Mustaine's On-Stage Twinkie Rant

Dave Mustaine has crossed his wires on US politics in another on-stage rant, which includes blaming Obama for Twinkies going out of business.

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Dave Mustaine has once again crossed his wires on US politics in another on-stage rant, which includes blaming Obama for Twinkies going out of business.

From the stage in Atlantic City last week, he suggested to the audience that the United States could fall apart:

"Right now there are 47 states in the United States of America that wanna secede [withdraw from] from the United States of America. And what 'secede' actually means is that they don't wanna have any part of this bullsh-t any more.

"Whether you are a Democract or a Republican or a Libertarian or an Independent, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we're Americans and we are not being treated right."

In fact, all 50 states currently have petitions for secession from the US. They've been posted to the We The People website, where any petition reaching 25,000 signatures will get an official response from the White House.

Of course, this doesn't mean there is a serious movement to break up the US. It's likely to be a minority of angry Republicans who are bitter at losing the recent election.

Mustaine's rant didn't end there:

"Did you hear that the people that make Twinkies today are going out of business after 82 years?" he asked. "It's really sad. It's an 82-year-old institution they are going out of business because of this bullsh-t that is going on right now in the government. And that means 18,000 more people are going on unemployment and it's gonna be your responsibility to pay for them. It's just not fair."

Mustaine forgets to consider that the closure could be an effect of the global recession that hit America before Obama took office, and which no Western government has managed to solve.

Watch Mustaine talk politics in the live video here:

