Mustaine: 'Chris Broderick Is The Best Guitarist I've Ever Played With'

The Megadeth mainman is blown away by Broderick's work on their new album "Super Collider".

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Dave Mustaine says Chris Broderick is "without a doubt the best guitarist I've ever played with" after recording on the new Megadeth album "Super Collider" together.

The album is Megadeth's first release on Mustaine's new label Tradecraft in conjunction with Universal, after splitting from metal imprint Roadrunner.

Broderick joined the band in 2008. Mustaine sung his praises on Twitter this week:

Sang & did hard & fast solos today. See our video updates & tell your friends to join our nearly 6 MIL friends at

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) March 7, 2013

Chris has finished Super Collider ...all I can say is he is without a doubt the best guitarist I've ever played with. @chris_broderick

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) March 7, 2013

Speaking about Tradecraft's relationship Universal, Mustaine said (via Blabbermouth): "Being with Universal is by far the most exciting and prestigious home for Megadeth ever! We are electrified with what the future holds and the possibilities such a powerhouse like Universal will bring for us all."

Is Chris Broderick the best Megadeth guitarist ever? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    I thought this was obvious, from a technical point of view, as anybody who knew of Broderick before he joined Megadeth could attest to (check out older vids on his YouTube channel, for example, if they're still up), but overall I think Marty Friedman was a better writer/creative impact and more melodic... at least so far, from what I've heard.
    Literally exactly what i was gonna say! Broderick's technique is amazing, and that's not to say marty's isn't, but broderick is just technically better, even though marty's playing is probably more unique and creative sounding.. yeah it's hard to not repeat what you said haha
    2 words...Marty Friedman
    Imo I personnaly think that Broderick has a better technique than Friedman, would be nice to watch a guitar battle between these two guys though!
    I agree but it's not always down to technique but then again I just love Marty Friedman, they are both incredibly talented there's no denying that.
    and that's why I love Countdown To Extinction= The most memorable and well written Megadeth album... ever.. with the best sound and production... Max Norman was their best producer, nobody could deny that
    Municipal Waste
    There is a guitar "battle" on youtube between Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman. It's from some Japanese tv show. Marty is on fire.
    That's Marty Friedman's show, actually, it's called "Rock Fujiyama". He just invites a bunch of guitarists and they all f**k around a bit. Excellent show.
    Chris was quoted a while ago saying that he would stay with Megadeth as long as they are happy to have him, and with Dave sober and calmed down, and Nevermore broken up, that would probably be forever, and I wouldn't mind if Dave keeps writing gems like "Sudden Death" and "Dialectic Chaos" unless Chris Poland want's back in since that's more likely to happen than Marty, since Marty doesn't even like Thrash, and personally I'd rather see CP since KIMB and Peace Sells are amazing and The System Has Failed is a hidden gem. Marty only had one really good album for me RIP, and most of it was written before he joined, Countdown Was OK and the next three I only like the singles. Broderick is so much better technically than Marty but Marty as with Chris Poland has an incredibly unique style, With his phrasing and note choice but Broderick does real justice to each of their solos live, which is why I wish they'd play "I ain't superstitious" live more Chris did it real justice in Chile a year or so ago, look the video up. I really wish Dave would knock off his BS and play "The Conjuring", "Bad Omen" or "Black Friday" but I doubt Shawn can do Gar's thrash-jazz drumming justice. I wish Nick Menza would rejoin, aside from Gar rising from the dead that would be the best of a drummer Megadeth could have. Chris is one of the most polite shredders ever, he's like a polar opposite to Malmsteen.
    Chris is by far a better guitarist then friedman friedman just had alot more feeling then broderick which fit megadeth better
    that is the problem, broderick can play anything but he sounds like a computer when he plays. there has to be some sort of feel in the song.
    What's a "guitar battle" ?
    It's an imaginary show where two or more 'greater' guitarists are showing off in front of 100 'lesser' guitarists who watch them with jaws dropped and vote for the one who has 'better technique' or creates cooler sounds.
    There can never be a better guitarist like there can never be a better genre of music. Its all perception and one person could know every scale and play flawlessly but that doesnt mean they can write good music. I like watching "guitar battles" but there is no victor in my opinion.
    Considering no one here has ever played with the complete catalog of Megadeth guitarists, I'd say Dave is the only one who can say. Although listening to each is a matter of opinion, commenting on who is better is pointless.
