New Blink 182 Coming By August, Band Headlining Leeds and Reading Festivals

"Prepare for the fury," says bassist Mark Hoppus.

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US pop punks Blink 182 were officially announced as headliners of next year's Reading and Leeds festivals. Marking the occasion, the band confirmed plans for releasing a new record in time for two major events. As bassist Mark Hoppus explained, the trio will be hitting the studio as early as January 2014. "We are coming with new material. We go into the studio after the holidays, and the goal is to have an album out in time for the festival," the bassist told (via Gigwise). "I'm stoked to play Reading and Leeds 2014. It's our fourth time playing the festivals, and we're very honored. The new year will see us in the studio preparing new music, getting ready to rock the fine people of the UK. "Prepare for the fury," Mark concluded. Apart from the Blink guys, Jake Bugg, Disclosure, Metronomy, Wilkinson, Of Mice and Men, and I Am Legion were also added to Reading and Leeds bills. "I know our fans will be delighted to welcome back our first headliners, Blink-182, with what promises to be an amazing show, as well as the brilliant Jake Bugg stepping up to the Main Stage," said festival organizer Melvin Benn. "I can’t wait to reveal the rest of our incredible lineup, so watch this space!" The latest Blink 182 studio effort, "Neighborhoods," saw its release in September 2011 via Geffen Records.

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    I understand that neighbourhoods was average because it was rushed out to collide with their reunion hype, so lets hope they take their time with this and release something awesome.
    Well it's been a while since neighborhoods ( and dogs eating dogs ep) and they talked about working on songs together a while ago, so looks like they are. I expect good things.
    Some one explain to me how you put "punk" and "pop" together to define the sound of a band when the 2 term are basically opposites...or describing Avril Lavigne as "Canadian pop punk".....?????
    Good luck trying to change a music genre label decades after it was created. Just go to Wikipedia and read the article on Pop Punk. Stop annoying people here.
    Its easy to combine them. Pop is clear vocals and its an upbeat genre and simple to listen to. while punk is heavy distortion and heavy power chords. so you take clear vocals, enjoyable music with heavy guitars and you get POP-PUNK. I didnt explain it very well im sure someone can explain better then me but thats my way of explaining.
    Apparently the sessions for this new album are going to be similar to how they wrote and recorded the self titled LP, so this could potentially be awesome
    Hopefully Tom steps his game up. Last couple times I saw them it seemed like he treats Blink like a side project and wings it at the shows. Travis and Mark are always on their A game. Tom seems like he has his A game reserved for Angels & Airwaves.
    As sad as I am to say it, I agree. I think a lot of it too, is the fact he drinks a lot while on tour with Blink. I watched their fairly recent "Live at Las Vegas" full concert video on the 'Tube, and it was awesome, but at inner Blink fan cried. They were excellent in concert in Saskatoon however!
    Tom's been getting a lot better in recent shows, check out the Blizzcon show on YouTube, he still does the stupid AvA stuff with his voice quite a bit, but he hits the notes better than i've ever seen him do so.
    Let's be real - Tom only very rarely nailed the vocals live in the past, and that's part of the charm! I don't think there's anything wrong with his current performances as long as he keeps doing it with feeling
    I totally agree with Tom's adventurous singing being part of the charm. Although I saw AvA play acoustic in a Best Buy some years ago and he sounded fantastic.
    I thought Travis couldn't fly?
    I thought neighbourhoods was great! Anyway, add the chillis and AM and it'll be goooood
    theyve got alot of critics but these guys have been so sick from start to present.. I honestly never imagined theyd come back after calling it quits but they did and neighborhoods was pretty good considering they lost some considerable key qualities--their original tonality-- but if u look back at what they came from on their startup albums like flyswatter(demo), they came to conquer ur anus and buddha all the way to cheshire cat and second(demo) id say they only grew and still have some great tracks to lay down.. Im lookin forward to this next album!
    I bought Neighborhoods and ditched it. Now I just have their Greatest Hits. They lost their sense of fun which for me was by far their best asset. I'm not against bands progressing or anything - I like all of Linkin Park's releases for example. But for this person to start listening again, they need an urgent fun injection.
    I agree, that was the main reason I listened to blink 182 really. They lost that edge so I can't really listen to them anymore.
    Jake Bugg as a headliner? I've seen him Lowlands. he's good but his performance made me feel awkward. he just stands there with his guitar on the same spot. the only thing he says to the crowd is "thanks" and "the next song is called ..." Also the bass player looks like a demon child
    Oh God I partly blame Blink-182 for the dgaf, yolo generation of MTV ignorant youth nowadays
    I would say your avatar holds a bigger culprit.
    Nirvana was like the last good band. Before that it was Queen, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. I apologize for my generation's terrible music. DAE hate Justin Beiber?! XD
    Judging by the XD face and acting like your the spokesperson who must "apologize for modern bad music". You're as big a problem. Not to mention the ridiculously stupid comment that was the first sentence.
    "Nirvana was like the last good band. Before that it was Queen, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. I apologize for my generation's terrible music. DAE hate Justin Beiber?! XD" wait what?
    Neighborhoods rules. So did Dogs Eating Dogs. Can't wait to see what the put out next. They aren't the same band they were, but that's fine to me. I like the way they've progressed.
    Obviously they're still a big draw if they're headlining all these, but I just don't get it. I've always thought of them as a decent punk-rock band with decent music, decent lyrics, etc. Do people really dig their music that much or is it more about the party atmosphere?
    There is absolutely nothing "punk" about this band....its all pop.....
    blink182 hasnt lost anything..this is their latest performance and they sound good as ****. better then in 03 here.
    Water Melown
    In my opinion they are a great band in the studio there albums have been great, even their last album that has been so different from the rest yet it's still awesome and the EP too. However live they aint what they used to be at all. there was energy comedy and distortion to blow your balls off. Now you can't hear tom's guitar at all and it puts emphasis on his frankly now tone death singing (any of the old songs anyway)Travis sick as always never will be any different for me completely insane on drums mark's bass playing is still the same and just as good as it used to be his singing is starting to drop too though in my opinion. My point is they'd be great if they put more effort into their shows and not make it painfull to watch and Tom turned his guitar up man come on! - a die hard blink fan, i can just admit they arn't as good as they once were, but each band evolves differently, still will go to see them live though!