Music Industry Experts to Ted Nugent: 'Shut Up or Risk Your Future'

"Black people are doing to themselves what KKK would do to them," reads one of Ted's numerous recent attention-grabbing statements.

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With a vast array of controversial statements in recent time, Ted Nugent might be facing a full-on demise of his career, an industry expert has pointed out.

Posing with animals he had killed, calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and much more, Uncle Ted always had a way of grabbing headlines, but reactions of the public seem to have escalated recently, resulting in a string of called-off Nugent concerts.

"If you're going to say something political, you're going to have some backlash, it doesn't matter who you are or what you say," said Philadelphia-based promoter Larry Magid. "Nugent seems to have taken it to extremes. You can't blame anyone for not wanting to play him, for all the baggage that he brings."

Focusing on Obama attacks, the promoter added (via Classic Rock), "I don't know if that's frustration at not being a viable act, but it is stupid. If you are a musician, you're trying to bring your music, your art to a broad group of people. It is one thing to take a stance, it is another thing when you are talking about the president of the United States."

"It's a free country and Nugent has always had a big mouth. But if he keeps making incendiary statements, his future tours may be limited to NRA conventions and Fox News events," added Pollstar USA editor Gary Bongiovanni.

Sifting through Ted's recent interviews and public statements, the guitarist has managed to focus on quite a few touchy topics, listing things President Obama should apologize for, saying that "black people are doing to themselves what KKK would do to them" and blasting America's so-called poor for "living a life far better than do real poor people around the world and have luxuries they can only dream of."

Asked on whether he'll ever apologize for the "subhuman mongrel" statement, Ted noted, "It hurts me deeply that this culture war in America is so nasty, but when the other side stands for lies, deceit, such runaway corruption and sheer criminal abuse of power, I'm afraid it naturally turns into a street fight.

"When the president is held accountable for his constant violation of his oath to the US Constitution, his insane waste and phenomenal misappropriation of tax dollars, when he apologizes for 'Fast & Furious,' when he apologizes for the murder of Brian Terry, when he admits Ft Hood was a clear act of terror, when he admits he lied on 'all the above' energy scam, when he admits to abject failure of duty in Benghazi, when he apologizes for siding with the black panthers gangs and his blatant racism during the Zimmerman/Martin debacle, when he apologizes for his arrogant 'pen and phone' and 'I am the president and do whatever I want' community organizer rants, then and maybe then I would consider ratcheting down my fighting words. Till, then I will fight fire with all the 'we the people" fire I've got,'" the axeman concluded.

You can check out Uncle Ted's stance on America's poor class here. As for the stance on black people, check out the video below.

Nugent's latest studio effort, ironically titled "Shutup&Jam!" saw its release on July 4 via Frontiers Records.

