New Documentary Remembers Metallica's First Headlining Show

"How Metallica raised hell in De Westereen" available online.

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A new documentary has been released that reveals the story of Metallica's first ever headline show in Europe. Titled "How Metallica raised hell in De Westereen," the 30-minute program was produced by Dutch public broadcaster Omrop Fryslân TV and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the show Metallica did in the small Dutch village Zwaagwesteinde (De Westereen) on June 9, 1984. It features interviews with Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich, sharing their recollections of the show. 

In other Metallica news, Lars Ulrich recently talked with Rolling Stone about the process of writing and recording "Ride the Lightning," with is 30 this year. As the drummer notes, the album gave the band a chance to "broaden their horizons":

"It was the first time that the four of us wrote together and we got a chance to broaden our horizons. I don't think it was a conscious effort to break away from anything musically. Obviously, listening to songs like 'Fight Fire With Fire' and 'Trapped Under Ice,' we were obviously still into the thrash type of stuff. But we were realizing you had to be careful that it didn't become too limiting or one-dimensional."

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    Metallica should re-record some of the old classics and not just re-master them to utilize the current technology. I would love to hear tracks from Kill Em All and RTL that is designed with today's gear. If done right, the tracks would sound amazing.
    The albums already sound amazing as is. Plus rerecordings never live up to the originals.
    I agree as I listen to the old stuff all the time and there is something special about that original recordings, but I always thought it would be a cool idea to hear the tracks re-done with recording gear. I rather that than have them put out a greatest hits, which thank God they have not done. Kudos to Metallica for not putting out a Greatest Hits after 30 years!
    if they tried rerecording them they would never get the same guitar sound they got with the Marshall that James had at the time. it would just be a disappointment to hear them rerecorded i feel like they would lose their magic
    I'm pretty sure S&M was supposed to be their take on a "Greatest Hits" album. And it turned out to be awesome.
    But they DO need to at least remaster AJFA. The mixing is a crime against music as an idea.
    Meh, leave them as they are. Plus not to diss Metallica, But James cant sing as he sings in Kill Em All or Ride The Lightning, and not saying they are sloppy, but they cant play as fast as the used to back in early 80's
    I'd hold off on the bit playing as fast part. They play creeping death much faster than the original, or even from Live Shit. Granted that's one song I'm naming, but still.
    There's a problem - today they can have any gear they want, but despite it their sound on the latest recordings is just awful. So it would sound bad + Lars' drumming and Kirk's playing have gone downhill since the 90's.
    I totally agree that they haven;t had the best track record of recent recordings, however, both Garage, Inc. and the recent recording of Ronnie Rising were top notch, in my opinion at least.
    I would much rather hear them re-record songs from AJFA & St. Anger, if Lars could still play. - 1. Dyers Eve 2. Some Kind of Monster 3. AJFA 4. The Unnamed Feeling 5. My World 6. Eye of the Beholder 7. Frantic 8. Harvester of Sorrow 9. Dirty Window 10. The Shortest Straw 11. Blackened
    their first headline show was in the netherlands? awesome (although it's friesland, which means I also have to read the subtitles because they speak a different language there xD)