Mustaine Confirms Live Metallica Jam With Newsted

Mustaine has asked fans what Metallica song he and Jason Newsted should play live on the Gigantour. What song would you pick?

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Dave Mustaine has effectively confirmed plans to play a Metallica song on the upcoming Gigantour with fellow former 'tallica bassist Jason Newsted.

In a recent tweet, Mustaine gave fans a choice of songs to pick for the pair to play on the upcoming mega-tour which includes Newsted, Megadeth, David Draiman's Device and Death Division among others in its epic lineup.

If I play a song I wrote in @Metallica w/@JasonCNewsted, which should it be? Ride, Metal Militia, Phantom, Jump, Khutulu, or Four Horsemen?

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) June 14, 2013

Newsted first hinted that the pair would unite onstage in a recent interview.

Which songs would you pick? Will their Metallica performance ever compare to the original band? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Ride the Lightning
    This. I wonder which one of them going to sing though?
    I thought i had a version with mustaine on vocals but apparently it's a lie
    The View from Lulu.
    Joey Radical
    Maybe Dave Mustaine is the table as well.
    Your avatar really made me read your comment as if a calm and educated Ozzy said it.
    Dave Mustaine got fired from his table job in 1983. Also, calm and educated Ozzy = does not exist. Like dividing by zero.
    Would Jump in the Fire and Four Horsemen actually be the Metallica versions or Jump w/ Daves original lyrics and The Mechanix?
    Jump in the FAAAYAAAH!
    Flying Afros
    This. Except with Jason singing, he's a pretty good vocalist and would fit more I think than Dave. Toss up between this and Call of the-old-one-who-should-not-be-named-because-he-will-rise-fro m-his-sleep-in-R'lyeh and kill us all.
    while still really strange, the only possible choice could be 'call of ktulu' since it is an instrumental...
    I hope it isn't Ride the Lightning; the song doesn't have much variety in riffs, and he would most probably butcher poor Kirk's solo, although he may give it the same infamous treatment he gave Dimebag's solo in Cemetery Gates, and make me lose it once more from laughter. I think Call of Cthulhu would be the most interesting. Four Horsemen would be too, but isn't the Mechanix pretty much the same thing? Metal Militia would also be interesting. But Cthulhu has more meat to it, and since it's about a guitarist and a bassist jamming on-stage, that would be the best.
    Kirk already does an excellent job of butchering Kirk's solos. Mustaine could play it better, plus the song has his spider chord.
    Didn't Mustaine wrote Ride The Lightning solos?
    I like Dave but I don't think he could write a solo as melodic (for metal)as that one.
    Flying Afros
    Maybe not, but Kirk apparently lost that ability 20 years ago, at least playing live. The dude lost his chops.
    What the hell are you talking about? Kirk hasn't lost any of his chops. He can still play all the old songs, note for note. His CURRENT style is different, yes. But to say he's lost his chops is being a bit over zealous.
    Dave wrote also the solos on many of their songs. Kirk just "improved" on that, making it a bit more melodic. But basically, on first albums Kirks played many solos of Dave on the other guitarist that was before Dave:
    Ride the Lightning for sure. Dave's vocals might actually sound cool on that it's the best song out of the choices. Ktulu is awesome too, but it would kind of be a waste to do an instrumental.
    I'd vote for Ride the Lightning, unless it would actually be Four Horsemen with Metallica's lyrics, bridge and all. It would be kind of hard to pass up on that, but if not, I would definitely go for Ride the Lightning.
    I'd go for Phantom Lord in its original version (without the boring bridge in the middle), Dave would be great on this one.
    Just do it! Stop talking bout 'how it might happen' then 'we are gunna'! just come out on the night and do it as a suprise to the audience! chance ruined now...
    Lord Quinas
    Once Mustaine can't make good music anymore(since endgame)...this isn't a bad idea at all! I'd rather anyone of that songs instead of super collider shit
    Too bad it's restricted to Mustaine-Metallica songs. They could do a st. Anger Jam-fits Megadeth's new album well.
    H.P. Lovecraft wrote it as Cthulhu but it's The Call of Ktulu on Ride the Lightning. Don't be cross :
    apparently if you write his name the beast is drawn nearer so thats why they spelled it wrong. might just be a myth and it was actually just the band not doing their homework
    Black Mustangs
