Mustaine On How The Internet Has Changed Music

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 09/07/2012 category: music news
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Mustaine On How The Internet Has Changed Music
Dave Mustaine has commented on how the internet and technology have affected the music industry. He says digital recording might make it easy for a band to sound good, but it takes a band like Megadeth to pull it off live as well. "There are certain things that the digital world has made so that very inferior players can get away with sounding like they are good. The problem with that is not that the record doesn't sound good and is enjoyable, it's when you go to watch them live," he told Seymour Duncan (via Blabbermouth). Commenting on the world wide web, Mustaine accepts that it isn't all bad - but human nature means people will always find a way to exploit it. "There is piracy and people who steal. They don't realize it is intellectual material and it is the same thing as food. Giving something to get, that's the deal. "Myself, I think the dude who created Napster probably ruined hundreds of thousands of people's lives because of that peer-to-peer file transferring, but if he hadn't done it, there are plenty of smart people out there who would have. It's human nature." He adds that Megadeth work to keep their live ticket prices down despite declining revenue in the music business: "I may have had a great life and I may have been overpaid and underworked, but I am not punishing the fans and being a really hard-a-s about stuff. So I try and pass that gratitude onto them by not gouging them with prices." Has Mustaine finally shared an opinion we can all agree on? Share your reaction in the comments.
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