New Beatles BBC Set Coming?

artist: The Beatles date: 08/27/2013 category: music news
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New Beatles BBC Set Coming?
A request last year by the BBC for fans to bring them rare Beatles recordings appears to have paid off, with reports that Volume 2 of "Live at the BBC" will be released this October, 19 years since the first set hit the streets, AntiMusic reports.

Beatle fan site Wog Blog says Universal Music has added "Live At The BBC Vol. 2" to its release schedule for October 4.

If true, the blog writes, it fits with plans for a book about the Beatles' BBC recordings to be released in October in the UK and November in North America. "If Universal Music carries on the EMI tradition, the re-release and the new release will also be available on vinyl, and as digital downloads on iTunes," the blog speculates. "And with the new merchandising deal, presumably some related products will be made available via the Beatles Official Stores."

The BBC routinely recorded over the tapes of their performances, but many recordings survive thanks to fans taping them at home, or in the form of BBC transcription records which were sent to radio stations in other countries.
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