Muse: 'We're Not Afraid Of Going Into Monty Python Rock'

artist: Muse date: 08/29/2012 category: music news

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Muse: 'We're Not Afraid Of Going Into Monty Python Rock'
Muse have spoken about their new album "The 2nd Law" and have said that they are unafraid to live up to their reputation for making epic-sounding music and are prepared to "go into almost Monty Python rock". "The 2nd Law" is due to be released on October 1 in the UK and October 2 in the US. It includes new singles "Madness" and "Survival" as well as dubstep-influenced track "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable". The 13-track album is the follow-up to 2009's "The Resistance" and has been recorded in London. Speaking to Contact Music about the record, singer Matt Bellamy said that the band didn't mind if people didn't take tracks like "Survival" "100% seriously" and that the trio are "not afraid of our eccentricities." Speaking about the record and new single "Survival" in particular, he said: "We don't care if people don't necessarily take songs like that 100 per cent seriously. We're not afraid of our eccentricities, we're not afraid of going into almost Monty Python rock. But it's like opera. If you put a piece of opera on, it's ridiculous unless you've listened to the whole thing and just go there with it." The Devon trio will tour the UK in October, playing five shows. The gigs begin at Glasgow's SECC on October 24, before the band move onto London's O2 Arena for two shows on October 26 and 27. They then play Birmingham LG Arena on October 30 before finishing up at Manchester Arena on November 1. They were also confirmed yesterday (August 28) for the iTunes Festival and will headline London's Roundhouse on September 30. Thanks to NME for the report.
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