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With no band member over the age of 18, not many would consider My American Heart veterans of the rock scene.

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With no band member over the age of 18, not many would consider My American Heart veterans of the rock scene. But the old saying of don't judge a book by its cover rings true for this San Diego five-piece.

My American Heart already has three national tours under their belt and their 2005 Warped Tour appearance at each show will be their fourth. Having accomplished so much in so little time speaks volumes about the band's work ethic, but to them, it's simply in their blood.

"I believe we work just as hard as any other band trying to become successful, you just give it your best and it's true, you get out what you put in," explains vocalist Larry Soliman. Joining Soliman on this journey is Jeremy Mendez (guitar/vocals), Jesse Barrera (guitar/vocals), Dustin Hook (bass), and Steve Oira (drums).

The becoming sound of My American Heart is centered on "bringing the rock" with their own inspired and creative flair. "We have a retro rock kind of vibe mixed with our own sound," explains Soliman. "We never ever came out saying we want to sound like this band or that band, we just made what felt natural to us from what we've learned and just went with it."

My American Heart - "The Meaning In Makeup" in stores now. Check out the e-card. The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. The Meaning In Makeup 02. The Process 03. Today Is The Number Seventeen 04. Don't Sleep 05. In Between 06. Postcards and Letters (Pittston) 07. Runaway 08. We Are The Fabrication 09. The Keys To My Organ 10. How Dirty Boys Get Clean 11. The Takeover 12. Poison

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    Never heard these guys, but their album names and band name sound pretty gay (first impression) But i dunno.. they're probably worth a listen?
    I love MAH they kicked ass at warped tour SA Tx cant wait to see them again the new cd kicks ass
    My buddies band opened for these guys. They're all a bunch of stuck up dickheads; their album isn't that great.
    these guys freakin' own. i love their album. i l ike how most of the songs are in drop c tuning and for a emo/punk/rock(or w/e you guys want to call them) band that is kind of unusual but they make it work very, very well to create a new, original sound. i have been recommending them to all my friends and i think that everyone should at least give them a chance.