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    I must say though, We're all pretty bummed about the Twinkies, no need to take it out on Obama. Oh, and Also, Shitstorm brewing below.
    His on-stage rants is gonna cause his band to walk out on him. Im sure their tired of it by now.
    Oh please...what else do these guys have to do? It's not like there's a ton of metal gigs around with the kind of money Dave pays. They keep their traps shut so the paychecks keep coming.
    Can't wait to blame Obama for failing my last exam. I don't even live in the US, but so f*cking what!
    Officially the three biggest sore loser pussies in the USA. In no particular order: Dave Mustaine The "Cat Scratch Fever" guy (his irrelevancy leading me to forget his name) Donald Trump
    Ted Nugent, and he is definitely the worst of the three.
    i don't know dave mustaine and nugent are head to head, only difference is mustaine has actually written a couple good songs.
    and he's not a redneck.
    Oh, so acting like one doesn't necessarily mean he is one? Every time he opens his mouth he proves how detached from reality he really is. Oh, and maybe calling him a redneck would be an insult to rednecks in general . . .
    lolol is he really insinuating that a majority of the people in those 47 states are tired of Obama? Why did they vote for him then? Must have been a hell of a shock when the 'evil communist' won the popular vote.
    Actually that was UG saying that the petitions are in 47 states. This oddity is easily answered though. You see anybody, and I mean anybody (even people in the artic with a computer and internet) can e-sign one of those petitions. Basically it is the same people signing the petitions in each state over and over again.
    and the petitions they're signing are useless, they're doing it through the White House website. They need to write to Congress, the executive branch can't do anything but offer a statement if they even reach 25,000 signatures, and you can be damn sure that statement will be... *clears throat* "No." *walks away*
    Oh we haven't seen the end of it. People still think he'll be ousted by the electoral college in December when they do their vote. lol.
    Yeah! Every election year in December the electoral college has the final say over who won or lost the election. Look into it. It essentially says that even though we "exercised" our right to vote, it can be overturned by a small group of people. ISN'T DEMOCRACY AWESOME
    I'm confused, are you continuing to be satirical? Or do you believe this stuff? The electoral college is determined by the amount of votes in each district. It's already done, it happens on election night in conjunction with the voters. Obama won the Electoral College 332 to 206.
    Oh I'm not disputing he won. But it's not bullshit either. Yes, Obama won on election night the votes needed however, electoral reps from each state have a final say on Dec. 17th.
    It's just some lunatics from the Tea Party, that isn't going to come to fruition. These kinds of threats are made all the time. We've even seen the Republican party walking away from extremist remarks like that, they will never get the support they require.
    To clarify this: The Electoral College votes are not just a number we assign to each state. It is comprised of actual people who cast an actual ballot and elect the President. Each party has electors in each state who pledge to vote for a certain candidate. When you vote for President, you are actually electing the people who make up the Electoral College, and it is those people who actually elect the President. These electors cast their ballots in December. In the US, there's a couple of twists to this. You can have an unpledged elector, who does not promise to vote for a candidate, and you can have a faithless elector, who pledges for one candidate and then votes for another. We haven't seen unpledged electors since 1964, and faithless electors have never impacted the result of an election. However, the electoral votes Obama "won" could, in fact, be cast for Romney or another candidate.
    The fact that he won the popular vote just reinforces the point that most Americans are brain dead zombies. How can someone approve of the last 4 years? Even if they don't like Romney, how do you vote in confidence of the last 4 years? It's been a disaster. Chicago and Detroit are wastelands, and they vote for him. Ohio is a barren, jobless desert, yet they vote again for this man. I didn't vote for either of them. To do so is to show brain impotence.
    I always read articles about D. Mustaine for the laughs and other users' comments.
    Dammit Dave! Seriously, this guy is such an awesome musician. Why does he have to go and do shit like this?
    GAWD. This guy talks out of his ass constantly. The CEO's had given themselves nice bonuses like every other board of directors and then realized it was too much and ****ed the workers as an end result. He's too busy being pissed about Obama to realize that the way business is run in this country is completely poisonous and bullshit! OH YES DAVE. It's Obamas fault that banks were doing dirty shit and needed bailed out. YES DAVE. It was Obamas fault that on the board of governors at the Federal Reserve had CEO's of banks bailing out their OWN companies. Cause every horrible business decision has been Obamas doing. Yeah he's spent a shit ton of money and I think its been a huge waste, but he did not cause the ****ing recession.
    People just tend to way overestimate how much influence politicians have on the economy, it's the one issue politicians probably have least control over (well besides drug use and peoples sex lives) and it's the issue that makes or breaks most candidates. If jimmy carter and ronald reagean switched years our perceptions of them would have been very very different.
    I think the bigger issue is people are not taking corporations to task enough. Giving huge surplus bonuses on million dollar salaries shouldn't be happening. Give back to your workers. They are the reason you make money.
