Myles Kennedy Remembers Rehearsing With Led Zeppelin: 'They Just Wanted to Jam'

artist: Myles Kennedy date: 02/21/2014 category: music news
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Myles Kennedy Remembers Rehearsing With Led Zeppelin: 'They Just Wanted to Jam'
Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy touched on an interesting topic of his 2008 rehearsals with rock icons Led Zeppelin, sharing his thoughts on replacing fellow vocalist Robert Plant.

Myles was quick to point out that Zeppelin without Plant is simply an impossible endeavor and something that won't or shouldn't ever happen. "Believe me, those rehearsals I will remember to my dying day," the singer said during the latest "That Metal Show" appearance. "When we're talking about this it seems completely ridiculous - there's no way - but it did happen. We played 'The Rain Song,' which is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song, 'No Quarter,' 'Kashmir,' it was a lot of fun.

"But it wasn’t going to be 'Led Zeppelin,'" Myles added about the sessions that saw Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones looking for a way to keep performing together after the band's one-off reunion show in late 2007.

"I don't know if they knew what it was going to be," Kennedy continued (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "They just wanted to play, they wanted to jam, they wanted to put a project of some sort together. They weren't sure what it was, but it was never going to be Led Zeppelin with a new singer, I mean, obviously."

Do you think that Led Zeppelin with Myles Kennedy on vocals could work? Let us know in the comments.
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