My Chemical Romance Announce Split

Singer Gerard Way says he's proud of the band who officially split in a statement on Friday.

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My Chemical Romance have officially split.

No reason has been given for the breakup, but the band posted this message on their website last Friday:

"Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We've gotten to go places we never knew we would.

"We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends.

"And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure."

My Chemical Romance hit their peak in 2006 with the single "Welcome To The Black Parade" which became their highest charting song when it reached no. 44 in the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK it reached no. 1 of the official UK chart.

Singer Gerard Way posted the following message to his twitter account following the announcement:

Beyond any sadness, what I feel the most is pride.

Gerard Way (@gerardway) March 23, 2013

Will you miss My Chemical Romance? Can anyone guess why they decided to call it quits? Post your reaction to the announcement in the comments.

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    Gerard Way Jr
    Geez, this band. Ended up traversing every other genre in rock and made some really solid records. My username should indicate the influence they'd had when I was young - I started writing, guitar, and theatre because of these guys. It's surreal, to say the least. It's just a shame so many were tepid to their "Three Cheers" image and weren't able to see how truly capable they were from that (though, admittedly, I'm less into that record than the others) and the other three - I hear UG fans specifically dig the debut for the post-hardcore sound. Danger Days was some damn fine rock 'n' roll, too. Sayonara. I'm excited to see what lies in store. Whether or not you're a fan of the band, check out The Umbrella Academy - a ****ing great comic series. Great art style, fantastic humor, fun stories. Quick note, because I know UG's not a big fan of My Chem: if you'd heard "I'm Not Okay" or "Welcome to the Black Parade" and dismissed them as "the emo band", as I did at the time, I highly recommend "Danger Days" for rock fans and "I Brought You My Bullets..." for hardcore/metal fans. Seriously, these guys are pretty damn talented. Don't let the fanbase or the "emo" thing throw you off. It's not all kids with eyeliner and bad parents. And, hey, if it's not your thing, more power to you. Either way, great to have had My Chem around - I may well have missed out on doing some of the things I love (including writing on UG, actually) if I hadn't had a little push from them.
    Damn you must really like them, you posted like 20 comments here
    his name is Gerard Way Jr, i bet he loves them
    my actual name is Gerard, and I'm not a big fan. I like a handfull of songs by them but thats it, but dude Gerard Way Jr, I wouldn't worry that much, they'll probably get back together in the next few years like most bands who say their done do
    Thank You For The Venom is my favorite MCR song. The intro riff and the solo are awesome. I also liked the first album (Demolition Lovers, Vampires Won't Hurt You) because that was before all the hype started and they sounded really raw at that point. I started losing interest at the time they released Black Parade and onward.
    Same. Black parade had some solid songs, but I thought a lot of the songs sounded like rehashes of songs I had heard before. I also thought the song teenagers was ridiculous.
    I was one kf the people who initially dismissed them as another emo "hot topic" band. A friend of mine had one of their albums and a song came on "I never told you what I did for a living" (or something like that). I don't know the album, but that song was, and still is, F'n awesome. A lot of people say their non-radio stuff a bit more punk/hardcore, and that song helps me believe that. I always meant to give their catalogue a listen, maybe I'll finally check it out. I'm at LEAST gonna go listen to "I never...."
    They were still a band?
    i love their music, i hate their fag styles and outfits. Their earliest music including the black parade are kinda like thrash music to me and i love those bits.
    Thrash? Really?...
    Gerard Way Jr
    I think he means hardcore. Or, well, post-hardcore. The first album. I guess "Three Cheers" had some elements of thrash, Not the same.
    But where was the post-hardcore? There is nothing that sounds like Fugazi or Big Black or anything like that in any of their music.
    Yeah, I miss Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and Black Parade. They were the MCR I got into, not this pop stuff...
    Fag Style and outfits? So you don't like big production rock shows I take it? would you rather see a show with guys/girls just boring you to death on stage? Personally I sure as hell hope you're not in a band with that kind of thinking!
    bob solo
    i like big production rockshows --- but i don't like gay style and outfits either --- bands have so many options for their shows --- mcr = let's look like ****en idiots...