    No offense to Dave, but if 47 out of 51 states want to leave the USA just because Obama is president, wouldn't it have been a lot easier to just vote him out? That looks like a majority to me. But, I went to graduate school, my math might not be as good as almighty educated Dave Mustaine.
    I don't believe that he's directly blaming Obama, but he's blaming the current Economy within America, even though what he's saying is complete bullshit. The Hostess company is going out of business because of the poor pay that most of the workers were getting and cutting of worker benefits. Dave you're an excellent musician, but please, please, keep your mouth shut - Sincerely everybody
    Like I said up above, it is a ploy to sell the company to a parent company so that the union that the workers had will cease to be. But really, what I wanted to say is, Dave Mustaine is over rated
    Considering the gov't does make the financial policy decisions that are ok'd by Obama, directly referencing the gov't, he did blame Obama. Even if he is wrong for the most part. Yes, EBT has gotten bad. I work at a gas station where people come in constantly buying junk food and its abuse that needs curbed but nobody listens to the people. The sooner everyone figures out that its all a dog and pony show, the smarter everyone will be and we'll see real change. Obama and Romney were interchangeable. There would have been no real change.
    Let's all just reply in big paragraphs to make it look like you know what your talking about.
    Lets type in small, snarky sentences to convey we have higher intellects while not elaborating to justify our snobby attitude.
    Kind of a witch hunt here - I see a lot of people putting words in Dave's mouth. Is the US government partly responsible for the economic decline in the last 10 years? Yes. Does Dave reference that? Yes. Are people then putting words in his mouth to make it seem he's aiming it specifically at Obama? yes.
    Bingo, you nailed it. As I wrote below, it's quite speculative to say Mustaine is "blaming Obama" when he doesn't even mention his name.
    It may indeed have a part in the economic recession, but do they have anything to do with the bankruptcy of Hostess Brands, which is clearly the responsibility of the company management? No. And isn't Obama the head of state, and has been blamed countless occasions before for the country's problems by Mustaine? Yes. There you have it. And no one is putting words into his mouth, for that matter. Besides, criticism of stupid statements =/= witch hunt
    Has Dave also not bitched relentlessly about Obama? Lets just call it an educated guess. The gov't doesn't create the money, the federal reserve does so at any point the Feds could be like "Yeah, no. We don't think that policy is a good idea. Lets go back to the drawing board." But no. The gov't, like an addict is like I just need 450 billion till tuesday man...and the feds are like "how could this go wrong?"
    Let's not mix politics up with music. One brings spiritual ecstasy, the other is fodder for bickering children. As music lovers let's rise above it.
    Regardless of how ridiculous his statements may be or may seem, it isn't good journalism to take obvious sides while writing an article.
    if bush had been president he would have been blamed for twinkies, so everyone shut the **** up.
    Not really Obama's fault. The company has had a history of mistreating its workers, and they went under in the face of strike.
    Dave Mustaine can cure a fan of cancer by touching him, but he can't cure his own diarrhea of the mouth. Because God told him he can't touch himself.
    I think Dave could write a very cool song about Twinkies.
    he could write a decent 5 minute song about it and uhmm 1982???? all of daves lyrical writing wasnt even nnoticed until 1984 with megadeth being created, he was the base of metallicas guitar work though
    Just as he was starting to be cool again, why does he keep doing this? Freakin hell Dave
    It's really amazing how LITTLE research goes into these comments he makes, and even after he's confronted about them in interviews he will refuse to look up the truth for himself. He his a prime example of a "low-information voter".
    Dude no doubt. He's just a redneck. I know one when I see one. I'm from West Virginia.
    "I'm from West Virginia." I send my condolences. Starting to make more sense to me why you think this electoral college business with the Tea Party is a big deal. I'm sure in West Virginia it sounds like it has a good chance of happening, but trust me man, Obama is staying in the White House. The risk is just too big for Republicans.
    Whoa whoa whoa. Don't patronize me. I never said I was getting excited about it. I just brought it up as a point to an above topic. Nor did I ever say it was a big deal. It was in reference to the guy talking about the states wanting to secede. Just because I'm from WV doesn't make me an uneducated hick. You've clearly never been here. Yeah we have some stupid ass people but so does every other state.
    I didn't mean to sound like a total dick, it's hard to convey tone through text. The condolences part was just a little joke, and I never meant to imply that you are an uneducated hick, I figured you weren't after you said "He's just a redneck. I know one when I see one." It did seem like you thought that scenario might play out with the Electoral College after you said in all caps "ISN'T DEMOCRACY AWESOME". From my end it looked like a cynical approach to the situation. I didn't mean to offend.
    I just don't consider it democratic when people are led to believe their vote matters when a committee seemingly above your average joe get to decide whether those votes count.
    That doesn't really happen though, and it's the way the founding fathers wanted it. They didn't want the people to have 100% of the power, sometimes the people can make bad decisions too.
