Mustaine Talks Satanism And Gay Marriage

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 03/19/2012 category: music news
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Mustaine Talks Satanism And Gay Marriage
Dave Mustaine has confronted recent criticism surrounding his views on politics, homosexuality and satanism. He spoke at length to Infowars (via Blabbermouth). You can see a video of the full interview below. Mustaine said his support for Republican candidate Rick Santorum was twisted out of context: "The second person who picked up the story said I endorsed Rick Santorum. And I put out a press release after that that said I never used the word 'endorsed'. I said that I liked the guy because he jumped off the campaign trail to go be with his sick daughter. Now that, to me, whether you're a football player or an astronaut, if you put your family first, you get kudos in my book." On his evasive comments regarding gay marriage, where he cited his Christianity for not supporting it: "I'm a Christian, I'm a heterosexual man. It's like me worrying about cat owners. I don't like cats. I don't have anything against them, but I don't want one. I know that's a really crazy connection ... gay stuff is not part of my life." Mustaine said he chooses not to perform alongside self-confessed satanist bands since he was "saved" by Christianity: "I don't wanna play with any Satanic bands. I'll play with bands that have darkness in them, because we all have a little darkness in us or we wouldn't be human. But guys that are confessed Satanists, I don't really have time for that." Finally, Mustaine says his recent performance with Metallica at their 30th Anniversary celebrations was "closure" after so many years away from the band. "When I got fired [from Metallica] that day [in 1983], there was so much I wanted to still do with those guys. If I would have got a warning, it would have been different. I would have said, 'Oh, sure, man. I wanna be in the band. I love this band; it's my band, too. If my drinking is causing a problem, I'll be comfortable doing something else.' But it didn't really happen that way, and I think it was necessary, because we have two great bands now." He didn't comment on his claim that African women should "put a plug in it" if they can't afford to feed their children. Watch the full interview here:
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