    I'm the type to scoff at people who say a band "saved their life," but I have to say I have a lot of affection for this band. There's something very natural -- bombastic, yes, over the top, yes, but genuine -- about them. They're the type of band that you listen to when your parents have had a massive screaming fight and won't talk to each other, when somebody tells you you're fat and ugly, or when you haven't slept more than four hours in three days because you're massively overworked. Or even, for example, when you honestly think you'd rather be dead than alive. The thing about music is that it can't all be the "cool" stuff you tell people about to make them think you have good taste. Sometimes you need the screaming, frenetic, desperate melodrama. Music is not something to be scrutinized to see if it's acceptable in the eyes of the people you want to impress. That's why musical elitism is stupid and useless. This band wasn't important to people for no reason.
    It's a real shame, they were a decent emo band and a not too shabby pop band, however much you dislike them you've got to hand it to the guys for delivering some seriously catchy stuff. I saw them live back in 2011 and it was a very enjoying experience, topping some of the 'better' bands of the day. They will be missed.
    And now a wave of butthurt emos will descend upon the internet and cry
    The emo thing died off six years ago Seriously, go home
    Nooooo! Even though I only cared about them during The Black Parade era, I will still miss their existence.
    I'm appalled by how much that dude with the red hair looks like Billy Corgan.
    There was much made about that early in their career. It is a bit uncanny.
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    Sad to see them go but all things come to an end. My teenage years were very troubled and listening to these guys helped me keep my head on. Still have my Black Parade T that came with the CD on the day it was released and listened to that album plenty of times.
    We'll it was probably a good thing your neighbors mother invested in a webcam, how much she charging to strip?
    I wasn't happy with Danger Days or the EPs that they released after, but the first three albums played a huge role in my life years ago. I haven't listened to them in a while, but I am sad to see them split. I guess its a lot of nostalgia....
    I guess I'm alright with it since Danger Days sucked in a way I couldn't see them recovering from. Three Cheers will always be one of my top albums.
    Gerard Way Jr
    "Couldn't see them recovering from" It's pretentious *****s like you. Critically, it performed better than either of their first two.
    hey fanboy, stop trolling other people who dont share your opinion. your acting like a ****ing child, grow up
    I'm a moderate fan of the band, so I'm not attacking- I know that Danger Days performed well critically, but I just don't understand why. I honestly thought it was mediocre/weak, but critics ate it up for some reason.
    Calling people pretentious because they don't like an album despite it selling well? Well, your musical opinion is obviously something to be taken seriously then.
    Dude seriously, just accept other people don't like this band, geez talk about fanboys.
    Their last album was utter garbage, but their early stuff was great. It was them who drew me to rock music in the first place. Black Parade will always be in my Top 10 albums. It's a shame, I mean they seemed to be pulling it back with these new songs they released.
    Props to MCR. Not a huge, huge fan myself. However, one of my closest friends is a photographer and has toured with MCR a few times to photo-doc them. According to him, they've always projected their own self-made image, and not a record company execs input on what they should look or sond like. Way to do your way for 12 long years guys! F the haters.
    I love the earlier stuff and am kind of at odds with DD, but I wouldn't call it a bad album. Great band all in all actually and one of the first I ever liked. I'm an old school metal and rock n roll person, but I will always kind of hold a special place in my heart for the band. Saw them in Sweden on their World Contamination Tour. What a ****in bummer they split. They are an inspiration to me man... Gonna miss 'em
    A lot of people might think that MCR does sounds exactly the same as bands like Good Charlotte and cia but they have never listened to The Black Parade. Anyway... MCR has been one of my favorite bands since my earlier teen years. I went to their concert in Sao Paulo 5 years ago and they were awesome. Ray is an incredible guitarist. Although I'm not a fan of Danger Days, their split is sad for me. I hope they get back together in 2 or 3 years.
    People who are hating on this band have never actually given them a chance. It's a shame they get lumped in with bands such as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Panic! At the Disco, because they sounded nothing like those bands.They actually brought something different to the table and didn't really give a crap about what others thought. The Black Parade will always be on my list of top 10 albums, so good and so underrated. They will be missed
    I'll agree with FOB and Good Charlotte, but Panic! was a great band. first album only though, great mix of genres, colourful lyrics, and catchy melodies. and I also don't think anyone compared MCR to Panic!....
    sad news. I think they were truly one of the best bands in the past ten years. some great albums, and they managed to have a different sound on each one while still remaining my chem. im kinda bummed they didnt do a farewell tour especially since the conventional weapons release had some of their best material imo. mainly boy division... that would have been sick live!
