Mustaine Bails Out Megadeth

Dave Mustaine dipped into his own pocket when the band couldn't afford a director for their current stage show. Dave said "It's one thing to see Megadeth and one thing to hear it, but it's another thing to feel it".

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Dave Mustaine say he had to personally bail out Megadeth for their current tour to avoid cutting corners on stage effects.

In an interview with Patch, Mustaine said they didn't want the same old pyro effects, so they brought in video director Charles Terrell who has worked with Trent Reznor and Bruce Springsteen to reinterpret their songs and design the stage show.

"Doing something like this has always been a matter of affordability and I finally just said, 'I don't care what happens, I'm successful, I've had a great run. If we go in a hole and I have to use up my savings to change this band from being a normal band with a backdrop to having really incredible production, I'm going to go for it.

It's one thing to see Megadeth and one thing to hear it, but it's another thing to feel it."

Megadeth are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album "Countdown To Extinction". During the interview, Mustaine talked about what drove them to make a record like "Countdown..." amid the grunge revolution:

"The music industry was very confused with the success of Nirvana and all of the grunge bands. The only real hope in metal was what we were calling poseur metal, like Def Leppard.

"Were we going to listen to the labels, who wanted us to write an alternative album, or go the way of the Def Leppards? We didn't want to do either; that wasn't who we were. The only choice we had was to follow our hearts and do what we thought was right, which was an experiment for us, a melodic, though not commercial, metal record."

Have you seen the current Megadeth stage show? Was it worth Mustaine investing the extra money? Let us know in the comments.

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    I read as "Bails Out ON Megadeth" ...heart stopped there for a second.
    You thought that they got arrested for a second too?
    I did. I had a mental image of Dave arguing with a city jail deputy while the rest of the band waited behind bars next to them.
    That just made me think of the video for "No More Mr. Nice Guy" where the band members WERE behind bars
    inb4 " Megadeth is using a stage show now. Those sellouts!" OT: Nice to see Dave thinking of the fans over his band's own revenue. Koo guy.
    I prefer seeing Megadeth as a "backdrop" band. They don't need theatrics, just get up there and play! Maybe have someone wear a Vic mask during a song for some fun. No one in the band is super charismatic on stage, so it doesn't seem fitting to have a stage show.
    True, but I think we'd still be excited to see what they'll come up after so many years of success. Metallica's outlandish stage shows don't exactly show underground cred but they sure are entertaining.
    i saw them live like a week ago, its amazing dude, the colors change and flow with the rhythm. Megadeth inspires pretty small mosh pits but being drunk in one with the colors and music going is rediculous awesome
    Wow. He's actually doing something cool, and didn't say anything too stupid.
    "It's one thing to see Megadeth and one thing to hear it, but it's another thing to feel it." a few minutes later.... "Kind of how liberals have no souls...its proven."
    I agree that it's good that he's funding this with some of his own money, but he's doing it in a pretty lame way 'Hey look at me, I'm so righteous because I'm not spending all of my money completely selfishly.' The exaggerating is also pretty annoying: "If we go in a hole and I have to use up my savings..." Dave's gonna use up all his savings to fund the bands stage effects?! Give me a break.
    Was anyone else expecting to read about Drover and Ellefson being tossed in the slammer?
    Is it just me or has Dave started to not be such a tool?
    i dont really think he was ever a "tool" the media just played it to the hilt like they do everything else! it's someone elses turn to have everything they say and do be judged and scrutinized by little people with nothing better to do. thats not a stab at you by the way it's just how i see things in the media. they hear or see someone do or say something a little off kilter and then they beat it to death and twist the shit out of it until the person is left looking like a complete dick! it aint cool! just my opinion though. have a good day!
    I think he has realized there has been a backlash to his outrageous remarks and has decided to apologize and tone it down a bit. Probably a good career move, rather than continuing to alienate more than half of your fan base.
    im going to see them in a few days in columbus. and i hope the new album isnt bad, they are on an amazing streak with awsome records. with endgame and th1rt3en, i knew if megadeth stopped with th1rt3en then they would go out with a bang. i guess im nervouse for the new album.
    In my opinion their endgame performance, due to Dave condition was really bad, but their performance in this new countdown to extinction aniversary tour, they sounded awsome. They are playing 1 tune down so dave can sing propperly, and I gotta tell you they still sounding amazing, and even heavier.
    Pretty weak attempt by UG to take a political jab at Mustaine with the title. Nice try, but this isn't anything like a government bailout.
    Dammit, almost everyday a newsarticle about Dave Mustaine, seriously who the f*ck gives a s*it?
    Cool to see he is committed to the band he's been in for 40 years.
    Megadeth haven't existed for 30 years, yet alone 40.
    Save your money Dave, just get out there and play great music...leave the 'staqe shows' to others.
    I'm not understanding Dave saying that he didn't cave when he did Countdown. I was a huge fan of "RIP", and when Countdown came out, I was depressed. It was nowhere near what Megadeth used to be...just like Metallica's Black Album. Dave caved back then. I still love him, but that's the truth. Anybody who was a fan back then knows what I'm talking about.
    I wish Dave would quit Megadeth and let James Hetfield take over. I would buy that album, even if it sucked. Imagine.... "Peace sells, but who's buy-ing!...ooh yeah-huh huh"
    Sounds like he is copying MetallicA's shows in Mexico. lol I sense someone is jelous
    Yeah because Metallica is the only band that's ever used stage effects... He's totally copying...
    Well not stage shows, but I gotta say that the giant screens and that shit that they added on this tour was amazing, I saw two shows, the one of their Endgame tour, which was really bad... (short setlist due to dave's health, bad sound, etc) but then the countdown show was mindblowing.
    Saw them in Grand Rapids a few years ago and it was an awesome small-ish venue show with little to no "fireworks". Still, I imagine those that see Megadeth on a regular basis would welcome a change to the show now and then.
    i thought the show i saw back in February was fantastic for being just a normal show on the Gigantour. it was amazing. now i wanna see them again :3
    Um. Saw them at Metalfest Loreley in germany this year, and they pretty much had a wall of amps (fake, afaik Megadeth process all signals digitally then straight to the PA) and a backdrop. Well, it is was ****ing awesome.
    Mmmm...I liked the videos they put on their songs during their live performance. I don't care really for the visuals, I go to megadeth concert for the music.
    So the tangerine princess is paying his bills just like the rest of us? THAT'S what we call news now, is it? Megadeth are terrible, their music is contrived, and the sooner that the tangerines princess begins his spiral into dementia, the better for all of us with functioning ears.
    Saw them this saturday in huntington ny and their video screens malfunctioned before the start of the "countdown" album. It didnt matter to me though i finally got to see megadeth perform live and will never forget it. Dave Mustaine was pissed off though.
    Well dave really should save the savings because if his music keeps going the way it has for the last 10 years then he won't be making that money back.