Mustaine and Newsted to Play Metallica's 'Metal Militia' Live

Thrash titans looking to charge through early Metallica classic once the bassist recovers from walking pneumonia.

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Although Newsted are currently off the Gigantour bill due to frontman Jason Newsted's walking pneumonia diagnosis, the bassist/singer might be in for the ultimate metal return.

After wishing Jason a speedy recovery, Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine confirmed that the stage is set for a performance of Metallica's early classic "Metal Militia" once he gets back.

"I hope you are feeling better Jason," Mustaine tweeted. "We miss you and are ready to do 'Metal Militia' when you get back."

The talk about two former Metallica members jamming one of the band's early tunes began about two months ago. Megadeth mainman then specifically asked the fans which song would they like to hear, listing "Ride the Lightning," "The Call of Ktulu," "Metal Militia," "Phantom Lord," "Jump in the Fire" and "The Four Horsemen" as given choices.

As far as Newsted's health is considered, the bassist should be up and running by next week.

"I'd been felling a bit under the weather while performing the most recent shows, so I went to the doctor on my day off today and I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia," he said in an official statement. "So under doctor's orders I'm taking a week to rebuild."

The bassist ended the statement with his signature optimistic tone, saying, "My apologies to our Canadian brothers and sisters I'm going to work on keeping me alive so together we can keep the metal alive!"

Debut full length Newsted record, "Heavy Metal Music," is scheduled to drop on August 6 via Chophouse Records.

I hope you are feeling better @JasonCNewsted. We miss you and are ready to do #MetalMilitia when you get back. @Gigantour2013

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) July 24, 2013

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    Cool! But should have been Ride the Lightning -.-
    Yeah, but Metal Militia is one of Dave's songs.
    So is Ride the Lightning
    He claims that the bridge riff is his, but never claimed the actual song to be his. Same as Call of Ktulu - Mustaine wrote the main chromatic progression. After Metallica used it in Ktulu, Megadeth repurposed it for the entire first half of Hangar 18
    I wish that Dave Mustaine, Jason Newsted and Mike Portnoy just form a band together haha
    Would be funny to hear the conversation between these two about the old days.
    ZOSO <(")
    I wanted them to play Jump in the fire, but I'll settle for metal militia.
    In other news Kirk Hammet will be hiding inside his Wah Fortress of Doom until everything calms down.
    Ohhhh I see what you did there... 'Cause Kirk uses so much wah, right? LOLLLLL oh good golly gawrsh, that is just too clever and original.
    Metal Militia will be great to hear with these two. Quite keen to see how it turns out.
    Does anyone know if Megadeth down tunes to play their early stuff like Metallica?
    Yeah they started that about 3 shows into their Countdown anniversary tour. First they tried Eb, then went back to E standard, then went to D standard for good.
    This is going to be awesome. Metal Militia is one of my favorite Metallica songs. Very underrated. Hearing these two jam on it together would be an amazing experience. To everybody that has a problem with them doing this, you guys are looking at it all wrong. These two are showing that they're finally over what happened and are cool with Metallica again. Remember, Jason would be nobody without Metallica, and if Dave wasn't kicked out, he wouldn't have had the fire under his ass or the reason to form Megadeth, therefore we wouldn't have them. This is kind of a thank you in a way, and it's something for the fans.
    Um, neither are those two were in Metallica at the same time, and thus, Jason didn't write any of those songs.
    Playing the songs of a band they were both spectacularly kicked from, even though Dave wrote them, is just a little bit odd in my eyes
    Well, at least Mustaine co-wrote some/most/all of the listed songs. But other than that, I agree entirely. Without more disclosure on the motive,it could seem somewhat spiteful.