Mustaine Back Santorum For President

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 02/15/2012 category: music news
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Mustaine Back Santorum For President
Dave Mustaine has given a candid view on the current Republican candidates, and wants Rick Santorum to be President. "I'm just hoping that whatever is in the White House next year is a Republican," Mustaine told Music Radar. "I can't bear to watch what's happened to our great country. Everybody's got their head in the sand. Everybody in the industry is like, 'Oh, Obama's doing such a great job.' I don't think so." He is suspicious of Mitt Romney, who has a $100 million trust fund for his sons, and thinks Newt Gingrich is just an angry little man. As for Ron Paul? "I heard somebody say he was like insecticide. 98 per cent of it's inert gases, but it's the two per cent that's left that will kill you," he said. "And when he says that we're like the Taliban? I'm sorry, Congressman Paul, but I'm nothing like the Taliban." He continued: "I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I'm hoping that if it does come down to it, we'll see a Republican in the White House ... and that it's Rick Santorum." Mustaine went on to reveal his unusual ambition of becoming a major Hollywood actor, before parting with his opinion of the music industry. "If record companies were about breaking bands and selling records instead of just recouping costs, the music business would flourish again. It all comes down to our government and the taxations, what you can say and what you can't say. "MTV doesn't even play music anymore. I remember when I was a kid, you could put MTV on for days and it would be nothing but music."
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