New Arch Enemy Singer: 'I Had Every Intention of Continuing with Agonist'

Singer reveals that former band mates will carry on without her.

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Alissa White-Gluz has released a statement about joining Arch Enemy, as well as the state of her current band, the Agonist.

As White-Gluz notes, joining Arch Enemy was a no-brainer for her:

"I am very honoured and happy to announce a new chapter in my life and musical career beginning now; I have joined forces with one of my all-time favourite and globally respected bands, Arch Enemy. 'Wages of Sin' was the first metal album I ever bought and it was love at first listen. It is not often that you get a phone call from your favourite band asking you to join! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented musicians whom I also consider great friends."

The singer also announced that, in wake of her joining Arch Enemy, her band mates in the Agonist have decided to continue without her:

"But, it is with great sadness that I must also announce that the Agonist as you have come to know it is now a thing of the past. I had every intention of (and had even started) writing and recording yet another killer album this year, but my former band-mates decided to choose a different path.

"I wish I could change the situation but the unfortunate decision was made beyond my control so I can only wish them the very best of luck now that our time working together has concluded. I will always be proud of the three albums we created since 2005 and I would like to show my appreciation for the incredibly open-minded and loyal fans that I have come to know through my past decade of work in the metal scene."

White-Gluz replaces Angela Gossow, who has stepped down from front woman duties after 13 years in the band. Gossow will not be absent from Arch Enemy proceedings completely, however, as she will continue to be the band's business manager.

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    I wonder if there is any bad blood between her and her former band now. From the sounds of it, The remaining members of The Agonist weren't to fond of her decision. I think she will do great in Arch Enemy.
    If there is, then I think it was the best decision on her part. If they can't handle her in another lineup, then they don't deserve her.
    Theres nothing wrong with not wanting a member to be in other lineups. In my experience there was Nothing worse than a member who wasn't fully committed to the group.
    Hope she and cordle don't fvck this one up. If we all remember, cordle was the one who helped put out starve for the devil while in arsis... And I hope there isn't any clean singing. I hate when bands do that sh!t after after brutal vocals.
    She is so talented (and so beautiful by the way) ! I'm so happy for Arch Enemy and so sad for The Agonist.
    Her work for The Agonist was something really special, but now in Arch Enemy she's just trying to be a doulbe of Angela Gossow and it disappoints me so much. Still hoping it will be changed soon.