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    Surely his issues with Obama could be attached to any president from the last 30-40 years. My cynicism just makes me think he dislikes minorities. I'm mostly offended by his hatred of the poor. Yes by third world country standards they live in luxury but kids going hungry in a country that has more than surplus such as the u.s. Is disgusting. I hate that money goes to money and the working class are seen as greedy for expecting a more even distribution of wealth.
    Same problem here in the UK. The real problem is that most of the money and wealth goes to those who are already rich, some of whom don't pay tax or if they do then they pay barely any.
    Sound like your politicians and our politicians here in the US are of the same ILK.....
    Sounds like we need to all get together and form ANOTHER new country, free of tyranny and religious persecution. Funny how things all worked out. We are all the same ya' know.
    Is that not exactly what the English settlers did here in the states? Look how that turned out.
    It's different. English immigrants came with the intent of exploiting. This would be with the intent of bonding and uniting for a greater good.
    All politicians are of the same ilk, because people who want power over others tend not to be very good people.
    That's anywhere in the world. I live in a 3rd world country and it's the same crap, the rich get richer and the working class barely survives.
    And that will continue until the majority realises capitalism has failed said majority, and that it's time to find a more equitable and sustainable option
    How would you take into account "equitable" effort or ability? With full exception to the elderly and ill, how do you make it "equitable" to the people who take the initiative and responsibility to care and build their community when there will always be able-bodied people who will only consume? How about property ownership? Does everyone get the same living standard you decide they should have? You speak like someone who owns nothing you've genuinely earned and are responsible for no one. It's always infinitely easier to spend someone else's money than what you earn yourself...
    I assume you aren't familiar with the work of Noam Chomsky. Capitalism has been a failure and inequality is basically a feature of it. He said nothing about complete equality, he just said "more equitable". Why do people always jump to that whenever anyone suggests a little more equality? UG tends to be open minded, but I guess there's not much for economic literacy here.
    I find your comment on kids going hungry in this country "more than surplus" as a little interesting. Everyone cries that the GOVERNMENT should do something about it. Why? Government is supposed to handle laws and such. Social programs should be handled by the people and community organizations. We rely far too much on the government for "help." We have in effect become slaves to it. And feeding the hungry should be in the purview (sp?) of the community. Why is it that I see "feed the hungry of country X" all over my TV, but almost never see one about feeding people in my own country? I do donate to organizations that feed and clothe people. I just do it for those in my own community and country. Take care of home first. Once that is taken care of, then I will be happy to help outside of that. Very happy.
    What? That's exactly what the government is for. It's society coming together and doing things that benefit everyone, like building roads and bridges and in most other developed countries, healthcare and a robust safety net. It's amazing how people have become brainwashed on the purpose of government. Private charities are often corrupt and misleading, not to mention they don't come close to actually addressing these huge problems. t-difference-193917999.html
    yeah, the thing with poverty is that it's related to well, poorer health within a given country (so regardless of how rich that country is compared to others, its poor are worse off in terms of health than its rich).
    The inequality in South Africa is also a huge problem. The saddest thing is that the masses are fed lies, so they'll keep voting for the party that lets ministers get away with crime and corruption. They still get above 60% of the votes after all these decades of greed and incompetence. And Fanon would have said even if it was a different party, it's always the same people in power, just with different faces.
    He still draws people to his concerts and there are plenty of people believe it or not that agree with a lot of the things he says. His career isn't in any danger of ending due to his comments as he's made political comments forever. Plus at this point I don't think he cares and he's not the type to let someone tell him what he can and cannot do. No matter what whether you love Ted Nugent or hate his guts, attempts to silence someone just because you don't agree with him are awful. There's plenty of celebrities that I can't stand what comes out of their mouths, but would be opposed to silencing them over it.
    This notion is apparently lost on most people. They dont know how to listen to different points of view, they just want to see their opinion come out of someone else's mouth or its a flame war.
    Ignorance is not a different point of view.
    Case and point. Thank you for literally making my point right here. The irony is your intolerance is more appalling than his ignorance.
    I tolerate everything but ignorance. Is that a bad rule of thumb? Talk about pretzel logic trying to claim intolerance and ignorance should be tolerated. Typical fallacious tactic of ignorant people. Your point was that people don't listen to the other side. I listen to republicans loud and clear and their platform is ignorant by ANY reasonable objective measure. Sorry but I refuse to treat ignorance as an equal but opposite argument. Maybe if they come up with actual solutions to the country's problems instead of obstructing the president and every other progressive I'll take them seriously. As Neil Degrasse Tyson says, ignorance does not get equal time as fact in the debate. This is why I hate UG sometimes.
    Ignorance is indeed not a point of view. When your point of view is to plan actions that discriminate people by the colour of the skin, and to plan actions that discriminate people by how much money they have, you are not just disagreeing if Metallica is better than Megadeth or vice-versa, you're starting to disseminate the idea that others should suffer for NO PLAUSABLE REASON at all. It's the same principle as a muslim thinking he's entitled to killing an american just because that person was born in the U.S. Or are you so fakely naive you think powerful people like Nugent plan not to act on those ideas?
    JD Close
    I don't get how people don't understand freedom of speech. Ted Nugent can say - literally - anything he wants. Anything under the sun. No matter how wrong it is or who it may offend, he is allowed to say it. We, the people, have the right to not buy his records, not attend his concerts, not broadcast his statements on our networks. While he may be silenced in the eyes of the media, that is a perfect example of when freedom of speech has worked .
    I mostly agree with you. The only real issue is that in today's society, not allowing for opposing views to be broadcast on a public forum/network fairly well equates to censorship. Yes, we have the right to turn it off, turn away, whatever, but if the networks simply refuse to air anything, or print it, or anything, we are therefore denied the right to hear it. The media these days only broadcasts or reports on what the higher level executives of the companies want us to know. Opposing views are almost never given. Case in point...the current Israel/Hamas issue. And let's be perfectly honest here. What has Ted said that has not had, at the very least, some truth to it? Not agreeing with his personal views is one thing. But where is he completely wrong?
    JD Close
    Great points, though in this issue I find that the Nuge is getting more than enough spotlight. Bias in media is a huge problem. For example, the only newspaper in my city is extremely biased, and even made the cover of their paper "Welcome To Hell" after the party they disliked won the election. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do about this is try to find other sources of news, and try to convince others to do so as well, but they have the freedom not to listen to us. There will always be people less informed that others. Even though Ted seems to watch too much Fox News, he's pretty well informed on his side of each argument (but not so much on the other) I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing up the Israel/Palestine situation, and not siding with Israel 100%. I've been on websites and suggested that Israel never should have been formed in the first place, and that both sides are currently in the wrong, and I've been called anti-zionist for saying so.
    You're mixing different tyoes of freedom. Either way if he's a racist, and he's entitled to speak publicly and act on his racism, so are racists entitled to kill him if they want to. After all, there was once a program intiated by the US government to kill natives because they were having too many children. Also jail was intended for former slaves and minorities of all sorts, so who's to blame a minority for trying to even out the score by killing a bad person that has some power?
    "attempts to silence someone just because you don't agree with him are awful." How are people attempting to silence Ted? There is a difference between affirmatively using the government to try to prohibit someone from saying something vs. not being required to give them their desired forum in which to propagate their views. I think we can all agree the government is not trying to silence Ted Nugent except when he does something illegal like make threatening statements against the President. But when it comes to his racism . . . consumers putting pressure on venues not to host Ted, that's the market in action! Ted can always take his message to Teh Intarwebs, or other venues, but nobody is Constitutionally obligated to give Ted access to his preferred forum for distributing his message. That's not silencing.
    I wonder who was the moral scum who downvoted you.
    Dunno, my posts down below pointing out that systemic socio-economic racism still exists were downvoted . . . I just assume one of them came up here to display similar ignorance of the law.
    Ted Nugent is so crazy that Gary Busey thinks he needs to calm down and make clearer, more coherent statements.
    GARY BUSEY! Gary Busey Gary Busey, Gary Busey, Gary Busey Gary Busey Gary Busey. Gary Busey?
    I knew a lifetime of jamming 120w amps destroyed your hearing never thought it caused brain damage. Now I'm worried.
    Ted trying to explain how his song "Do-rags and a 45" is not racist whilst saying that every black guy in Detroit wears a do-rag and a 45 is so ironic it hurts. That's like if I made a song called "Burcas and a 47", and said "It's about those crazy Muslims blowing themselves up, it's not racist it's a public service announcement."
    At least he's willing to say how he feels in public. No one here dares do that.
    What he partly feels. Isn't man enough to admit he's racist or looks down on the poorer.