    The problem with that though is that the gov't came from we the people and they are making the bad decisions. checks and balances..besides, its what happened in the 2000 election I believe. My point to all of this is if they end up giving the president win to Romney its going to cause a shitstorm cause Obama won the popular vote. Thats my point really. If someone wins popular vote, committees shouldn't be involved.
    Which he turned into when he became born-again. In the 80s Mustaine was a high-information voter who repeatedly spoke out on international politics. Too bad he blew all that knowledge for an afterlife and his fairy sky-god...
    I never payed attention to what he thought about politics back then, his songs are normally vague enough to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. I just find it hard to believe he wasn't this stupid before, he just wasn't as specific about it as he has been with the press lately.
    I love this guy! It's like listen to Rush Limbaugh. His comments and facts are so ridiculous that I can only take them as entertainment. People need to realize that congress is the problem and not the President. Yeah Obama is not a super star but Mitt Rommeny? Come on! GTFOH with that! That guy. His running mate was more qualified and to run for president than he was. He is the truth: WHen Bush was President he gave out alot of tax cuts, that cool and all thanks for looking out for people but when 9-11 happen that when things went wrong. We are part of the U.N. and in since Bush is not very diplomatic when dealing with other national he was ineffective in getting the U.N. to fully engage in the response to the attack. This caused mostly the U.S. and the U.K. (out of loyalty) to go into the war out of pocket. Spending all that money on the war plus the tax cuts put us in that hole. Had he persuaded the U.N. we probably would have cut down the cost on the war on terrorism.
    You are correct. That bullshit war has sucked the life out our economy. I am middle of the road politically, but come on right-wingers. To deny what massive pile of crap Bush squatted out on us and then say Obama should have that scooped up by now...Really? It may take another decade to recover no matter who is president
    If the radical right wants to secede I say LET THEM! They can have their own little country (maybe call it West Iran) where they can take away women's rights and gay rights and reinstate slavery and pretend that the world is 6,000 years old. Good Luck!!!
    Arr0wHead stole my thunder a bit, his comment nailed's mighty SPECULATIVE to say Mustaine is "blaming Obama" when he doesn't even mention his name at all.
    J.R. Legrasse
    The reason Hostess is going out of business is that because of years of bad management, the company is a billion $ in debt. Management told their 18,500 employees that they'd have to take a 20% reduction in pay and benefits. Rather than let management gouge their wages, the employees stood their ground and refused to cave, because they're not the ones that have mishandled the company's finances. Going into bankruptcy court, management was still trying to get a multi-million dollar golden parachute deal for themselves. None of this has anything at all to do with President Obama, but sufferers of Obama Derangement Syndrome, such as Dave Mustaine have to twist and distort everything so it fits into their delusions. I'm actually surprised at this point Mustaine doesn't become a band leader on Fox & Friends, playing music bumpers while he and the hosts call everyone communists and make unfounded declarations of conspiracy.
    I gotta say something 1) Fuck you UG, you are here to flame mustaine and you were nowhere to be found when the US Marine Corps send him a medal, a flag and a letter for him less than a month ago. 2)Fuck all the ignorants, here and anywhere, who can't take that one person is giving out their opinion on public. "Mustaine forgets to consider that the closure could be an effect of the global recession that hit America before Obama took office, and which no Western government has managed to solve." And yet you pick Obama again as a president without realising that his goverment has a major focus on the social side of the goverment than the economic side. Don't get me wrong, he is a good president, but I still thinking that he is not the right person that the USA needs right now, and Ronmey was.
    Bains performance record: 74 percent success rate for business's it invested in Governments performance record: 92 percent success rate for business's it invested in If you still believe that fifty percent failure rate fox news pulled out of it's ass look it up, 50 green energy companies have been invested in and only 4 failed, simple math. Honestly the only policy I can think of that would been different would be romney sucking up to the coal industry (funny thing, turns out coal just isn't profitable enough any more because of the free market doesn't encourage overly expensive power plants that produce dirt cheap power from a energy intensive extraction process) and that his position on internet neutrality is that it would be an unfair (apparently having a level playing fields is unfair if it doesn't benefit your big contributors). I'm a bleeding heart liberal and he doesn't scare me on any social or major economic issues but the president selling out the control of the greatest free communication network ever created to corporations that are already unfairly screwing us is pretty freaky. also remember when believing in science and objective reality wasn't a party position?
    UG and many others here have also overlooked the fact that Mustaine didn't mention Obama once in this article, yet they were quick to blame Mustaine for saying Obama did it.
    "Of course, this doesn't mean there is a serious movement to break up the US. It's likely to be a minority of angry Republicans who are bitter at losing the recent election." It is bullshit like this that keeps the liberty movement from gaining its needed support. Many Americans want to secede not because Obama's in office, but because the government continually fingerfvcks the economy with its invisible hand. And that's just the financial aspect, don't get me started on NDAA and FEMA.
