Nazareth Singer Dan McCafferty Retires Due to Health Issues

The veteran vocalist collapsed on stage in Switzerland at the weekend, resulting in rumours that he'd had a stroke.

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Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty has retired from the band as a result of the health issues which forced them to cancel two sets of live dates.

The veteran vocalist collapsed on stage in Switzerland at the weekend, resulting in rumours that he'd had a stroke. Last month he collapsed in Canada. Both incidents caused the band to call off further appearances.

Now he's shouted down the stroke story but admits a lung disease has brought an end to his 45-year live career.

McCafferty told Classic Rock: "I've not had a stroke. That's completely untrue thank goodness and touch wood. I'm not in hospital in Switzerland at all. I don't know how these things get started."

"I've got Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it's been getting worse over the years. You dont know when it's going to come on, but suddenly you can't breathe."

"I was going on stage at Summerfest in Switzerland thinking, 'This is great our first festival in a few months and it's a lovely day.' We couldn't have asked for better."

Three songs in he suffered an attack of COPD, leaving him out of breath and unable to continue. He decided at that moment to retire with immediate effect.

"When I came off stage I said to the boys: 'I cant keep doing this to the band.' I cant embarrass the boys and the fans. If you cant do the job you shouldn't be there - Nazareth's too big for that."

McCafferty's decision came after he'd taken a break following his collapse in Canada, which was caused by a burst stomach ulcer. "I thought I'd be fine," he says, "But you lose so much blood when that happens."

He admits he and his bandmates are "a wee bit emotional" and haven't come to terms with the news, but he says: "The music weve made over the years is more important than any member of the band. We always felt like that, and I can't see that's changed just because I've left."

"I really hope they get someone else. I'm sure they can."

Nazareth recently completed recording work on their 24th album, not yet titled. "To go into a studio and sing isn't like doing a gig," says McCafferty. "I could always make another record, but getting up to do an hour and three-quarters, and get people to pay money to come and see me I can't do that."

He's going to take time out to consider his future, but says a solo album might be a possibility. As to the chances of a farewell show, he jokes: "It could be like, 'I'll sing for ten minutes, everyone go for a pint, than I'll sing for another ten minutes.' I don't know how well that would work!"

McCafferty adds: "Let everyone know I appreciate they've been there for all these years."

Nazareth formed in Fife, Scotland in 1968, with McCafferty and bassist Pete Agnew the only members to feature in all lineups until now. Other members included Manny Charlton, John Locke, Zal Cleminson and TeamRock Radio Blues Magazine Show host Billy Rankin. The last lineup to feature McCafferty had been stable since 2002, with guitarist Jimmy Murrison and Agnew's son Lee on drums.

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    He smoked for years and years and years. COPD is what killed Allen Lanier from Blue Oyster Cult. Hope he takes it easy.
    How. Sad I had to retire as well. My life was teaching dance. I too could not breath. My back became a Big Issue. However I dance at home from time to time. It's hard. Dancing was who I was. Dan singing that was Dan it's his life his passion. It's emotional. I have alway's loved Dan's voice. Always will. Sad to hear this. Dah you take care of yourself. My Mother had COPD. It's difficult to breath/ Love you Dan, I will respect your wishes whoever takes your place I welcome him. However it's you I will miss
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