Mustaine Calls For Supergroup

Dave Mustaine asks metal fans to put pressure on James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich to join him in a supergroup. Meanwhile, who is the mystery rock star Mustaine mentions here?

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Dave Mustaine has called for metal fans to encourage James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich to form a supergroup with him and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.

He accepts that Metallica are too busy to take on a side-project, but says he is keen to see it happen after joining them on-stage in December to celebrate Metallica's 30th anniversary.

"I'm not in the place to be asking for favors from anybody - I like who I am right now, I'm satisfied with where my career's at. But don't kid yourself, if we got together and played, I imagine it would be really cool," he told 93x Radio (via Blabbermouth).

"It wouldn't be anything like Megadeth, of course, and it wouldn't be anything like Metallica. But we'll see what happens. Maybe with enough people asking them, they'll buckle!"

During the same interview, Mustaine makes a dig at an unnamed rock star whose autobiography he recently saw. He hints that the writer wasn't as good with women as the book says:

"One of my peers had a book that came out. I was not really interested in it, but someone handed it to me. Just of rate sake of being polite, I looked at a couple of pages.

"The first page I turned to was about having sex. I flipped a couple more pages, it was about having sex, a couple more pages, it was about having sex. I remember this guy, and he was not all that."

Mustaine mentions the un-named rock star's state of mind, which may blur his memory.

We don't know for sure, but could he be talking about Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, who recently released his book "Iron Man"? Help us figure out who Mustaine was talking about in the comments.

Meanwhile, hear the original interview with 93X Radio here:

