Mustaine On How The Internet Has Changed Music

The Megadeth frontman says Napster ruined "hundreds of thousands of lives" and that technology aids "inferior" musicians. What do you think?

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Dave Mustaine has commented on how the internet and technology have affected the music industry. He says digital recording might make it easy for a band to sound good, but it takes a band like Megadeth to pull it off live as well. "There are certain things that the digital world has made so that very inferior players can get away with sounding like they are good. The problem with that is not that the record doesn't sound good and is enjoyable, it's when you go to watch them live," he told Seymour Duncan (via Blabbermouth). Commenting on the world wide web, Mustaine accepts that it isn't all bad - but human nature means people will always find a way to exploit it. "There is piracy and people who steal. They don't realize it is intellectual material and it is the same thing as food. Giving something to get, that's the deal. "Myself, I think the dude who created Napster probably ruined hundreds of thousands of people's lives because of that peer-to-peer file transferring, but if he hadn't done it, there are plenty of smart people out there who would have. It's human nature." He adds that Megadeth work to keep their live ticket prices down despite declining revenue in the music business: "I may have had a great life and I may have been overpaid and underworked, but I am not punishing the fans and being a really hard-a-s about stuff. So I try and pass that gratitude onto them by not gouging them with prices." Has Mustaine finally shared an opinion we can all agree on? Share your reaction in the comments.

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    The internet is here and we have to accept it. If I really like a band's sound, I'll go out and buy the CD even if CD's are a thing of the past and the quality is essentially the same as the tracks on filesharing programs.
    Amen to that! There's just something I like about getting a new CD that a download doesn't do.
    I too enjoy having an album in my hands. I dont know, but i like to have a physical copy of something i buy. I enjoy looking at the album cover, i enjoy reading along with the lyrics. I may be old fashioned, but to each his own. And no, looking up lyrics online or digital artwork does NOT count.
    The CDs are generally just as cheap and a lot of digital download services don't offer lossless quality too.
    100% agree. It usually costs the same to get the CD version and then I can just burn the lossless files to my computer but still have the actual album artwork and liner notes to hold in my hand!...something people seem to be missing out on nowadays.
    Chaos Ignited
    The CDs being cheap kinda depends on where you live i guess...In Malaysia an album costs about 60 bucks.Plus metal albums are almost impossible to come buy,hence i have to download them.Feel bad for my favourite bands but what other choice do i have.
    Well in your case it absolutely makes sense as you have no other choice. I beat up on my home country quite a bit, but we do get the benefit of having access to just about anything! I suppose the web really opened things up for people like yourself who live where there is limited access to metal music.
    What exactly does the quality sound of recorded music have to do with how the artists play live? Cuz that's what Mustaine is talking about here. He said recorded music can sound great no matter what now, but it's different if you can actually sound good live.
    if a band sounds good in the studio and can't pull it off live legutimately then they're screwed
    That's what I said. This talk of CD quality music has nothing to do with anything though.
    Artemis Entreri
    I really don't think they're screwed. I know plenty of bands who are shite live but have made quite a living.
    The problem is that the albums I want to buy (Mercyful Fate, My Dying Bride, The Melvins, Dax Riggs) aren't sold at very many record stores. So, I kinda have to download them. I have no problem finding Coldplay albums though.
    Mustaine speaking sense? someone pinch me...
    I recently watched him on Guitar Center Sessions and it was a great interview. I was completely different than the way UG paints him... which almost seems slanderous by comparison.
    It is ridiculous how stupid UG paints Dave. I love to watch interviews of any kind from him because I know I will have a changed or enhanced view on something. But I guess people tend to remember the unintelligent remarks he has made over the overwhelming amount of intelligent ones.
    Dude he made some seriously controversial comments, and everyone knows he's a conspiracy theory nut. It's not the media who desperately tries to paint him stupid, he does it himself just fine. It's ridiculous to start blaming media for all the stuff he said. tags: Obama Aurora Shooting, Michelle Obama dress predicts future, prayer circle led by Dave Mustaine heals cancer, Obama is a nazi, Alex Jones, Black Magic....
    Sorry, but if you seriously think that Dave Mustaine is not the way UG makes him out to be, he actually says that he thinks the Obama administration were responsible for the Aurora shootings, as in the guy was a government agent and Obama wants a random theater full of people DEAD. Mustaine has lost it. And I saw the GC Sessions. He had some interesting points, and some bad points too.
    His only problem is that he talks politics. It's one of the three things you don't talk about, the other two being sex and religion. Mustaine isn't as bad as people make him out to be
    Yeah lets not talk about religion or politics so the status quo can continue cause right now both seem totally logical and who ever wants to get to the truth of things?
    It's widely accepted to be private matters. Let the politicians talk about politicians. Let the preachers preach. Let kanye and Jay z rap about it.
    Your appeal to popularity does not give a sound reason. These things are the very source of the corruption that we need to learn our way out of. I think we should talk and hear what the other side has to say and not be close minded about there side ether. As Aristotle said, the mark of a educated mind is to be able to entertain a thought with out embracing it.
    The interviewer's follow-up question: "So, how about those black people?"
    How do they do that when all they do is sit around collecting unemployment?
    When you consider they worked for free for hundreds of years, I think a few years "sitting around collecting unemployment benefits" is well earned
    I dunno about you guys, but this is how things go down for me when I visit this site every morning. I see a name in article head that always stands out to me. "Mustaine Slams Internet" I take a long gander at it, pondering. I breathe deeply.. Is it worth it? What are my other options? "Nickelback AND Avril Lavigne? HA." Top 10 Basslines? Worst Metal Album Covers? *opens new tabs respectively* I break a sweat. Mustaine. "Fuck it." I say to myself. "He always delivers."
    *a name in an article I also realize my mistake of misquoting the article head. However that is just all we see when I decipher UG's clever language.
    Veronique Vega
    Dave is just sharing his perspective. He's been saying for years that, basically, pro-tools and the like allow bands to record music they can't perform live to save their life. He's said in the past that it makes for good CDs, but not so much live shows. I'm just glad to see his sharing a couple opinions that aren't foot-in-mouth political slam slam slam.
    He does make a pretty good point. I've heard a lot of bands that sound great in the studio but kind of do a mediocre job when they play live. I've been disappointed countless times with some newer bands that have done that. It takes a pretty solid band to be able to do both really well.