    Meh, I liked some of Three cheers and Black parade but all in all, i'm not really a fan, definitely always sad to see bands split because there are always hardcore fans.
    Sad to see 'em go, especially when I was just getting back into them. I thought something was up when they started releasing a bunch of b-sides as a whole album. Oh well, it was a good run.
    Even though I don't really care about their music much anymore, I will always be thankful for them introducing me to music. Their songs were the first ones I learned, and I can still belt out any of their songs. Hopefully, they will go on to have great music careers.
    I'm a devout rock fan (not emo kid) and I loved My Chem...the first two albums were good, but I genuinely loved The Black Parade. That was one of the best 50 albums I've ever heard. IT's massive, epic, theatrical, rock, punk, an story, and a message all rolled into one. Kinda like the pop-punk/post-hardcore version of Dark Side Of The Moon. Did I just compare the two? Oh well...
    Why do yhey have to go..... They are an epic band..... I had thought they were going to work on a follow up album to danger days
    they split due to lack of interest they topped themselves too the point that they cant put out an album that would equal past recorders..rather fade out with grace then to put out a shitty record
    Gerard Way Jr
    Ask the band's detractors, and *any* album would surpass former releases. Not that said people ever listened to them. Nah, they split because Gerard heard voices in his head He posted a big hurrah on Twitter about it. In all seriousness, apparently the spark just died.
    cha33 armstrong
    fall out boy didnt get that memo... and now they are back yay
    Gerard Way Jr
    Eh, I've never had a problem with Fall Out Boy as much as the culture surrounding them.
    MCR are way more relevant then Fall Out Boy. The emo fad is over guys. "Save Rock and Roll?" No... "Save S--tty Punk Rock"
    And they will reunite under a different name cause they had problems with their record label or sth.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Nah, Dewees said Frank and Gerard are doing different things Label thing is purely speculation.
    Gerard Way Jr
    How does fact get 3 thumbs down? S:
    Because you've posted so many times. We get it you're a fan. A lot users aren't, but you don't have to comment on every one of them.
    They were one of the first bands I ever liked so this saddens me, even though Danger Days kinda sucked. Conventional Weapons was pretty good though
    MCR were always good, and while Black Parade may not be their best, I really appreciate the whole Queen vibe they were going for, and Danger Days is one of the only Pop albums I enjoy. Gerard Way is also one hell of a writer, with both comics and lyrics so I look forward to whatever he does next. Those who blindly hate don't understand how many respected bands and musicians they draw influence from, i.e. Misfits, David Bowie, Queen. Ya'll niggas uneducated.
    They were a solid band - I think fans deserve a reason as to why they've broken up so abruptly, seems disrespectful not to give one. 'Thanks for the money, we're done now'.
    Most of the comments on here have nothing at all to do with their music. For what it's worth, I'm 49 and have been passionate about music since I was 12 when I got my first Nazareth record. There's great music made everyday. So, MCR have split. If they are genuine creatives, they'll find a new outlet. I've never seen them live and I live on the opposite side of the Atlantic but I loved I'm Not Okay and Welcome to the Black Parade - great catchy, riffy tunes - that, in itself, is a decent legacy that most bands don't get.
    Nero Galon
    I like some of their stuff, but unfortunately now I have to listen to a couple of friends talk nothing other than how great they were and how tragic them splitting up is -_-
    I'm not really sure what to think. There's stuff I can't stand from them and stuff I kind of like. They still weren't as annoying as Bieber fever by any means. Let me put it this way, I'd gladly trade anything else on today's pop radio for My Chemical Romance.
    The Spoon
    God damn This band was my high school life in a nutshell. They were the soundtrack to my first high school romance and then basically break up. It was very powerful for me emotionally, and I remember blasting TBP when I first had my heart crushed. I listened to the hell out of this band, moreso than any other band I listen to today, and I don't think i'll ever be as close to another band as I was to them when I was 13-14. There music doesn't really hit me as hard as it did then (I used to love TBP back then, but now I think the only one I can really stand to listen to is their first album) but they will always hold a soft spot in my heart. They were my first concert ever, and it was an incredible experience. RIP My Chemical Romance. You'll be missed.
    WOW. the troll jerks are destroying the comments... Just want to say that I like songs from their newer and older albums! they had a unique style no matter what genre they were playing
    WE WON!!!
    Gerard Way Jr
    Did you now? The fans are still here. I believe that was the point. C'mon, man. Time to give it a rest. Band hating is so 14 years old.