My Chemical Romance Fans Demand a Farewell Tour

Thousands of fans sign a petition to get the band on the road for one final time.

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One of the biggest news this week was an unexpected split of American emo rockers My Chemical Romance. After spending 12 years together, the group has struck the hearts of fans around the globe by saying that "like all great things, it has come time for it to end."

But the MCRmy isn't willing to let go just yet. With an over 15,000-strong online petition, they are now calling the band to get back on the road for one final time and properly say goodbye to the music scene.

"They ended so abruptly without saying goodbye to their fans properly, and the MCRmy is upset. They need to do it correctly if they're going to do it at all," says the announcement on

Judging by the petition comments, the group has saved the lives of many of it's fans with their music and it would be wrong if their career was to end like this.

"My Chemical Romance saved my life and I promised myself I will not end my life until I saw them," one of the fans said.

Another UK fan says that My Chemical Romance helped her "through a lot of crap." "They were the first band I obsessed with. I have 89 posters on my wall and more in my drawers. I made a bunch of friends from their Facebook page. I loved these guys since I was 2. My dad used to play them in the car."

Frontman Gerard Way recently released a lengthy announcement explaining the current situation, commenting that "My Chemical Romance can never die."

Formed in 2001, the group has released a total of four studio albums, with their 2006 hit single "Welcome To The Black Parade" reaching No. 1 on the official UK chart. The final MCR album, "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys", came out in November 2010, debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    "My Chemical Romance saved my life and I promised myself I will not end my life until I saw them," one of the fans said. So, best not to do a show then.
    link no1
    I spotted this aswell
    I loved these guys since I was 2.
    This would make the person at most 14 years old.
    and so? im 13 almost 14 lots of teenagers love this band and i never got to see them live. if they had a reunion then those who never got to see them live or didnt know about them untill they split would have a chance to do so
    If I were a MCR fan, I too would like a last tour. However, if their split isn't amicable, this might tarnish whatever legacy they'll leave. Nontheless, it's horrible to read about the kids wanting to harm themselves. People don't hurt themselves because of certain bands, just as Marilyn Manson doesn't make kids shoot up their schools. It's tragic they are so depressed, but it should not be linked to a band, especially in such a negative way.
    I gotta say I'm more obsessed with the fact that this band was already 12-years old. Am I getting that old?
    I don't think they need to do a farewell tour. I mean I love MCR, I always have, but if you read the letter Gerard Way wrote out is he doesn't want to do it anymore because he feels like a robot doing the same thing over and over again. So there's no need for a farewell tour.
    They should have like one week of shows and do like what coheed did and play every song from every album, including bsides and shit. Day 1 : Bullets Day 2 : Three Cheers Day 3 : Black Parade Day 4 : Killjoys Day 5 : Conventional Weapons / Unreleased / Bsides etc and it would work so well because they have like a different kind of outfit every night And their last song would be the one they did on Yo Gabba Gabba
    I kinda like MCR, but their fans make me like the band less.
    YES. I've seen them twice, and I freaking love the band, but walking into one of their shows feels like walking into Hot Topic during the local Jr. High's lunch hour.
    Legend Jedicsc
    "My Chemical Romance saved my life and I promised myself I will not end my life until I saw them," one of the fans said. So does that mean this person will end their life after they see them? Anyway, they were an okay band. I really enjoyed their "Welcome to the Black Parade" album as a kid, and still do, but never really cared for their other stuff, but I have friends who did. Overall, I think a farewell tour would be cool, and I'd probably catch a show, because as I said, I have friends who were really into them. Also, just to throw this out there, I wouldn't be surprised if this band eventually got back together and made a huge comeback.
    "I loved these guys since I was 2" ..... regardless of the band, pretty doubtful!
    Well, I did really love Elvis Costello when I was 2, but in all fairness I haven't listened to him actively in a long while.
    As a huge fan of MCR myself, I don't think it's necessary for the band to go on a farewell tour. The rest of the band clearly wants to move on to other things and the fans should understand that.
    You know, I am a huge fan of this band. They make good music that is enjoyable to many and they have amazing guitarists in both Toro and Iero. It's such a shame that these 'fans' are demanding a tour. While I relish the thought of being able to see them live again, more of the fanbase needs to realize they called it a day for a reason. If they planned on doing a farewell tour they would have already. These are people. Not a commodity you can demand at your beck and call. Enjoy the music and the memories you have of the band. Don't be sad because it is over, smile because it happened.
    Hate it when fans don't respect band member's choices or wishes for their own lives - "yeah sure, I'll give up the next year of my life just to mildly entertain you".
    The show I saw they killed, full stage change between 3 Cheers and Black Parade and they played them both in full. By the way I'm 30 and this band helped me through the death of my Father in 2005, so to any of the people lumping "young" fans who don't have "real" problems in with me can go Fuck themselves.
    I dont know you but at this moment i love you!. I may be considered one of the "youngsters" that listened to them (i was 14 when I started listening to them, a whole 10 years ago) but even then it isnt like everyone doesnt have "real" problems. And they've helped me through alot as well.
    Gotta admit, when I first heard they were disbanding my first though was "They're still even around?" Have always liked them though, just thought they dropped off a while back
    As a fan I truly don't understand why fellow fans want this. You're demanding that your favorite band play a farewell tour. Why would you want to go see a band who doesn't want to be there? I got to see them on their World Contamination Tour so maybe that's why I'm not as upset about it but odds are that they'll end up reuniting somewhere down the road once their personal problems are sorted out. They all have kids, families and other interests. They'll be back one day. I can guarantee you they haven't played their last show. Just let it play out
    The band wants to end it, I say let them end it. I used to love this band but no one should make you do anything. They've done the music scene for over ten years, its time to call it quits and fans should only respect that.
    When the money well dries up they will reform anyway. Like them or hate them they are money makers. Just like System of a Down, Pantera even one day maybe (with a different guitar player, obviously), even the guitarist is going back to Korn. Even if it's just ONE MORE TIME, give it a few years and they'll be back. They will get back together one day. You only live once, and if you have marketable 'talent' of any variety, no one is going to pass up on raking in another million or 2. Oasis are a richer band, so money isn't an issue, but ONE DAY.
    Wonder if Gerard Way Jr is gonna show up some where here.
    Haha yeah who else is going to defend MCR by replying to everyone who dislikes them and telling us to stop making jokes about MCR?
    Aaaaannnd no one cares.
    not to stick up for MCR as i don like them buuuuut.... if 15000 people signed the petition thats 15000 people who do in
    dude if your favorite band split you would also be sad. so shut up cause alotta people do care
    Unfortunately, about 14,500 of their 15,000 fans would have to have their parents drive them to the concert.
    I'm 24 and I have been a big fan of the band since I was about 15. I will still go to one of their concerts and I'm very sure there is a large older community of fans out there that would do the same.
    "My Chemical Romance saved my life and I promised myself I will not end my life until I saw them," one of the fans said.
    Don't do a reunion tour or that guy might see it and kill himself.
    Actually, A lot of people care. They are one of the most talented bands out there, whether you like them or not.