Myles Kennedy Remembers Rehearsing With Led Zeppelin: 'They Just Wanted to Jam'

Singer shares his thoughts on replacing Robert Plant.

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Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy touched on an interesting topic of his 2008 rehearsals with rock icons Led Zeppelin, sharing his thoughts on replacing fellow vocalist Robert Plant.

Myles was quick to point out that Zeppelin without Plant is simply an impossible endeavor and something that won't or shouldn't ever happen. "Believe me, those rehearsals I will remember to my dying day," the singer said during the latest "That Metal Show" appearance. "When we're talking about this it seems completely ridiculous - there's no way - but it did happen. We played 'The Rain Song,' which is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song, 'No Quarter,' 'Kashmir,' it was a lot of fun.

"But it wasn’t going to be 'Led Zeppelin,'" Myles added about the sessions that saw Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones looking for a way to keep performing together after the band's one-off reunion show in late 2007.

"I don't know if they knew what it was going to be," Kennedy continued (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "They just wanted to play, they wanted to jam, they wanted to put a project of some sort together. They weren't sure what it was, but it was never going to be Led Zeppelin with a new singer, I mean, obviously."

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Do you think that Led Zeppelin with Myles Kennedy on vocals could work? Let us know in the comments.

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    I would totally see that, but I wouldn't like for it to be labeled as "Led Zeppelin." Still...I'd buy tickets to see that as soon as I could.
    Dear lord why did this not happen? Myles would fit the bill perfectly. Guy has some serious pipes and tonality that in my opinion would be a perfect fit for a new era Zep.
    Plus he's actually into the music, genre and the lifestyle! More than can be said about Adam Lambert, I mean you can tell he likes Queen and isn't the worst singer but someone with the soul and energy makes it a whole lot better!
    Oh yeah. I saw him and Slash live and he was amazing. For some bits he sang so high that my ears rang for a bit after.
    What part of "it wasn't going to be Led Zeppelin" are people not getting?
    Jacques Nel
    Myles is an awesome singer and overall musician, but please man, Plant is just a core part of Led Zeppelin, without him don't call it Led Zeppelin. The band as a whole is legendary and trying to revive it with replacement parts just will not work.
    No thanks, some things are better left in the past, zep should remain zep with plant, page, bonzo and jones.
    I remember when the reunion first came about there was a clamour for Grohl to be the drummer, but it had to be Jason, as family he grew up around it, and at the show he channeled his father's groove brilliantly. Kennedy is a great singer, but just as it had to be Jason, it has to be plant, after all, Kashmir at the 02... wow.
    Thank god they didn't go with Myles Kennedy. He can't sing worth a damn. (bring on the down votes I don't think it's possible for me to give a shit)
    Mr Winters
    It's ok if you don't like his voice, but don't say he can't sing because that's just plain false.
    Jimmy Page, Slash (and the rest of Velvet Revolver), Glenn Hughes, Eddie Van Halen and a bunch of other amazing musicians disagree. I value their opinion over a 20yo troll who's got a Nirvana avatar on a guitar site.
    Typical child like mentality. Unfortunately people like you are way too common around UG. People have different opinions when it comes to music. When you call someone a "troll" just because he/she doesn't share the same opinion as you, it makes you look like an overly entitled kid who thinks the whole world revolves around you and everyone should think like you. He has a different opinion and shouldn't be "punished" because of it. By just simply bashing users for having different and unpopular opinions people are just further proving that the UG "community" has as much of a hive mind as the pop fans that are always ridiculed on this website.
    It's not his opinion, it's that he claimed Myles cant sing for shit which is bullshit. He has an amazing range and vocal control. I'm not crazy about the nasally sound of his voice, but he's an excellent singer by any measure.
    Velcro Man
    You're mistaking subjectivity with objectivity, you THINK he's an excellent singer by "any measure" but not everyone measures singers the same. Personally, I think the whole ordeal would be crap for Led Zeppelin fans, it would have been to cool see Page and Jones onstage together again, but they will NEVER be Led Zeppelin. It's like all old guys that try to restart bands they were in from their 20s-30s when they're getting old as shit; they're not the same musicians, they don't have the same mentality or directions. It wouldn't be Zeppelin, they've all had 34 years of other influences and artistic directions, they're no longer those guys, which is fine, they have new things to offer. It's better than going into the studio to release some half-assed album that would have NEVER had passed in their heyday (*cough* Black Sabbath 13 *cough*) Now I'm sure some butthurt 13 year old is gonna be all "omg, ur not a REEL Sabbath or Zep fan fgt" but lemme just stop you there, plz. Accepting half-assed crap because someone famous released it doesn't make you a "true fan" it makes you a ****ing sheep. It's the same mentality that religious people, slaves and other people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome suffer from. Kinda went on a tangent there... but really, I'd rather have more Plant with Allison Kraus, A John Paul Jones solo album and Page to just form a new band, or maybe a new effort with Paul Rodgers.
    How the hell am I a troll for giving my opinion? And whats wrong with my Nirvana avatar? I liked how it looked so I decided to have that as my avatar.
    Oh wait. Let me guess. I have an opinion that differs from you so you're immediately going to write me off as a "troll" instead of accepting the fact that some people don't like what YOU like?
    If I don't like a song/musician I will either not talk about them or I will just say I don't like them. Saying stuff like "He can't sing worth a damn" because you don't like them is ignorant. Myles is technically one of the best rock singers around, so he can sing. He's also singing in 2 succesful bands so he obviously is worth something. That's completely objective and has got nothing to do with my opinion of his voice. "He can't sing worth a damn" = not an opinion
    "I don't like him" would be your opinion, " he can't sing worth a damn" is a statement which in this case is false. fair enough you don't like his style. But I don't like pavarotti, does that mean he can't sing worth a damn? no it doesn't.
    Where did you learn to argue? Both "I don't like him" and "He can't sing worth a damn" are opinions. "I think he can't sing worth a damn, because....." would be a statement, because he stated his opinion and prepared to explain it.
    Name one song he doesn't absolutely NAIL on any project he has been involved with. Don't worry. I'll wait.
    Sorry but Scott Weiland does it better just my opinion
    It's not terrible by any means, but I agree with you, Scott Weiland does it better. Personally, I'm not much of a fan of him or Mark Tremonti or anyone in Alter Bridge. I'm not entirely sure why so many of the users on this site love those guys so much. To each their own though.
    I'd like to hear Weiland singing an Alter Bridge song or a song from Apocalyptic Love album! Myles does a great job on all the diferent covers he has to do live with Slash Weiland couldn't do it. Simple as that
    Dude, Myles's voice isn't that bellendy
    You mean, Robert Plant is, and always will be... The Fresh Prince of Bellends ?