    Pretty sure that's why they did it (also it looks easier to pronounce), but James has expressed regret in a couple of interviews that they didn't use the proper name.
    They didn't go with Cthulhu because they thought they might have copyright issues... That's why they changed it to Ktulu...
    I dont know but this tour just doesnt sound appealing to me. While I like some megadeth music, dave mustaine might be the least interesting front man i've ever seen. There is just no showmanship whatsoever. With that said, ride the lightning would be my choice of a song to play. It's also interesting that they're driving interest to the tour by covering a metallica song.
    Fuck that. This is the worst idea ever. Not the cover of a song, that I'm fine with, but the fact that Newstead and Mustaine are making a fuss over it. Go out and just get it done and im sure everyone would leave smiling. Build up hype and all people will be listening for is which version is better instead of just enjoying the song and having a good time. Total poor judgement on both their parts
    Sammy Mantis
    Hey man, it's just a couple of washed up old farts trying to keep their careers afloat by resting on their laurels and trying to convince fans and themselves alike that they haven't become the complete shadows of their former selves that they obviously have. I say let them do what they want to do.
    I really agree with you. I think Mustaine's tweet is unnecessary. It seems like he is trying to draw more attention to the topic than he needs to. It seems like he is hoping that by bringing a lot of attention to it, he is going to hurt Metallica's feelings or something. I bet you he still cries every night about not being in Metallica.
    Or, I don't know, maybe it could be a marketing attempt to sell more tickets and cater to fans of Megadeth and Metallica? The tour hasn't started yet, so it could be a business move to try and bring in more money for the artists.
    If that's the case, its pretty sad. They have to mention Metallica to try and boost ticket sales. It is a smart move though. The two Metallica has-beens trying to milk a few extra dollars.
    id rather be a metallica has been from the 80s then wanna be in metallica now lololol
    Bands market themselves? No! What's next? You're gonna say that bands do things for money?!?
    he should play jump in the fire coz that's his song and it's dope \m/
    None cause only Metallica plays Metallica.
    Dave was actually a part of Metallica for a short time before they released Kill em All you know... He contributed in making of this album.
    I know but I honestly think it's stupid to play songs you wrote of band that kicked you out cause you were a junky/alcholol it's a Megadeth show, not a former Metallica members reuonion..
    dude do you even read? Mustaine= kicked out of Metallica a long time ago, Newsted=kicked out of Metallica not too long ago, playing songs from your former band= not a good idea to me
    Not to be nit-picky here, but I can't get the video of Lars yelling "he left the FuKKing band!" out of my head, a notion which has been reiterated by Newsted himself many times since then. I'm gonna have to disagree with "Newsted=kicked out of Metallica not too long ago" (12+ years ago, actually). However, I totally understand what you're saying in that you don't think it's a good idea. It appears that they don't think that way, though, as both Mustaine and Newsted feel (and rightly so) that they were both an integral part of Metallica; something that no one can ever take away from them. That being said, I say, "let 'em play Metallica tunes!"
    Thank you for beign the only one explaining your thoughts! But yeah what I meant is I'm not sure I would be so happy to do what they want to do if I was them. I agree that they might feel as part of the "past Metallica", but it feels like going back and not moving on to play some Metallica songs live.
    Even though Dave was kicked out, he's good friends with the members of metallica now. Even newsted is!
    Actually, Dream theater plays Metallica.
    Darth Crow
    Yup, and not too well I'm a fan of DT and they do amazing covers, but Metallica... just doesn't suit them. Especially James...
    Doesn't suit LaBrie's vocal style, maybe, but instrumentally it's spot on, if not better at some parts (Kirk solo).
    Since Dave was on a demo of it, and Jason sometimes sang it when on tour with Metallica, it seems fitting that they do Seek and Destroy
    i love rtl (album), its probably my favourite metallica record but i personally think the title track is the weakest part of the album (or trapped under ice). the closing instrumental call of ktulu would be my pick, but i agree that an instrumental may be kinda pointless in this case. why not do more than one?