Nevermore Members Quit Without Any Warning

Nevermore's frontman, Warrel Dane, claims that the group's guitarist and drummer left without even telling him.

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It came as quite a surprise and disappointment to Nevermore fans when it was revealed that Jeff Loomis and Van Williams, the band's guitarist and drummer respectively, left the group. While it was originally released that the members' departure was a mutual decision, according to it looks like they left without even telling anyone.

In an interview with Rock Overdose, vocalist Warrel Dane made it clear that he did not know that Loomis and Williams were quitting the band.

"I didn't know they were quitting till I read about it", Dane claimed. "And that's not the way you treat your friends. It was really sh-tty. We could have talked."

"I'm still very upset about the way it happened. It's like going through a really painful divorce. I couldn't give a sh-t about our drummer because we never got along anyway. But Jeff was one of my best friends."

Dane also commented on how finding replacements was going, mentioning that Nevermore likely has a new drummer but that it will be more difficult to find a guitarist capable of filling Loomis' shoes.

"I think we have a new drummer but I'm still deciding. Replacing Jeff is hard so it's going to be a slow process. I will not replace him until I find the perfect guitar player: someone who can write songs and play solos."

"I'm still hurting over the way things fell apart but you pick yourself up and focus on the moment."

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    Zeppelin Addict
    Agreed. I originally heard that they walked because they were sick of the tension between Warrel and Sheppard but I kind of question that now that they're the only 2 remaining as part of Nevermore. This whole thing is sad and totally sucks, they were unreal in every way possible. \m/
    Dane needs to start a new band with a new name. Trying to continue Nevermore without Jeff and Van would be like continuing Pantera without Vinnie and Dime. It's just wrong.
    "I couldn't give a sh-t about our drummer because we never got along anyway." well, maybe that's why he quit. (note that i don't know much about nevermore, but that's never a good thing in a band)
    I always kinda thought of Loomis as the centre focus of the band. His guitar playing was what got me interested in them anyway! I can't say I'm too optimistic about the future of Nevermore, but I'm interested to see what Jeff does next. Whoever's in charge of the adverts PLEASE get rid of the stupid pop out ones! I will NEVER watch Mount Pleasant, especially now that it's been so much trouble on UG pages for me!