Basically this screen moves and can morph into different shapes. It will come down and completely encapsulate me on my drum kit". Frontman Matt Bellamy had previously said he'd been trying for years to "get a huge Zeppelin shaped like a UFO to land [during a set]," but after years of trying no-one would let them. Perhaps this pyramid is the execution of that vision. Their live efforts could help counter a trend towards seeing DJs perform on laptops. "People will pay money to see someone with a laptop who's done all the experimentation at home and pretty much just hits the space bar", said Bellamy. "There is a part of us that is definitely clinging to the organic, human side of music, to honour our friendship and the fact that we want to play together in a room". Do rock stars need to up their game to compete with DJs, or is Muse simply continuing a tradition of bombastic live rock? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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