Muse Unveil New Video For Supremacy

Black metal surf contest anyone?

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Muse has unveiled the video for new single "Supremacy", and needless to say, it's a bit weird.

The clip is part performance video, part compilation of surfers in full black metal garb catching some waves. Supremacy is the fourth single from the band's 6th studio album "The 2nd Law" and was released back on January 13th. Muse, meanwhile, is currently touring across the U.S and Canada on The 2nd Law Tour. They wrap up the North American leg at the end of April before heading to Europe for stadium shows in the summer.

According to drummer Dominic Howard, the band is already contemplating what to do on album number 7:

"Me and Matt (Bellamy) have just been tentatively talking about what we're doing to do, how we're we're going to do it, what we need to think about when we are going to do it - not really discussing musical ideas so much as just how we're going to approach it and when we're going to do it."

Muse's latest video, while daft, raises an interesting question. What are the best sports and outdoor activities to be performed in full black metal getup? Answers on a postcard people! (and by postcard, we mean in the comments section, cos, y'know, it's the 21st century...)

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    Not sure what to think about that video. Mainly because I'm not sure what the video is even supposed to be about. Great song though.
    odd video. I was expecting something waaay better, and slightly darker lol
    I think they just trying to troll us. Everybody's expecting this epic space battle, with Muse performing the song on some kind of space shuttle.. What do they give us? Surfing black metal fans.. I personally find it hilarious..
    Seems like a joke video to me... still funny and a great song, though.
    In the song he's talking about a form of power, wich is on to the man, and wich will stop is supremacy...I think that the wawes can be a form of this " power " wich the man fight with, natural supremacy vs surfers supremacy ? ( when you know the mind of Matt you come to this conclusion... XD )