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    Mustaine, Fred Durst, Mike Portnoy, and Kesha.
    Didn't we already have a band with Mustaine, Hetfield, and Ulrich in it? I could have sworn we did a while back.... If only I could remember what it was called!!
    Amuro Jay
    I'm sorry Yusuke... I can't help you save the world tonight. What do you mean you can't help me save the world, Kuwabara? because... I'VE GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS TO SEE MEGALLICA!!! My lifetime dream of being able to use that quote in proper context has been fulfilled.
    Meh. Cool but there will be no better supergroup than the band Mustaine and Daffy Duck had.
    CronoMagus wrote: crzycrz wrote: Mustaine get a ****ing life Lol dumbest comment ever. Because touring 180+ days a year and writing music constantly isn't enough of a life. What did you accomplish in 2011?
    Dude, i'm giving you a standing ovation right now!!!!
    News just in...Dave Mustaine wants to rejoin Metallica, after years of bitching about them.
    Didn't he try asking metallica awhile back?!?! I swear they already had an article similar to this....
    Darth_Pietrus wrote: HA, he wants Lars in a supergroup, I can respect the guy but if your gonna form a supergroup maybe a better drummer would be best.
    You pretty much read my mind. If you want an 80's famous drummer in your supergroup... what's Lombardo doing?
    HA, he wants Lars in a supergroup, I can respect the guy but if your gonna form a supergroup maybe a better drummer would be best.
    He wasn't talking about Iommi, has the writer even read his autobiography? He barely mentioned having sex. My money is on Sammy Hagar or Ace Frehley.
    Can we not get Lombardo on drums instead of Lars? Now that would be cool.
    Supergroup: Batman - Lead Vox Superman - Lead Guitar Spiderman - Rhythm Guitar Incredible Hulk - Bass Wolverine - Drums
    Since everyone is busy giving their super-group fantasies, here's mine: James Hetfield(Rhythm guitar) Dave Mustaine (Lead guitar) Lemmy Kilmister (Bass guitar) Vinnie Paul (Drums) (the top three can share vocal duties or whichever way they like)
    Abacus11 wrote: HavokStrife wrote: Wasn't Dave just hating on Metallica? Or wait, that was actually a band that has become even less significant compared to Metallica than Megadeth at this point: Slayer. Are you kidding?!? Slayer is the only band of the three that has remained relevant. Megadeth only really recorded one good album (Rust in Peace) and Metallica hasn't written a good song since about 1988. Slayer, on the other hand, has been releasing mostly quality music for 30 years. Ok, now everyone hates me.
    You mean Slayer are the only group of the Big 4 that have released the same album half a dozen times. Reign in Blood was good the first time, but when they keep remaking the same damn album it gets old. Someone needs to tell them to try to write some new shit and that it isn't 1985 anymore. Everyone talks shit on Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax for changing over the years, but that's what bands are supposed to do. If a band doesn't evolve and dabble in different areas then they become stale, repetitive, and, after time, they just suck.
    Minivirus2 wrote: Left field? Since AJFA: Black - Streamlined, mainstreamm accesible metal (potentially viewed as 'innovative') Load - More streamlined rock ReLoad - View Load St. Anger - Crappy writing and a Nu-metal influence leading to Kirk being redundant in the band Death Magnetic - Reverting back to what the fans wanted Lulu - A horrible side project, that nobody saw coming So, based on the descriptions I've provided above, Metallica has really only done 2 things that could be deemed shocking. Selling out with Black and going mainstream, but putting thrash in the mainstream as well and the crappy Lulu side project. Other than that, they've only ever went with what would potentially earn them more money (i.e. mainstream accessibility, fanbase demands). Please tell me how Metallica has been innovative and reputable in the music they make, since AJFA?
    I never said innovative, I just said they did what they wanted. Load came out to mixed reviews, and early sales droppped off almost immediately. They still released ReLoad, knowing they weren't gonna make a ton of money from it. Double albums are never as big sellers as single, and covers albums are rarely huge hits. Garage, Inc. was both. (Also, S&M was a double) St. Anger was, by theeir own admission, an album that had to be made to keep the band together. Whatever Lars says (I'm no crazy fanboy, I know he's a tool...) they never expected crazy sales figures. And the production and mastering on DM was (as has been dissected on this site over and over) horrible and alienating. Yes, they've chased the dirty dollar at times (I'm looking at you, I Disappear) but on the whole I think they can pleased with their body of work. No one else has to be.
    you guys are so jaded. am i the only one who remembers how amazing kill them all is? i bet the four of them could release an album and it could be a legit thrash throwback. make it happen, Dave! \m/
    rhs5110 wrote: Lulu messed it up for everybody now metallica doesn't want to take any more risks
    Wether you like them or not, pretty much everything metallica have done since the Black Album has been a risk. Rock albums, touching on c&w and folk? Rehashing a fabled early ep? Performing with a symphony? Releasing an album of super long songs with no guitar solos? Mastering an album how THEY wanted to, not to industry standard? Not one of those is the safe choice...
    WardLucas wrote: Dave has gone from being someone who seemed like an unsufferable prick to someone who seems genuinely cool. Good for him.
    Have you read the bullshit he says every single interview? He's still a prick...
    rocker222 wrote: okey thats not a super group my idea of a super group is followed [...]
    Well, still not the best possible lineup. I think a super group should look like: John Petrucci - Guitar John Myung - Bass Jordan Rudess - Keyboards and Continuum Mike Portnoy or Mike Mangini - Drums James LaBrie - Vocals
    I wouldnt mind this. More Megadeath/Metallica style metal is always welcome in my book. Then I could have an extra band to look forward to releasing a new album.
    What the heck, maybe some new great metal would come out of it, seems a little stale lately.
    obviously this is not a reunion of old metallica and no one is going to be replaced. dave mustaine is trying to get some of the founding fathers of thrash metal together to create a new sound. and in a way he would be trying to fix the damage between him and metallica. and for those who are bashing dave maybe look at how much farther he is in music than you are. have a little respect
    As a huge Metallica and Megadeth fan maybe if they played a show or something that would be cool. The headline makes it seem like a full on band, which I wouldn't like. I hate supergroup side projects.
    I can't see it happening but it'd be interesting to say the least. I wonder who would have lead vocals duties, or would Mustaine and Hefield share?
    Dave Mustaine : guitar James Hetfield : guitar Steve Harris : bass Dave Lombardo : drums Ozzy : vocals That'd be a cool 80's metal revival superband. Or just a cool line-up for Ozzy
    Zangetsu 101
    Dave Mustaine has already been in a supergroup with David Ellefson along with Marty Friedman and Nick Menza...
    Thienskater wrote: I think it'll happen, the way they'll see this (James and Lars) is more money in their pockets.
    You are seriously an ignoramus. I'm sorry but judging from what I hear Lulu, I highly doubt Metallica are in it for the money anymore. Otherwise they would be doing some sort of collaboration with Skrillex or Lady Gaga.