Muse's Matt Bellamy: 'Am I The Only One Who Recognises We're A Small Planet In A Gigantic Universe'

Singer ponders on the state of the world and the universe.

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Muse's Matt Bellamy has spoken out about the world's energy crisis.

Matthew says that the band's current album "The 2nd Law" is all about the struggle for energy. "For me, the struggle in life is this battle against the fact energy is decreasing," he says. "It's a battle in everything, whether it's relationships, your own life, your work, the world in general, the economy, there seems to be this theme."

Tracks on the album such as "Survival", he says, are about "the craziness and irrational side of us that just wants to grow and fight and survive against the odds." Tracks such as "Explorers" and "Supremacy" are the "opposite" of this, he continues. "Almost giving up and saying it's a losing battle. These two extreme points of view are on the album, battling against each other."

He adds: "There seems to be this paradigm which is: There has to be growth. I'm watching it and thinking, Am I the only one who recognises this is a small planet isolated in a gigantic universe? Where are we growing too? At some point there has to be a discussion about that concept. For the first time in evolution as a species we're hitting an energy ceiling."

Muse kicked off their UK tour earlier this week. The spectacle includes aliens and a giant pyramid that engulfs the band. Speaking about the prop to NME, Bellamy said: "The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world. Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that."

Muse will finish up their UK tour 1 November at Manchester's Arena.

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    Am I the only one who interpreted this article as Bellamy's explanation for his lyrical inspiration and not as some gaudy display of arrogance?
    Yesterday there was that Enter Shikari article where the singer discovered politics was full of liars. Is this like "musicians discover obvious things week" or something?
    Floyd Phoenix
    Shut up Matt. Now you're just being arrogant. I went through an existential crisis relating to this when I was 13. My views on it now are probably far more developed than his will ever be.
    "My views on it now are probably far more developed than his will ever be." Okay, though I agree he's being kinda douche-y, you can't call anybody arrogant when you say that.
    Also, an existential crisis at 13 probably goes a little something like "What does it matter? I'm gonna play video games instead of doing my homework."
    apparently this dudes just started doing acid.
    Yeah, they did mushrooms back in early 00s when making Origin Of Symmetry and you're not the first person I've seen online wondering if they're back on it again! Would seem strange with the bassist recently recovering from alcoholism and Matt now having a kid, but he did go camping in Dartmoor over the Summer with the family where they'd previously picked shrooms...
    He's not wrong... his continual growth comment is completely valid. We're at a point where we're about to have fuel/energy shortages and there already are food shortages in places around the world. Unfortunately it's Bellamy preaching this and not the actual people in power. They're still just squabbling over whether climate change exists or not when there are more serious problems. /rant
    I don't get muse.
    You should see them live, I saw them in Manchester last night and they were absolutely UNREAL. He really is a great frontman, and they put on a hell of a show...
    Reading this i don't think Matt knows very much about the 2nd law of thermodynamics. He's not wrong about consumption of energy on earth but i don't think he understands the concept of the increased entropy of the universe and thermodynamic equilibrium; concepts stated in the 2nd law.
    He is an odd man
    That wasn't meant to be a reply, just a normal comment
    yea, i was gonna say, i don't think anyone actually cares what the 2nd law is.
    Which is why humanity continues to be ignorant monkeys. If more people cared about the 2nd law than American Idol or other inconsequential BS I believe this world would be a much better place.
    "Am I the only one who recognises this is a small planet isolated in a gigantic universe?" Obviously, Matthew is the only one who recognise it - because [of course] HE created this planet
    Energy decreasing? Energy can only be converted. There is never any more or less energy than there ever was or will be...
    Every Muse songs takes place in a fictional universe where Matt Bellamy is some sort of rebel railing against an oppressive government. I wouldn't expect this guy to have anything relevant to reality come out of his mouth.
    theres plenty of room .you can drive for miles in america and not see houses for miles/we got plenty of room.usa we barely know who the hell muse is.don't care
    Cause America is the only country in the world right
    The only country that matters. Everyone just sits there laying around and complaining about us. We get shit done... or at least we used to before we converted to socialism.
    A Muse album about a great battle that must be overcome by unity of the masses. There's a unique concept. Bellamy really needs to grow a pair and realise that there's more to songwriting than just bitching about how you want the world to be.
    I think he means usable energy decreasing....
    Huh? All energy is usable energy....
    Not true sir, as you previously stated energy only converts from one form to another, this includes forms (like low level heat) that are essentially useless if i'm not much mistaken?
    Scotty Evil
    people are so harsh on these kinds of quotes. if half the shit i said got reported i would read it back and probably hate myself too