Never-Seen Deftones Video from 1998 Surfaces

artist: Deftones date: 04/05/2013 category: music news

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Never-Seen Deftones Video from 1998 Surfaces
A rare, never-before-seen Deftones video has been revealed 15 years after first being filmed. The video features singer Chino Moreno singing to an acoustic version of "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" in 1998, but had never been seen by fans until Deftones Latino discovered it on a portfolio page for the video's director Frank Ockenfels. It's not clear why the video was never used, but as the footage is so simple and filmed on the same set as the video for the original song, we're guessing the band took the opportunity to get some extra material while they had a director and all those cameras to hand. For long-term Deftones fans, it's a real joy to see new material from their classic era. You can see the never-seen video for the acoustic version of "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" with a very young version of Chino Moreno here (via Antiquiet):
And here's the "proper" video for the original:
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