    Completely agree, Thrash.aholic. I was about to address that exact same quote. Who writes this shit really? I have gotten used to UG riding on the "Shut up Mustaine" trend but to get all "liberal" and belittle the people who support the secession movement is really crossing the line.
    Completely agree, Thrash.aholic. I was about to address that exact same quote. Who writes this shit really? I have gotten used to UG riding on the "Shut up Mustaine" trend but to get all "liberal" and belittle the people who support the secession movement is really crossing the line.
    Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself. You just said the government was using its invisible hand to ruin the economy. Really? Do you not understand what is meant by Adam Smith's "invisible hand?"
    dave is really cool most of the time, i just dont like it when he opens his mouth to speak
    Maybe Dave should put all the focus he puts into politics into singing lessons instead, his voice is getting worse every time I see him. He sounds like he has laryngitis constantly now.
    only a christian fundamentalist can connect a democratically elected government to the downfall of subpar cake dessert. I'm surprised Dave hasn't joined the Westboro Baptist Church yet.
    One thing is to share a political view with your audience. What Dave does is to rant without a single credible or intelligent argument. "Government bullshit" is all he says. He can't point out one single policy he doesn't like. To him, it's all just "Government bullshit." Jerk.
    BOO FUCKING HOO, THE GOVERNMENT WON'T BORROW MORE MONEY TO BAIL OUT THE TWINKIES COMPANY SO I CAN GET MY DAILY SNACK, NOW I'M GOING TO BLAME IT ALL ON OBAMA. Nice move, Dave, very mature. I bet he thinks the government creates jobs out of thin air, too.
    How does a company like Twinkies go out of business? Don't mean to sound like an idiot. Just curios...
    Someone already said it but, the workers weren't getting enough pay. Twinkies/Hostess couldn't pay them because they were apparently at the brink of foreclosure anyway. The workers wouldn't stop their strike and are now out of a job. It may be hard to imagine but it happened.
    Love the Republican attitude of "democracy isn't currently working in our favour so it must be broken". The system in America may be broken, but seceding isn't exactly going to fix that. And Republicans have got in on very close margins before too. As for Twinkies. As a Brit I hadn't ever had one till a few weeks back. Nothing special tbh. Just a shit chocolate eclair.
    to be fair democrats have done the same thing in the past but at least they didn't actively block legislation THEY AGREE WITH because **** Obama.
    black toad
    the most of you are ready to be lead off by big government I support Dave AND HIS BELIEFS Stay ignorant and you Will be the first to go as for me I will keep my guns and God
    Time for all these sheep to bow to their God Obama. SAD fools.
    So the minority wants to break off from the US because they didn't win the election? That sounds very democratic, indeed.
    Dave is talking politics. The media is making the guy talking conservative politics out to be a boob. I don't see how this is anything new.
    Mr Winters
    Shut the **** and just play your goddamn music, people don't buy a ticket to go see some dumbass talking shit.
    "Mustaine forgets to consider that the closure could be an effect of the global recession that hit America before Obama took office, and which no Western government has managed to solve." After 4 years of Obama in office with no visible signs of economic improvement, there is absolutely no reason to sit here and go, "Yeah, isn't Obama's fault". Pull your head out of your asses, UG Team.
    Considering that the Federal Reserve floods the market with money created out of thin air/debt and inflates the currency, I fail to see how Obama was supposed to be the solution.
    That man is right, Obama and Ben Burbank at the FED don't give orders to each others. If Hostess are closing it's more likely because of the Fed, or because the motherboard that owns Hostess (if there is one) wanted more money and don't want to sell one of it's trademark to commercial opponents that could make money out of it.
    Either people blame Obama for his interventionism calling him a socialist pig, either people cry waiting that he does something... Thats weird "huh".
    The US is actually recovering, just painfully slowly. If you look at europe they tried the cutbacks that the republicans where pushing for and look at how there economy's blossoming now.
    4 years and 4 redundancies later, my father has managed to find a secure job after the big "GEC", and we don't even live in the US. Don't say its Obama's fault the world is in shit, its been happening gradually for years. Give it time, it'll come right
    Hey Ultimate Guitar. Fuck your liberal bullshit. And go ahead and warn me or delete me, I don't give a flying ****. Dave actually has a point but you're a bunch of liberal ass kissers who have to put your spin on things for the many dumb shits who frequent your forums. Way to think for them, that works for a surprising majority of Americans. And I'm not a ****ing conservative. You UG ****s can all eat shit.
    best post in the history of this site, anyone who can't see the predominant liberal bias in the media is ****ing blind.
    Why would it matter if any site were to swing one way or the other? If you aren't smart enough to think for yourself then that is a problem all on its own. Reporting what someone said is different from doing an analysis on what they said. Mustaine made an ass out of himself. Suck it up.
    No dumbass. UG spinned the story to make it look like Mustaine made an ass out of himself. You can't think for yourself. Suck it up.