Neil Young Developing New Audio Format

Legendary guitarist Neil Young appears to working on new audio formats.

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Legendary guitarist Neil Young appears to working on new audio formats. Young is a vocal critic of MP3 quality he doesn't even like CD audio, particularly and has designs on something better.

Rolling Stone reports that Young applied for six trademarks in June 2011: "Ivanhoe", "21st Century Record Player", "Earth Storage", "Storage Shed", "Thanks for Listening" and "SQS (Studio Quality Sound)". Included in the filing is a description of the trademarks: "Online and retail store services featuring music and artistic performances; high resolution music downloadable from the Internet; high resolutions discs featuring music and video; audio and video recording storage and playback."

The trademark process could take a year, providing that there are no challenges to Young's application.

What will it mean? Well, tech experts have variously suggested this could pave the way for high quality audio to be provided to users via a "cloud"-based system. And that the quality of the audio will be closer to the original studio recordings, rather than the hugely compressed files that are sold on sites such as iTunes or Amazon.

Neil Young: digital guru? We never saw that coming.

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    A very high quality audio format is neat but you will always need expensive amp, player and speakers (and a good room...and very good ears ultimately)). A bit pointless since most people are listening to music with cheap headphones in a noisy environment.
    We already have lossless (as in 1:1 digital) formats that can do absurd bit depths and bit rates. Lots of them.
    I saw an article in guitar world a year or two ago where he mentioned using blue ray because of its higher quality audio, and the article says it will play video too, so maybe something similar to that.
    at least he's trying something new, not just complaining about everything, like Metallica...
    DexterF wrote: How good is one's hearing at 66?
    In theory you lose higher frequencies but that is all. You can still tell bad sound from good sound especially if you hear a top notch recording in the studio and then hear it played back as an MP3 EVEN on a great quality system.
    I bet you cant tell the diff between wav and mp3 (192-ish, js, LAME). Anyone who disputes this needs to prove it. No, dude, scientifically prove it.
    what the hell is cloud.just bring back dam now a days have bad's doen't make a dif what stuff sounds like.
    my grandpa has great ears .he can hear better than my friends .dam slackers ha ha