Muse's Matt Bellamy Receives 'The Book Of Mormon' Following Talk Of Killers Collaboration

Fan sends frontman sacred text after Brandon Flowers hints at desire to work with Bellamy and co.

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A Muse fan is trying to convert Matt Bellamy and Co to the Mormon religion.

Following on from the story that The Killers' Brandon Flowers hopes the two bands will collaborate, Matt Bellamy received a copy of The Book Of Mormon, the religion's sacred text, in the post.

The Muse frontman posted a picture of the present on the band's official Twitter, saying "Weird fan gift!" The book came with a handwritten note saying "This book changed my life, I give it to with all my heart..." Brandon Flowers, who earlier this week hinted at a hook-up between the two bands, is a Mormon. He recently appeared on a Swedish chat show, where he defended his beliefs against renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. Watch the video below.

Flowers revealed his hopes of a collaboration to The Sun ahead of the MTV Europe Music Awards last weekend, where both bands performed. Flowers said: "We've become good friends with Muse. We get along so well, so I'd never rule out working together. We would be trying to outdo each other. It would be spectacular, the choruses would be huge."

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Thanks to NME for the report.

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    When I read the title, I thought that Muse and The Killers were IN the musical "The Book of Mormon".
    I like both bands, but this must be the most idiotic article I've ever read..
    That clip was supposed to be Flowers defending his beliefs? All he did was accuse a researcher of not researching, then get interrupted and asked to shut-up and leave the stage. lol.
    The Killers had a great collaboration with Lou Reed, if you mention Lulu, and it didn't turn out as Lulu. A non-album single is won't hurt anyone...
    Matt Bellamy has been pretty open about his ideas of science and other conspiracy theories, I'm pretty sure he'd have some understanding of the Book of Mormon anyway. That's what I don't get about religious people trying to convert, they often say stuff like "You should read this book, it helped me and changed my life" as if I've never heard of the Christian Bible before.
    Dawkins is great. Admittedly, the force with which he presents his ideas at times can be off-putting to some, especially the very devout, but just as often his writing is eloquent and succinct. One of the greatest thinkers of our time.
    Good idea, both bands put out horrendously bad albums this year so this collaboration could end up being the next Lulu.
    K, I'm a Mormon, but this kind of stuff is ridiculous and makes all of us look insane. I'm all for sharing my beliefs if someone asks or gives permission in some way, but I would never just randomly send a Book of Mormon to some famous dude. On a side note, a Killers/Muse collab would be terrible because both bands make completely different types of boring music.
    I am from an LDS family, and I 100% agree with the first point of your post. When I was more active, I made it a point to always wait for request or some form of permission before trying anything at all. With the second part, I disagree completely, but people are welcome to opinions. If you find them boring, I won't try to change it. That's pretty much the same philosophy for both points, actually. Sorry for the weird tangent. You almost never meet admitted Mormons here...
    I had a dream once that Matt Bellamy was my maths teacher . But anyhoo I thought he'd calmed down a bit now and was a deist.