    Yeah, Marty plays with more gusto and his solos are more musical. Broderick matches and surpasses in technique, but that's about it.
    I'm fairly certain there's no one on this planet who can decide who the best guitar player Mustaine has played with...except Mustaine.
    Chris Roboterick doesn't have shit on Friedman, Dave's just huggin his nuts because he's Megadeth's guitarist for the time being. Not saying Chris can't play, just that he doesn't fit Megadeth's sound as well as Marty did, and Marty was much more entertaining to watch live
    Yeah, this mother****er would've been nobody if it wasn't for marty friedmans' geniousness
    It'll be nice if Chris stays for a while longer, then.
    It'd also be nice if Mustaine continues to talk about music, and avoid putting foot in mouth with political nonsense.
    He does. UG just chooses what they're going to put on their site.
    Very true. The entire internet puts him up to be some sort of crazy radical, when they are really just picking out his thoughts that weren't thought out very well. He really isn't that crazy, it's just the way that he words it that gives him a bad reputation.
    The fact that he occasionally says and does good things, and that typically only that bad things get published doesn't change that he does indeed say/do crazy radical things.
    He doesn't talk about politics as much as you think, is that UG just chooses to pick those moments because they are a bunch of *****s. For example, they did choose to avoid the fact that Dave Mustaine recieved, from the US marcine corps, a medal, a flag and a letter thanking him for his support. Or also they decided to avoid the fact that he donated his "Holy wars lyrics" guitar to charity, I think it was to "Six Strings Masterpieces"
    I bet if he was praising Obama or bashing Bush people would say how intelligent Mustaine is when it comes to politics and would like to hear more of it from him.
    Actually that happened arround the era of UA when he was telling bush to go **** himself nearly every hour.
    That's because he would be on the right side of history and logic if he was doing that.
    please tell me that's a joke Obama is as bad as bush if not worse
    Just because he's black doesn't make him worse. You should really check on Obama facts before you say anything else.
    I'd certainly like Chris to stay, UNLESS Friedman or Poland suddenly wanted back in. Broderick is technically incredible and can duplicate anything, but I'd take a Friedman or Poland penned solo over his stuff any day.
    He's a great player, but I think, he doesn't fit Megadeth (in a good way). Chris reached his best in Jag Panzer, IMO. Megadeth is too small to contain musical genius like Chris and pathetic frontman like Dave. Of course Chris earns much more with Megadeth, but he's unable to show his ideas there. Glen Drover, Marty Friedman, Chris Poland... they all now have their own projects. And I don't think Chris will return to his solo stuff some day.
    Have u not heard his work on endgame? Thirteen they tried to go back to thrash roots but endgame was a phenominal performance for chris and dave, dialectic chaos this day we fight, songs like sudden death are great for his sweeping technique and mustaines classic solo style
    TH1RT3EN had nothing to do with returning to thrash roots. It was an attempt to return to the commercial style of Countdown.
    Yes, but Broderick doesn't write any solo's in Megadeth and it's not fair to his talent.
    Broderick writes his own solos. Sure, Dave is the focal point of the creative juice, but he doesn't write Chris's solos for him.
    From a technical point of view, most likely. (Poland?) But overall, Chris doesn't hold a candle to Marty or even Poland imo. I listened to Endgame a lot (not so much 13) and I can barely remember any of his solos. I could probably sing you (not very well lol) each one of Marty's off Rust In Peace and some off Countdown too. To me, Chris' lead playing is just like mindless shredding (still impressive but not memorable) while Marty's lead playing is amazing, well crafted and well written.
    Remember your also talking megadeths 2 most succesful records for everything that 4 man lineup was maybe the best thrash lineup ever, and how the story ends chriss solo in that somg was unreal
    Exactly what I was thinking! Marty's solos are more memorable and that's the key ingredient, in my opinion, to a guitarists ability being able to fit in the band. Marty's use of exotic scales doesn't hurt either.
    Obviously, Broderick is one of the most skilled Guitarists around today. However, in terms of solos, Chris Poland is the best Megadeth has had. Peace Sells has so many orgasmic solos.
    Wake Up Dead for example. It's different, and it works.
    Bad example - those are pretty much all Mustaine solos. Good examples of Poland would be the intro guitar solo on Bad Omen (who else sounds like that?!), Peace Sells, Good Mourning intro and Black Friday solo....on and on. And for those who haven't heard it, Chris Poland's solo album "Return to Metalopolis" is one of the great instrumental guitar albums out there.