Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Talks About Using Metallica During Prisoner Torture

The man who shot the world's most wanted terrorist speaks up about using the metal giants' music while interrogating prisoners in Iraq.

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In an exclusive Esquire magazine interview, the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden got the chance to tell his story to the world. The soldier has opened up about the final raid, as well as the personal impact it had on him and his family, underlining the failure of the US government to help it's soldiers carry on with their lives.

The man has also reached the subject of prisoner investigation and torture with the metal giants Metallica apparently being the part of the procedure.

"When we first started the war in Iraq, we were using Metallica music to soften people up before we interrogated them. Metallica got wind of this and they said, 'Hey, please don't use our music because we don't want to promote violence.' I thought, Dude, you have an album called Kill 'Em All", the soldier tells Esquire.

And that's when the American metallers Demon Hunter stepped in. The Seattle-based group got in touch with the military and offered their music to be used during interrogations.

"But we stopped using their music", the Navy SEAL continues, "and then a band called Demon Hunter got in touch and said, 'We're all about promoting what you do.' They sent us CDs and patches. I wore my Demon Hunter patch on every mission. I wore it when I blasted bin Laden."

Back in 2009, Lars Ulrich spoke on this subject during his appearance on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show". The drummer described the use of Metallica's music during prisoner torture as 'bizarre and strange'.

"There is a lot of Metallica music that's helping a lot of scared 18-, 19- and 20-year-old kids out there who are out on the front lines and who are doing a hell of a job on behalf of you and me and the rest of us. But obviously when you hear stories like the one you're telling, it all seems so bizarre and so strange that Metallica's music, which generally sort of facilitates bringing people together, is used in these bizarre circumstances. It's certainly not something that we in any way advocate or condone."

