New At the Gates Coming in 2014?

Is this clip confirming a reunion record? Seems like it.

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Death metal icons At the Gates have posted a cryptic video seemingly confirming reunion plans and even a new record.

Simply titled "." the 13-second clip shows what looks like a lyrics sheet with a number 2014 printed in the very center. Back in 2012, singer Tomas Lindberg noted that the release of new material isn't an impossible scenario, but didn't unveil basically any details.

Praised as one of the genre's quintessential acts, At the Gates were formed in 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After calling it a day in 1996, the band briefly reunited for a year in 2007 and got back on track once again in 2010.

Their band's final studio record, "Slaughter of the Soul," saw its release in 1995 via Earache Records.

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So is this clip confirming a reunion record? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    I hope this is true... "Slaughter of the Soul" is one of the most brilliant metal albums ever recorded and it's a shame that AtG disbanded so soon after. If Carcass can come back after almost 20 years and create some of their best music to date I don't see why At the Gates couldn't do it too. This is some of the best (possible) news I've heard about any metal band in a long time.
    Hell yeah, man. Haste The Day, also seems to be coming in the works on a reunion as well btw, and The Fall of Troy just came back as well, so it looks like this year is going to be huge on comebacks!!!
    Hell yeah, man. Haste The Day, also seems to be coming in the works on a reunion as well btw, and The Fall of Troy just came back as well, so it looks like this year is going to be huge on comebacks!!!
    Holy ****. This is surprising, great news! Maybe some time next year or the next i'll be able to see them on tour
    I kind of see why people bashed SotS, but I still really enjoyed that album. I'm really looking forward to see what they'll come up with.
    Care to elaborate? Neverheard anyone bashing Slaughter of the Soul. Besides, all their albums are fantastic.
    There are a lot of reviews claiming that Slaughter of the Soul is the root of all evil in modern metal and that it should never have been recorded. It has also been called "pathetic" and "bad influence" I of course disagree with those reviews, I think SotS is their best release. But you can't agree with everyone, can you?
    Only the trve kvlt guys would think that,it's like blaming Cryptopsy for all the awful tech Death bands, or Glassjaw for boring Post-Hardcore. Everyone else I've met thinks the album is kickass.
    That's one of the problems with non-contemporary reviews, it's easy to see the influence (though the concept of albums influencing others is a non-exact science at best...) in hindsight and then slam accordingly. Other than that, being a "bad influence"? Surely it's the fault of the 'copycats' and such if they continue a dire trend. Nevermind that in the end all reviews are just that, subjective and products of the time and place of their writing.
    True true. And clear majority of more professional reviews are straight tens, and the music speaks for itself.
    I hear people say its what inspired metalcore which is a genre of metal with a lot of hate on it
    Well, they would be not alone in that case, the whole Goethenburg-scene (The biggest being At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames) was a big influence for bands pidgeonholed inside that label. And each of those big bands in that scene made some phenominal albums, not counting all the lesser known bands.
    Surprised by that..Slaughter of the soul is a fantastic death metal album. The lack of quality has partially is what makes it tbh.
    Words cannot describe how infinitely exquisite this would be if this comes true.
    Well, it's not quite an announcement, but it's certainly interesting. We'll see if they can pull off what Carcass did with Surgical Steel, which I wouldn't put past them. I'll be looking forward to more developments on this.
    If they can really retain there old sounds while still making this new record sounds fresh I'll shit.
    I just want a US tour. I can't imagine a new album would be any count given their last couple releases.
    FUCK YES!!!!!Saw them in Beijing on Aug2013 in a small venue. Metaled the shit outa me. They still got it 100%