Muse: 'We Owe Prince Charles £250'

Band take the London Underground to the Brit Awards and have joked that they owe Prince Charles £250.

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The band were supported by a grant from The Prince's Trust when they first formed in 1994. "We bought our first PA system with [the money] and still have it now, it comes out for family weddings," drummer Dominic Howard told.

"I guess you could say we owe Prince Charles £250."

Muse were speaking after last night's Brit Awards, where they lost out to Coldplay for Best Live Act and Mumford & Sons for Best British Group. However, that didn't dampen their spectacular performance opening the awards bash where they performed "Supremacy" with a 75-piece orchestra flanked with pyrotechnics.

Earlier, Muse revealed that they were traveling to the Brits on the London Underground (via NME). The band tweeted a string of pictures of them on the Jubilee Line on their way to the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

"Heading to Brits by tube, beat the traffic!" they wrote, adding "Jubilee all the way!" Back in 2011, Rihanna was spotted on the Jubilee Line en route to her gig at Greenwich's O2 Arena.

Muse will play four massive UK SHOWS in the summer with Dizzee Rascal AS support.

Muse will play:

05/22 - Coventry - Ricoh Arena 05/25 - London - Emirates Stadium 05/26 - London - Emirates Stadium 06/01 - Manchester - Etihad Stadium

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    Muse lost to coldplay... What has happened to this world!?
    I'm no fan of Coldplay but I have to admit they do put on a pretty good show.
    yeah saw them at Oxegen and they killed it! But then again Muse the year before were better...
    I'll never understand Coldplay hate. They're incredible songwriters.
    But they don't have guitar solos so how can they possibly be good
    I understand this is a guitar website but come on, you don't need to have a solo in EVERY song. As a musician I want to know if you can write a song, I don't care as much about how fast you can play the guitar. And yes, Coldplay does have guitar solos.
    Personally I like both bands and listen to both, but Coldplay doesn't blow me away with their songs. They're nice to listen to but Muse just pushes the limits of their sound more often. I can see how other people could like Coldplay more though.
    Coldplay's live shows are amazing, they deserve this one completely.
    Have you seen Muse's live shows? IMO they'd probably trump almost anything nowadays, the only thing I've seen that's better was Roger Waters The Wall a couple of years ago
    Muse has an insane live show. I can't see how Coldplay beat them out.
    Guys we are missing the bigger picture her.... ....Rihanna was spotted on the Jubilee Line
    I dunno, that list is pretty dead on....possibly replace Resistance with Knights of Cydonia, but apart from that they are some of the best tracks!!!