Music Industry Predicts Guitar Comeback In 2013

This will be a big year for guitar-based music, according to music business pundits who don't realise that rock never disappeared in the first place.

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British music industry figures are claiming that guitar-based music is coming back into the mainstream.

Head of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra George Ergatoudis told NME that rock acts "are going to find public taste swinging their way." He made similar comments in November, when he said "guitar music is definitely on the way back."

Rough Trade records co-founder Jeannette Lee added: "Every seven to 10 years a new group comes along, shakes things up and injects new energy into music. It feels to me that we are on the brink of this kind of excitement again."

There's two things to note. First, we all know that rock didn't go anyway it's just that mainstream media decided to say it was dying last year. Now the pundits are covering up their mistakes by turning their opinions around.

Second, many music industry figures rely on rock and guitar music for a lot of their income. To take an examples from the commentators above, the BBC has an interest in live festival coverage for its TV stations and Rough Trade manages dozens of guitar-based bands. Both would benefit from a 'rock is back' trend, and would lose out if rock went out of fashion because of the limited appeal of live alternatives.

Alternatively, they simply wanted to say something smart when NME pointed a mic at them. Still, they're powerful figures in UK music which has influence abroad, so we're happy to see support for our favorite genres.

Just remember: rock has always been here, and always will be.

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    This entire article could have been cut to that last sentence.
    Agreed. Anyone who thinks rock is dead and lone gone obviously does not invest enough time listening to rock nowadays.
    Thanks, you saved me a couple minutes on reading the article. I now spent part of the time saved on commenting though. ah well.
    i think rock sucks nowadays with a few exceptions like coldplay and 3dg, there are no Beatles, pink floyd, Zeppelin..All we got is Avenged sevenfold and Muse and both sucks.
    Petey D
    I agree with you to a point, ClassicFloyder. Music in general with a few exceptions has been in a downward spiral for the last ten - twenty years imo. Too much formulaic media ($) driven garbage has been shoved down our throats in recent years. That being said, there are a lot of bands out there worth listening to, you just have to look a lot harder to find them. I agree with you, Avenged Sevenfold is a terrible band (they're the Backstreet Boys of Hard Rock/Nu Metal,)and I don't understand the appeal of Muse although they seem to have legions of rabid fans all over the world. But I disagree with you and I have to say that Cold Play is also a terrible band. They are a prime example of the $ driven formulaic garbage that mass media spews out constantly and conditions the people of the world to spend $ on. Cold play's music was once pretty good, they used to be in the same vien as Stone Roses, but A Rush of Blood to The Head was a brutal sellout album for them, and everything since has been uncreative, sterile and generic. I think your heart's in the right place, but your vision is a bit skewed. Cheers, & keep rockin' (but not to Coldplay.)
    hahah u shit on the article but your right, and every real non sellout musician says this, rock will never die!!!
    "rock is dead" "rock is making a comeback" Neither of these phrases mean anything. UG, stahp.
    Nobody cares as mainstream rock sucks.
    Ah ****, I liked this band, but they started playing songs of the band on the radio. I guess I'll have to stop liking them..
    It's not about the radio, it's about the songs themselves. If they can be on the radio without changing their style, you shouldn't have to hate them.
    it's about the sound of the song/band, if it's overproduced and not original as most of mainstream rock today is. i'm looking at you, Theory of a Deadman.
    You're so cool.
    radiohead has been on the radio, it's not like people are calling them sellouts, having popular songs doesn't make you lame, sacrificing musical variety and sticking to generic song formats however does disappoint fans who became big fans of the band because of a their unique varied sound. fun's a good example, I found there first album to be infinitely more musically interesting and varied than there second one which was obviously conforming to radio pop standards much more than their first. when where listening to bands to avoid the crap playing on the radio of course where going to get upset when they start generically imitating it.
    !00% certain that there was a similar, if not identical, article to this at the beginning of last year. Some things just don't need to be said
    yeah but some bands that were supposed to deliver didnt in the last year there really was nnothing big last year, theres tons of bands expected for albums this year, black sabbath never delivered last year and theyre in studio now
    Let me correct this: Guitar music will comeback to THE MAINSTREAM* It isn't dead, there are lots of rock bands.. but you never see them on MTV.
    It's about time. Honestly I don't care if it is Mainstream Rock or Nu-Metal or whatever. If it has a Guitar, Bass, Drummer, Vocalist, and Beat to it, then good. I'm tired of "YOLO" (Drake Version not Suicide Silence) and this "SWAG" talk. I want more people to pick up guitars or drums and make some real awesome music.
    Which leads to an over saturation of amateur bands making it harder to get gigs, If fewer people were musicians we would not have this problem.
    think about this megadeth, alice in chains, soundgarden,metallica,avenged sevonfold, queens of the stone age, black sabbath,jimmy page, all these bands are in the studio or going to be in the studio for this years expectant albums, and alice in chains new song is pretty badass i think we can will be a big year for us to take the musical comeback **** all this pop
    Soundgarden already released their album last November. It was actually pretty good, so look it up. Also as much as I like a lot of those bands, new bands are needed to start a new generation of rock music. Hopefully someone new comes along and shakes it up.
    All the bands you listed are coasting on an established fanbase. They won't do anything new or innovative because they don't need to, and if they do, there's a good chance their fans will accuse them of selling out. None of them are going to "save rock 'n roll".
    I don't think Metallica could do that anymore lol. Of course their fans would be the first to call something different shit or an attempt to sell out.
    They can change there sound to an extent. Avenged Sevenfold have the best chance at doing that. Having lost an important member of the song writing process, it'll be different, as well as having their new drummer's influences and most Avenged Sevenfold records sound different, in some form or another. I don't believe that there will be a massive rock revival, but I'd love it!
    Don't forget Dream Theater
    Dream theater getting better but they've kinda written themselves into a corner, at least as far most of their fans are concerned. Funny thing is their fanbase is probably the group that would be most likely to love a musical upheaval, but they've gone bigger and more technical on every album and them constantly having to top themselves doesn't seem to be having a good effect on their ability to write memorable groundbreaking material.
    hey has anyone listned to the new bvb cd?? Is it terrible
    I don't hate BVB, but it's most definitely an album I will be streaming illegally. I ain't payin' for that shit unless it's world-beating, which from all accounts, it isn't.
    im not mental
    i feel like hip-hop is particularly being influenced by indie rock nowadays. if anything's gonna save the guitar, it's hip-hop.
    For some reason I feel like they predicted this for 2012, 2011, 2010.... I think there's a pattern here.
    Always be here? Not even our solar system will always be here.
    I don't know about you, but my future generations will be blasting some Rush - 2112 to the rest of the universe in 3410.