Mustaine Apologises To Metallica

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 05/14/2012 category: music news
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Mustaine Apologises To Metallica
Dave Mustaine has apologised to Metallica frontman James Hetfield for his calls to form a supergroup between their bands. In February, the Megadeth frontman asked metal fans to pester his former Metallica bandmates into signing up to the idea. "Maybe with enough people asking them, they'll buckle!" he said at the time. Hetfield was disappointed to see this kind of talk - especially after the pair made their peace and performed together at Metallica's 30th anniversary celebrations. "I read [the supergroup comments] and say to myself, 'Hold on. This is the Dave that we kind of wanted to forget about.' You know, the big mouth that wants to just go-go-go," said Hetfield. Now Mustaine has returned with a lengthy apology: "I already sent [James] a text message and said I apologized to him for saying that and that I won't ever mention it again," he told Artisan News (via Blabbermouth). "I guess my whole thing was I just wanted them to know that I loved them and that I missed them and I enjoyed playing with them [at Metallica's 30th anniversary performances]. If that's not mutual, then I understand. I still respect him, and I still care about the guy. "If he doesn't wanna play [with me] anymore, that's cool. If he doesn't like the idea of what I said, that's OK, too. It wasn't like I said it was gonna happen, it was something that I kind of wished would happen. But you know, it's OK now, since it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. And you know what?! It's off my bucket list." Mustaine accepts that some people might think he was using their relationship to get publicity, but insists this wasn't his intention. Meanwhile, Megadeth plans to play its double-platinum 1992 album "Countdown To Extinction" in its entirety in Mexico on September 19. Bassist David Ellefson remembers why the album was so special to metal fans: "It brought together the best of thrash, the melodic part, writing big, hooky riffs," he said. "It was a really cool time when the four of us were really, probably, our most connected together as a band." Are you disappointed that a Megadeth/Metallica supergroup won't happen, or did you cringe every time Mustaine mentioned it?
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