Music Industry Experts to Ted Nugent: 'Shut Up or Risk Your Future'

artist: Ted Nugent date: 07/29/2014 category: music news
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Music Industry Experts to Ted Nugent: 'Shut Up or Risk Your Future'
With a vast array of controversial statements in recent time, Ted Nugent might be facing a full-on demise of his career, an industry expert has pointed out.

Posing with animals he had killed, calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and much more, Uncle Ted always had a way of grabbing headlines, but reactions of the public seem to have escalated recently, resulting in a string of called-off Nugent concerts.

"If you're going to say something political, you're going to have some backlash, it doesn't matter who you are or what you say," said Philadelphia-based promoter Larry Magid. "Nugent seems to have taken it to extremes. You can't blame anyone for not wanting to play him, for all the baggage that he brings."

Focusing on Obama attacks, the promoter added (via Classic Rock), "I don't know if that's frustration at not being a viable act, but it is stupid. If you are a musician, you're trying to bring your music, your art to a broad group of people. It is one thing to take a stance, it is another thing when you are talking about the president of the United States."

"It's a free country and Nugent has always had a big mouth. But if he keeps making incendiary statements, his future tours may be limited to NRA conventions and Fox News events," added Pollstar USA editor Gary Bongiovanni.

Sifting through Ted's recent interviews and public statements, the guitarist has managed to focus on quite a few touchy topics, listing things President Obama should apologize for, saying that "black people are doing to themselves what KKK would do to them" and blasting America's so-called poor for "living a life far better than do real poor people around the world and have luxuries they can only dream of."

Asked on whether he'll ever apologize for the "subhuman mongrel" statement, Ted noted, "It hurts me deeply that this culture war in America is so nasty, but when the other side stands for lies, deceit, such runaway corruption and sheer criminal abuse of power, I'm afraid it naturally turns into a street fight.

"When the president is held accountable for his constant violation of his oath to the US Constitution, his insane waste and phenomenal misappropriation of tax dollars, when he apologizes for 'Fast & Furious,' when he apologizes for the murder of Brian Terry, when he admits Ft Hood was a clear act of terror, when he admits he lied on 'all the above' energy scam, when he admits to abject failure of duty in Benghazi, when he apologizes for siding with the black panthers gangs and his blatant racism during the Zimmerman/Martin debacle, when he apologizes for his arrogant 'pen and phone' and 'I am the president and do whatever I want' community organizer rants, then and maybe then I would consider ratcheting down my fighting words. Till, then I will fight fire with all the 'we the people" fire I've got,'" the axeman concluded.

You can check out Uncle Ted's stance on America's poor class here. As for the stance on black people, check out the video below.

Nugent's latest studio effort, ironically titled "Shutup&Jam!" saw its release on July 4 via Frontiers Records.

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