Mustaine and Newsted to Play Metallica Songs at Gigantour?

Newsted, a former Metallica bassist, drops some not-so-subtle clues about Mustaine's plans for Gigantour.

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Jason Newsted has admitted that there's a chance he and Dave Mustaine will play Metallica songs on the upcoming Gigantour.

Newsted famously quit Metallica in 2001 after clashing with his bandmates. Today he fronts the band titled Newsted, who were recently added to the Gigantour lineup. Mustaine, of course, was also a member of Metallica until similar clashes forced him out to be replaced by Kirk Hammett in 1983.

When asked if by Skulls N' Bones (via Blabbermouth) there was a chance if the pair would bust out Metallica songs that they were a part of, Newsted replied with a wry smile: "There is a chance. It has been talked about. Whatever happens for sure, I don't know, but I'm willing to throw it out."

The Gigantour will also feature Megadeth, Black Label Society, David Draiman's Device and Death Division among others in its lineup.

In the same interview, Newsted was asked what advice he would give his younger self.

"Don't take sh-t personally," he said. "It's really important in life or in a big band, where you're all relying on each other and it's all dudes, and there's a all the puffing of chests and posturing ... you really gotta maintain your ground and not take sh-t personally. That's the biggest deal."

Watch the original interview with Jason Newsted here:

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    Newstead Is Awesome And Underrated.
    That very well may be true....but who is Newstead?
    Either you are dumb, trolling or you have a hyper sense of comedy that won't be developed for another 50 years.
    or they are pointing out that it is spelled Newsted and not Newstead. Not that I'm trying to be a Nazi about that or anything, just pointing out the more likely situation.
    Oh shit, my bad, although a time-travelling comedian did seem like a stretch.
    kicking him out was Metallica's biggest mistake
    Agent 00Awesome
    Kicking Mustaine out was Metallica's biggest mistake.
    Metallica wouldn't have made it if they did not fire Mustaine. His destructive behavior at the time became a threat to their existence as a band. It was not a mistake. Besides, we would not enjoy Megadeth if it wasn't for that event.
    I dunno, I prefer Mustaine as a rhythm guitarist. His riffs in Megadeth are always top notch but his solos usually aren't as good as whoever is playing lead in the band at the time.
    kicking him out was Metallica's biggest mistake
    Jason wasnt kicked out, he chose to leave.
    well they told him if he wanted to make music when he did then he would have to leave Metallica, although it was a choice his arm was forced
    uhm... no. who told you that?
    To clarify he wanted to make music with echobrain while the band was not making an album and was told he couldn't, I wouldn't say that's him leaving without being pushed into the situation
    Jason: I wanna make an album with a different band James: YOU CAN'T MAKE ANOTHER ALBUM! *kicks shit over* Jason: Well **** you, I quit. A respectable decision if I do say so myself.
    It would be interesting. They never played together in Metallica so I wonder what era Metallica songs they'd play... Kill 'Em All? Justice? I'd love to see Mustaine play some of the Justice material.
    Jason is actually already playing some Metallica stuff live, what I thought was weird though is that he's playing Kill 'em All stuff.
    theyll play kill em all in that interview he said phantom lord would be cool and tobe honeest id love to see dave shred phantom lord
    My Last Words
    Dave's lead is sloppy nowadays. Step up your game, Dave, and quit being lazy.
    Saturday night palsy will do that to a man.. Regardless, I think Mustaine's lead is fine despite having to reteach himself.
    Probably some KEA stuff, Jason does well with KEA vocals and really has made Whiplash his own.
    would be kind of cool
    agreed, i feel like they would be really good in a band together. they can both do vocals and bill ward could be on drums.
    Am I the only one who thinks this would be a bit pathetic? It'd be one thing if they both were in the band together, but seeing that they never were, this seems a bit like a promotion stunt.
    Jason Newsted is without any doubt, the one guy in metal that I respect the most. Dude gets it.
    Would be neat, but the two have no shared songs. Would be cool to see them do 1-2 KEA/RTL era tunes. Creeping Death?
    After seeing Newsted play some Kill Em' All material live and being very satisfied with Mustaine's playing at the 30th Anniversary Metallica concert, that sounds ****ing awesome.
    I would rather see this than modern Metallica.It would be so cool and unique also Jasons a great vocalist.
    Newsted has been playing Whiplash on all of their past setlists, so even if Dave and Jason don't play together, people should at least get the chance to see Jason rocking his favorite Metallica song
    If they did it would be cool beyond words! I am a hardcore Metallica fan, and miss Jason a lot; his playing along with those beastly back-up vocals were a great combination for Metallica. But I also enjoy Megadeth and was always wondering about how Metallica would have evolved if Dave stayed with them. An interpretation of some of their songs by the two of them would be interesting.
    I sincerely hope Megadeth does NOT play Metallica songs. Dave Mustaine was in Metallica for literally less then a year. Why does he get off thinking that now, 30 years later, he can just bust out the Metallica tunes, with a guy who wasn't even in the band when they formed? This is just wrong, I'm sorry. This would be like Eric Clapton playing Led Zeppelin songs with Bonzo's son, just because Slowhand HAPPENED to be in Jimmy Page's old band, once too, The Yardbirds, and thinks he's allowed to because of the six degrees of seperation...
    "Why does he get off thinking that now, 30 years later, he can just bust out the Metallica tunes, with a guy who wasn't even in the band when they formed?" Considering there are youtube videos of 10 year olds playing Metallica tunes, I don't think it'd be much of a problem.. "This would be like Eric Clapton playing Led Zeppelin songs with Bonzo's son, just because Slowhand HAPPENED to be in Jimmy Page's old band, once too" It's actually nothing like that. Mustaine had a hand in Metallica's sound and co-wrote a few songs off Kill 'Em All.. Clapton had nothing to do with Zeppelin.
    They played together on the Metallica 30th anniversary shows, twas fantastic. Should be great.
    I would love to see Mustaine play One or even something from ReLoad era
    @espal: I'm not sure you know what hard rock is, man... Anyway, what's wrong with Risk? Are you one of those guys who is only a fan of certain albums and shits on anything new because you refuse to take off you nostalgia glasses? 'Cause that's pretty stupid. I've liked all of Megadeth's recent albums to one degree or another. Yeah, it's not their classic material, but who cares? It's still good Thrash.
    "The album is not Rust In Peace 2 so its a shit album" The logic you must imply on every new megadeth album.
    I wasn't referring to you in that comment. I was referring to the other comments. People are very narrow-minded.
    I'd put my money that IF a song is played it Whiplash (maybe others but that first) mainly because he's played that song at all his shows , and Dave wrote that solo. That said even if it happens or not rock on
    Irwin Navarro
    It would be cool if they actually play WITH Metallica rather than just them covering Metallica songs with their respective bands
    i love how people are on here chirping super collider like its not bout that were talking mustaine and newsted rocking some metallica from before the sellout era.....but i also have to say as a diehard megadeth fan i heard all the 30 second previews and everything besides built for war sounds sick