New Black Sabbath Album a Possibility: 'We've Still Got Four Tracks Left Over From '13''

"Maybe we'll fill in four or five tracks and put out another album," Geezer Butler adds.

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With uncertainty constantly looming over the future of Black Sabbath, bassist Geezer Butler gave a bit of an optimistic idea, hinting at a possibility of releasing another album.

"We've still got four tracks leftover from the album," Butler told Time Out, "so maybe we'll fill in the other four or five tracks and put out another album."

The bassist made sure to point out a few matters though. "If it's right," he said. "We wouldn't do it just for the sake of it, or the money or whatever. But yeah, maybe."

During a separate Guitar World chat, singer Ozzy Osbourne also noted he's up for new challenges with Sabbath.

"I never say never," the vocalist said. "I never thought after 35 years I'd [be back with Black Sabbath], have a Number One record and a sold-out tour. It's weird, the album was recorded and released in 2013, and it was Number One in 13 countries ... the number 13 is driving us mad!"

Considering a possibility of "13" turning out to be the final record from the metal icons, Ozzy added, "All I can tell you is that if it's good-bye, we're ending it on a high note.

"Instead of with 'Never Say Die!,' which we didn’t leave each other on friendly terms. The only thing I'm sad about is [the fact that] Bill Ward couldn't work things out. But I'm up for another Black Sabbath album and tour. If we can, great. If not, I'll just carry on doing my own thing," he concluded.

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    Hey, that's enough leftover material for an EP! In fact, they probably have a title for it already: "4". It'll have five tracks.
    I was actually just thinking exactly this almost word for word. Weird.... Also I kinda want another Sabbath album cause I want them to hit album #20 since 19 is such a weird number to stop at. That and I want to see them live again because that show is probably going to be the best show I will ever go to in my entire life. Fucking incredible. Everyone had a shit load of energy...Ozzy running around the stage like a madman...Tony pretty much shredding at the very end of Paranoid to close the set...a like 10 minute drum solo at the end of Rat Salad going into Iron Man...****ing incredible. Though they need to get either Sleep or ****ing Electric Wizard opening for them!
    Im actually wondering. If they have tracks left over, why didn't they put them on the album in the first place? There was, what 8 songs?
    I think it may be the fact that those 8 songs equal out to nearly an hour and then with all 4 of the other bonus tracks that you can get it's pushing 72 minutes. So they'd end up needing to release it as a double album. And I don't think they'd want to end up doing that. So it was probably safer just to release it as a single album instead.
    If they wanted to record all of them taking a dump in harmony, I would buy it. It's fscking Sabbath...