Mustaine Confirms Live Metallica Jam With Newsted

Mustaine has asked fans what Metallica song he and Jason Newsted should play live on the Gigantour. What song would you pick?

Mustaine Confirms Live Metallica Jam With Newsted
Dave Mustaine has effectively confirmed plans to play a Metallica song on the upcoming Gigantour with fellow former 'tallica bassist Jason Newsted.

In a recent tweet, Mustaine gave fans a choice of songs to pick for the pair to play on the upcoming mega-tour which includes Newsted, Megadeth, David Draiman's Device and Death Division among others in its epic lineup.

Newsted first hinted that the pair would unite onstage in a recent interview.

Which songs would you pick? Will their Metallica performance ever compare to the original band? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Ride the Lightning
    This. I wonder which one of them going to sing though?
    I thought i had a version with mustaine on vocals but apparently it's a lie
    The View from Lulu.
    Joey Radical
    Maybe Dave Mustaine is the table as well.
    Your avatar really made me read your comment as if a calm and educated Ozzy said it.
    Dave Mustaine got fired from his table job in 1983. Also, calm and educated Ozzy = does not exist. Like dividing by zero.
    Would Jump in the Fire and Four Horsemen actually be the Metallica versions or Jump w/ Daves original lyrics and The Mechanix?
    Jump in the FAAAYAAAH!
    Flying Afros
    This. Except with Jason singing, he's a pretty good vocalist and would fit more I think than Dave. Toss up between this and Call of the-old-one-who-should-not-be-named-because-he-will-rise-fro m-his-sleep-in-R'lyeh and kill us all.
    while still really strange, the only possible choice could be 'call of ktulu' since it is an instrumental...
    I hope it isn't Ride the Lightning; the song doesn't have much variety in riffs, and he would most probably butcher poor Kirk's solo, although he may give it the same infamous treatment he gave Dimebag's solo in Cemetery Gates, and make me lose it once more from laughter. I think Call of Cthulhu would be the most interesting. Four Horsemen would be too, but isn't the Mechanix pretty much the same thing? Metal Militia would also be interesting. But Cthulhu has more meat to it, and since it's about a guitarist and a bassist jamming on-stage, that would be the best.
    Kirk already does an excellent job of butchering Kirk's solos. Mustaine could play it better, plus the song has his spider chord.
    Didn't Mustaine wrote Ride The Lightning solos?
    I like Dave but I don't think he could write a solo as melodic (for metal)as that one.
    Flying Afros
    Maybe not, but Kirk apparently lost that ability 20 years ago, at least playing live. The dude lost his chops.
    What the hell are you talking about? Kirk hasn't lost any of his chops. He can still play all the old songs, note for note. His CURRENT style is different, yes. But to say he's lost his chops is being a bit over zealous.
    Dave wrote also the solos on many of their songs. Kirk just "improved" on that, making it a bit more melodic. But basically, on first albums Kirks played many solos of Dave on the other guitarist that was before Dave:
    Ride the Lightning for sure. Dave's vocals might actually sound cool on that it's the best song out of the choices. Ktulu is awesome too, but it would kind of be a waste to do an instrumental.
    I'd vote for Ride the Lightning, unless it would actually be Four Horsemen with Metallica's lyrics, bridge and all. It would be kind of hard to pass up on that, but if not, I would definitely go for Ride the Lightning.
    I'd go for Phantom Lord in its original version (without the boring bridge in the middle), Dave would be great on this one.
    Just do it! Stop talking bout 'how it might happen' then 'we are gunna'! just come out on the night and do it as a suprise to the audience! chance ruined now...