This is without a doubt a serious, heavy subject and we want to know your opinions about it. Do you agree with Metallica for banning the use of their songs in such circumstances? Or are you more likely to go with the Demon Hunter approach instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    wiki: "Demon Hunter is an American Christian heavy metal band from Seattle" WTF.
    It's ironic to think that a Christian band would volunteer to use their music, instead of the more judged and oppressed Satanic bands out there. But hey, that's pretty much Christianity in a nutshell or any of the Abrahamic religions anyway. I guess it's the Christian thing to do.
    They're American, what do you expect.
    hmm it was christians defending other christians from being slaughtered by muslims during the first crusade so yeah i can understand it
    Only this crock of a war isn't about's about resources and money.
    Every war ever fought has been about resources. It's what animals do. Humans just do it on a larger scale. Religion, politics, marriage, and all those types of institutions only have one goal: control resources and perpetuate genes.
    Christian generally means Republican, who generally like the idea of "war.". As far as my understanding of common religious government affilition goes..
    You dont have any understanding kid.
    He's right though. It sounds stupid and yeah, politics in a whole is pretty stupid. Republicans who are Christian/Catholic based, like war. the USA is retarded I know.
    I think religion or politics for that matter has nothing to do with it when a substantial amount of people are being bombed, shot, tortured, and etc during a war. - an ex republican.
    From The Demon Hunter page on facebook As you can imagine, our inboxes and phones (and those of our representatives) have been flooded with messages asking us how we feel about the Esquire article on the raid that brought Osama Bin Laden to justice that began circulating yesterday. Specifically, the person identified in the story as "The Shooter" said that Seal Team 6 wore the Demon Hunter emblem on their uniforms and "I wore it when I blasted Bin Laden." Over the years, we have been overwhelmed by the personal (and unofficial) emails and letters we've received from members of the US military. We have been humbled and honored by the troops who've told us our music has offered them some comfort while overseas, while missing loved ones, while doing what they do best in order to keep America safe and protect the freedoms we enjoy. We've met many servicemen and women at our shows and they've shared their stories with us in person, as well. We wrote "The Soldier's Song" back in 2005 to pay tribute to these folks who've reached out to us. We included one such veteran among the Demon Hunter fans we profiled in our documentary film, 45 Days. We have seen our symbol, a demon skull with a bullet hole in its forehead, tattooed on fans around the world. We've seen it made into sculptures, painted onto motorcycles, even spray-painted onto tanks and military planes. We often post these pictures on our Facebook page when we receive them. One such email, a few years ago, came from a special operations team who had crafted homemade Demon Hunter patches and put them on their uniforms. They asked us if it was OK if they did this and we of course told them "YES" because we are unapologetic supporters of our troops. In the last 24 hours, we have come to believe this team who contacted us a few years ago must have been Seal Team 6. As for the talk about enhanced interrogation techniques that has sprung up in the media in the last 24 hours surrounding this story, we feel that it is an unnecessary distraction. It's been widely reported for years that heavy metal music has sometimes been used in these situations. We have no specific knowledge of our music being used for this, nor have we ever volunteered it to be used as such, nor are we commenting on it beyond that. The debate about enhanced interrogation techniques is for politicians, military intelligence, pundits and others of the like to have. The members of Seal Team 6 and The Shooter are American heroes who deserve our support. We were among the Americans and people around the world abroad who supported the bringing to justice of one of the biggest mass murderers in history, who planned and executed some of the most horrific acts imaginable. All of the military who risk their lives to protect our freedoms earn our respect each and every single day. We are honored, humbled and blessed that Demon Hunter was of any support or comfort to Seal Team 6 or anyone in the US military at any time. -- DEMON HUNTER
    Yeah man. What band has ever been from Seattle anyways?
    Insanity ninja
    Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Duff McKagan,Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, The Postal Service... Should I go on?
    You can always depend on christians to do the "un-christian" thing, like promote TORTURE!
    This soldier seems a bit thick, and rather up his own arse. He is not understanding the subtext of many of Metallica's songs, which often touch upon the horror of war. Metallica made the only right choice in banning their music from use, and I would have been sorely disappointed if they'd condoned it.
    Yeah and Kill em All was a reference Cliff made about the record company back in the day, not people in general.
    One being a perfect example I wouldn't have been disappointed, quite the opposite, torture is illegal, and barbaric on a humanitarian point of view, nobody should endorse or stay silent when people, terrorists or not, are getting tortured to death to your music
    Bad Kharmel
    you actually think that playing music someone doesn't like constitutes torture, that's more like being an annoying roommate, what's next, the "leave dirty socks everywhere torture", or the "not replacing the toilet paper torture"
    link no1
    I don't think they where playing Metallica because the prisoners didn't like the music Kharmel. From what I understand they would be using it because it is heavy aggressive music. One of the few things I know about that country is that Metal is frowned upon and people who listen to it are seen basically as barbarians. They where pretty much just cranking up the Metallica to install some more fear before they interrogated them. I think Slayer would have been a better choice though.
    exactly..just think its like if Koreans took you prisoner and started playing gangnam style.
    Kalo Hanaka
    I don't think they just did it because people there dislike the music. The music itself is aggressive, fast and loud. They don't write out how it happened, but I have a fairly sure idea, loudspeakers blasting at the people to get interrogated to rob them of sleep for a couple of days before the actual interrogation for instance.
    I imagine if you were to be locked in a room with nobody changing the toilet paper for a few months that's be pretty hellish.
    If I'm not mistaken here, it would appear Mouloudo has misunderstood the meaning of the word 'condone' and the second half of his/her post is contradictory because he/she believes that 'condone' means 'condemn'. If not, I haven't got a clue what Mouloudo's post means either, and am quite confused lol.
    It always good ta poofwead befor you postt
    Um... ok?
    Im pretty sure Mouloudo edited.
    Nope, Samhuinn said he'd be "sorely disappointed if they had condoned it", and Mouloudo said "I wouldn't have been disappointed, quite the opposite, torture is illegal and barbarid...", which implies that Mouloudo thinks 'condoned' is the same as 'condemned'. Also, lol at people downvoting either because they're stupid or a mod posted it.
    so the same men who defends metallicas right to write play and say as they wish dont have permission to use there music...smh they should tell metallica go screw
    I agree with your point about the messages, however you calling a man who risks his life for others, Thick and up his own arse based on a very small set of quotes, is an idiotic and ignorant thing to do. I'm sure he's got bigger things on his mind than "oh I wonder what Metallica's messages are in their songs". Plus even if he is stuck up, he's got every right to be. He killed Bin Laden for f**ks sake!
    You're right, when you're in an army that has killed and tortured hundreds of millions of people you have the right to be a dick. Because mega murder on a global scale is totally understood and condoned when you're America. Great logic kid, keep it up.
    really hmm if your talking about hitlers or stalins or pol pots army yeah your right it was american lives that where killed defeating those same armies but than again typicall liberal bs blaming the worlds ills on the us
    "When I blasted Bin Laden" Good to see he has some humility over his actions.
    This is basically what the military does for you. If you read the whole article he's pretty non chalant about it all. There's a marine that makes game videos called DevilDogGamer, who has the same attitude. They're not the most hearty bunch, how could they be?
    if you read his whole story about Ben Laden, that's quite appaling... acoording to him, Ben Laden stood up, and the soldier put 3 bullets in his forhead because " I think that's what was expected from us"... like "no plan, do what you think is cool"
    And a question that still remains unanswered: "WHERE THE F*CK IS THE GODDAMN CORPSE!!"
    WIth Obama's birth certificate: In knowledged existence, but ignorant people like you just don't want to accept the truth. I'm sure you could ****ing Google it at this point.
    Who are you talking to? Why are you bringing up Obama's birth certificate? "....Knowledged existence.." HUH?
    Badass UltraMan
    I suspect he may have seen this video at some point in the last decade and the phrase popped out.
    I know this won't convince anyone, but to this guy, the whole reason he is in harm's way is probably because of Bin Laden. He's probably seen atrocious things committed by people who follow that man's every word, and for all we know, he has been on this hunt for years of his life. I think I could understand if that wore at his professionalism a little bit. Maybe now he can go back to his loving family and not worry about some power-hungry manipulator.