Mustaine: 'I'm Not One of Those Cocky Guitar Players'

Meanwhile, David Ellefson might block the Newsted/Mustaine Metallica performance at Gigantour if he doesn't get along with Newsted in rehearsals.

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Dave Mustaine says he's not one to show off his guitar skills on stage - and claims to be like a church mouse compared to other players, Blabbermouth reports.

When asked by the Daily Hearld if it was difficult to write new music after 30 years and 14 records, Mustaine said:

"I have a pretty good relationship with the source for where my gift came from, and I don't think it's my doing. I'm not one of these cocky guitar players. I was at a festival a few days ago and there's this one guy - I won't say who he is - but, man, he makes me look like a church mouse. And I was just thinking, 'God, I wonder if people think that about me.' It just really makes you respect where you came from and where you're going."

In the same interview, Mustaine dampened expectations that he and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted might play Metallica songs on the forthcoming Gigantour.

"I would love to play with Jason, but I think we've got to remember there's David Ellefson we've got to consider. It really is kind of up to how Jason and Dave are getting along.

"I've never played with Jason before. We've only toured together, and it was when he was in Flotsam and Jetsam - even back before he was in Metallica. We had a great time. He's super vibrant and energetic. I just love him, and I think Gigantour is going to be the bomb this year."

Do you think Mustaine is a cocky guitar player? Who else would you rank above him for showmanship? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Still, the man has a point. He has written some ****ing sick riffs over the year and still focuses on playing them correctly instead of showing off with improvised solos and making the audience scream every ****ing song. That being said - as a human being he is pretty cocky, yes.
    Ok guys, we get it. UG posts a lot about Dave Mustaine. Can we all stop complaining about it now? Don't like it, don't read the article. Geeze. Down vote, I don't care. But seriously, you guys complain way too much about something stupid.
    It's cumcumber-time (more known as silly season in english) so when there is no news, the reporters have to interview Mustaine
    Damn, how does Mustaine not get bored from giving new empty information to the media every few days?
    Damaged Roses
    How do UG not get bored from overreacting to Mustaine and copy-paste all their news from other sites? lol
    How do UG members not get bored of bitchin about it? UG posts articles that generate views and comments and to be fair Dave Mustaine articles generate some pretty funny comments.
    You could also ask "How do UG members not get bored of bitchin about Tom Hess?", it would be an equivalent.
    exactly everyone rips on mustaine for his comments when this is a damn music website, who cares....i love mustaine hes a musician post tour info or new music info not this s***
    He's a cocky person, but not a cocky guitar player! read the article peeps
    Oh look, more Mustaine news...exactly what I was hoping for when I woke up this morning...
    yeah, seems like there's a lot of buzz around him these days... hope it's not just me
    He's quite cocky, on several interviews he seems to be under the impression he's the lead:L And on another he claimed he was the best guitarist in the band, sorry Dave I love ya' but Marty or Chris would piss all over you. Saying that, he maybe kidding or he may just not be flaunting his full potential and he may very well be better than we believe, either way. He is a guitar god and writes sick riffs and a true inspiration, rock on dave! \m/
    Nah I don't think so, throughout his career he's always said how the other guitarist was better than him, be it Chris P, Marty or Chris B
    Why is everybody saying that "Super Collider" failed??? It did great, I think... Just because it's not number 1 like some of their other albums, doesn't mean that it flopped...
    I dislike Mustaine more and more with each passing day which sucks because I really like his music.
    Not cocky at all, I think sometimes he doesn't think it all the way thru when he says things. But I think he is a really smart Mofo! Great Riffmaster!
    does this guy have ANY idea of the internet's opinion of him? or the fact that Super Collider flopped?
    Half the people who rant about his rants on the internet listens to his music, goes to his shows, and buy his records.
    Super Collider hit #6 on Billboard Top 200 which is higher than Endgame and Th1rt3en got so I wouldnt say it was a flop.
    Hah, not a cocky guitar player he's one of the great riff masters of all metal, but he severely overrates his lead guitar skills.
    eh hes just the usual untreated addict.. (christianity is not treating the disease)
    We've only toured together, and it was when he was in Flotsam and Jetsam - even back before he was in Metallica.
    So who was that supporting Metallica at Milton Keynes back in 1993? Could've sworn Megadeth were there that day.
    love Dave's music but in the music industry no matter which style I like there are many many many more singers that are cocky than guitarists
    Read one of his latest posts on Facebook/Twitter and this article becomes nonsense.