New! Blues Guitar For Absolute Beginners By Lick Library

artist: Lick Library date: 05/22/2012 category: music news
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New! Blues Guitar For Absolute Beginners By Lick Library
Lick Library brings you the definitive DVD for learning blues guitar, presented by the top guitar teacher Danny Gill. This new DVD will give the essential basics to playing blues with step by step easy to understand lessons and two professionally recorded guitar jam tracks included to help you practice what you've learnt. The guitar lessons on this DVD introduce you to the basic rhythm involved with playing twelve bar blues. Danny shows you with crystal clear close ups of both of his hands the essential 12 bar blues and triplet shuffle rhythm patterns, pentatonic major and minor scales, barre chords, 12 bar soloing, blues bends and other techniques to aid you in playing killer blues licks. He also talks about the importance of blues phrasing, call and response, and even when to play nothing to draw the listener in. With Danny's thorough and easy to follow lessons you will soon be making these scales and notes come to life. Blues Guitar For Absolute Beginners (RRP £19.99). Also in this series are Lead Guitar For Absolute Beginners and Rhythm Guitar For Absolute Beginners both by Danny Gill. Get these and hundreds of other guitar lesson DVDs online at Lick Library.
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