New A Perfect Circle Live Album is Available for Streaming

Listen to Stone and Echo in full.

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"Stone and Echo," the new live album from A Perfect Circle is now streaming in full on Soundcloud. The 2 hour performance was recorded live at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado on November 11th 2011, and features renditions of tracks from the band’s two studio albums, as well as several songs taken from the covers album eMotive. As Loudwire notes, "Stone and Echo" is included in "A Perfect Circle: Featuring Stone and Echo," the band’s career spanning box set that is shipping next week. The physical version of the box set is now sold out, but "Stone and Echo" will be made available via iTunes on November 26th. The band has also recently released a compilation titled "Three Sixty," a greatest hits set which also features the brand new song "By and Down."

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    I don't want to be 'that guy' but no Judith? Furthermore great sound. Saw a video of them at Rock in Rio or something where the sound was terrible
    Someone's gotta be *that* guy. Judith is probably one of their three best songs and certainly a fan favourite. It's pretty ridic that they left it off.
    I think they don't play Judith as much anymore since Maynard's mother (who is the song's namesake) has passed away. Based on the lyrics to Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days, it looks like he's at least made peace with his mother's religious beliefs. That being said, if I were to see them, I'd prefer to hear Judith; but I understand why it isn't played.
    hit it on the head. he wrong the song out of anger around the time of his mothers passing. wings for marie was closure and I can totally see why he wouldnt want to go back and sing that.
    Not only does he not like to sing Judith for personal reasons any more, they'd have to rework it quite a bit because it's been 13 years since they recorded it and Maynard can't quite hit those notes as well as he used to.
    Listen to the end of "Passive". "This is the part where we walk off and come back on pretending we weren't gonna come back."
    Turning "3 Libras" into a heavier, mostly distorted track is a travesty.
    Have you never heard the remix? It's only been around since the MDN tour. Usually they play both.
    I've never followed APC too closely or seen them live, so no I haven't heard the remix. I do listen to MDN on a fairly regular basis, though, and 3 Libras has always been my favorite track. This version was just so far from the original.
    Unfortunately, that's the way they tend to play it live since Maynard can't seem to deliver the notes found in the original. Which is a damn shame, since it's among my favorite APC tracks.
    So the guy that constantly tops best vocalist polls here on UG can't deliver the same notes found on the album?
    You realize he's nearly 50 years old and after over 20 years of performing top notch vocals and screams night after night, the voice is gonna deteriorate a little bit. Even if he has trouble with songs, which he himself has admitted, he still sings it in a way that sounds pretty damn good, even if it is clearly straining his voice (ex. the end of Orestes).
    Im sure his voice has deteriorated but how bad could it possibly be? mike patton has been in bands just as long if not longer than maynard and he still has an incredible voice. This album sounds so polished anyway
    You'd be surprised at the ducking and weaving Patton has to do... Once you get up in age like these guys (career wise) it becomes all about the subtlety rather than the belting in the delivery.
    Geez that is an Emotive heavy set list. In fact it looks almost like the whole album was played? Ah whatever, they do what they like and I respect them for that, Billy's live tone is so awesome too.
    Never got really into that album. Mer de Noms and Thirteen Step were awesome, they should've sticked to produce new music, rather than do a cover album as their third work :|
    I thought Emotive to be an alright album actually. An interesting twist to those songs and managed to fit them all together. I found it refreshing.
    I was at the show after this with the same setlist and every time an emotive song started I was a little sad but, almost all of them have been reworked and are INCREDIBLE live. When The Levee Breaks live might have been the best part of the whole show.
    Ya they said before this tour that it was gonna be a tour for eMotive since they didn't get to tour for it when it came out. Other than the 2010 shows for the entire albums they hadn't played anything of it live(Not counting Vacant since that's not quite the same as Passive).
    Fred Bob
    This might sound weird but Im putting Thirteenth Step in my top ten albums for this year... I loved MDN and used to think the follow up wasnt great but I went back to it this year. Whole new perspective on it, and its an album where you can appreciate Maynards singing without it being crowded. Dont really know why they rely on Emotive so much, I think thats where they really lost their way (The Fiddle and the Drum is awesome though)... just my opinion on it. But I think they would have to come out with something great to get going again.... they have the potential to outlive Tool really, Tool have kinda painted themselves into a corner with 10,000 Days and the subsequent delay in the follow up. (again my opinion, I liked some of 10,000 days but thought they would have developed further in that time... its like a brutal Lateralus in parts...I always think of the difference in Pushit to Right in Two for the decline in overall quality...since they are similiar music)
    thirteenth step is extremely epic! i think it's a concept album about addiction and recovery (the package, weak and powerless) and the music is just amazing.
    Winge all you want, this is a rad recording from start to finish. When the Levee Breaks! Never imagined that would sound so awesome live
    I understand it is a live recording….. but these things were multi tracked all this verb and delay is killing me….
    Sounds like it was recorded in an amphitheatre or something. Oh wait ...
    These guys are a great band. You can tell what band is great when the members improvise new material live which makes the song better than the original.