New Guns N' Roses Song 'Going Down' Appears Online

A new and official Guns N' Roses song has appeared online.

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[UPDATE] The song was deleted by the band's management.

A mysterious new Guns N' Roses song has appeared online - but with no official announcement, it could be deleted soon.

It's unclear whether the song "Going Down" is a brand new recording or an old cut that has only just seen the light of day. Either way, it's been confirmed by guitarist Bumblefoot as an official Guns N' Roses song in a tweet which has since been deleted according to Metal Insider.

Interestingly, singer Axl Rose takes a back seat to bassist Tommy Stinson who fronts this song, with Axl modestly taking up backing vocals.

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    Well it's good that axl dosen't sing this song cause every time he's 1 hour late to a concert they can have tommy sing this song for 1 hour.
    I saw Guns N Roses earlier this year. The band came on stage (including axl) at the scheduled time and played the entire set without problems.
    Yeah it should always be like that, but axl is a pig, face it. He dosen't care shit for his fans, that is why i don't like him and i don't support the band.. Don't get me wrong i like the old stuff but i hate when bands don't respect their fans..
    Sewage Rat
    Same, saw them a couple of years ago, no problems at all, played for almost 3 hours, what more do people want?
    Really though, between this and the other songs Axl doesn't front in the GnR back catalogue, they could put on half a set before Axl even shows up.
    Started listening and I coudnt understand how Axle Jemima's voice had changed so much and then all of a sudden the background vocal kicks in with the guy born with the vocal chord in his nose, birth defect.....
    Definitely a demo. The guitars are very unpolished and sometimes off key. The song sounds like something from Use Your Illusion. The finished song could be great.
    I think this is just a demo and Axl will take the lead if it ever gets officially released.
    I agree that it kind of just sounds like a demo/incomplete song, but Axl is no stranger to letting his bandmates take the lead and picking up backing vocal duties. This doesn't completely sound like his style of singing, and I wouldn't doubt if he lets Tommy Stinson keep the lead on this one. That being said, I think it sounds just fine as is, and I've been looking forward to hear something new from them for years. I'm eager as hell to hear more all of a sudden. Axl's songwriting can't be beaten by many in my book.
    Yeah, Duff and Izzy sang lead on quite a few of the songs from the Use Your Illusion albums. You Ain't The First, Dust N' Bones, So Fine, among others. And I agree, this song is pretty awesome, great solo and makes me even more excited for the next Guns N' Roses record.
    Not quite the same as classic Guns is it?
    Actually, I think it kind of sounds like a mixture of Izzy's and Duff's songs from the old band (even if it does sound like it might be a demo and have some more modern aspects to it).
    I dont know.. it just sounds wierd
    The drums in the verse sound like a drum machine. Maybe that's what they want, or maybe they just have them in there temporarily until they replace them with a proper drum track. The rest of it sounds fine to me.
    I think it sounds like old school GnR, but that being said it just seemed like an album filler.
    Nice song, but it's clear it's just a demo. With a better mix, and Axl with a more "present" at the microphone, I'm sure the final version will be great.
    Pretty decent but it seems unfinished, so i guess it is more a demo track. I'm gonna give CD another listening session
    Interesting to hear what finally became of this. The demo cd that a few people circulated in the early 2000s had a more electronic sounding version of this which kinda merged into a much heavier number called General. Hope they get it out officially as Tommy is a huge talent!
    This would sound better with Axl singing... sounds like a demo to me, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear a new version with Axl on lead vocs.
    He's going to spend the rest of his life trying to write another November Rain or Estranged when he doesn't even realize that the real "Guns" masterpieces were songs like Locomotive, Coma, I think the best GNR song ever is Don't Damn Me, it captured the rock n roll of the Appetite era and the maturity of the UYI era perfectly.
    Well said. Interestingly, Don't Damn Me was a collaboration between Axl and Slash. I think they both don't realize that the mixture of Axl's songwriting and lyrics and Slash's playing was like 90% of the Guns sound. Imagine Snakepit's first album with Axl's input and vocals. It would have been epic.
    it's funny how many people comment about the new gnr not sounding like the old flash, axl has never tried to repeat the same album... great tune. needs some finishing mix touches but other than that it's a great song all around. hopefully a sign for another album sometime this decade.
    It's a pretty solid song. In my opinion it sounds like a high quality demo. Maybe a scrap from Chinese Democracy sessions or just something they've been writing. It doesn't sound to be mixed for record release. If it is to be a new tune, I'm sure we'll hear a much better version of it.
    This is isn't the tipycal work of Guns N Roses, but it's a nice song, pop rock sound, not to fast, not to slow. But you can recognize them unmistakable style!
    Even with Stinson at vocals, it sound more classic than Chinese Democracy (exept the drums). As someone has said before, it kinda sounds like Izzy Stradlin or Duff Mckagan singing, which has been done a few times in the past. But it sound like an unfinished song indeed, sound like mono to me so I guess the final mix is not done yet...
    It doesn't matter how hard they try, they will never sound like they used to. Not even from a talent stand point. Its from the mixing. Old GNR always sounded live and real whenever it came on. This and CD are over produced in my opinion, and it loses its magic. Regardless, still a very good song. I'm excited to see what comes next
    Well CD is not even supposed to sound like the old GN'R... and it is a really good album in its own right IMO. Though it should have been released as an Axl Rose album instead.
    I agree, I like the CD album and have always believed 90% of the people who don't like it would probably change their opinion if it had been released as an Axl solo album.
    why would they try to sound like the old gn'r ? they are a new band, they left the past behind (it's what all the ac/dc haters say: "Uhhh, they only sound the same!!!11", and now? New GN'R and some people demand them to sound as earlier. lol)
    Love it.. closest song from new band that sounds like classic guns. Hope Axls vocals are louder in the final mix..
    Is this a huge marketing ploy? That article is very well written from a marketing sense, look at the first paragraph: "Listen below and hit 'like' to share it before the band take it offline."
    Reminds me of Izzy singing 14 years.. Not bad at all to be honest but quite a pop song in comparison to Chinese Democracy (and old Guns). Too bad that these new guitar solos are rather... Different that my liking..
    This is quite old. I had this back in about 2000 with a few other Chinese Democracy demos. Some later appeared on the album and some didn't
    Slash's solo stuff sounds more like Guns N' Roses than the shell of a band Axl calls Guns N' Roses does.
    and for those who are bitching about it not being relevant to GNR b/c axl isn't on lead obviously shouldn't comment on the band b/c you apparently don't know that it's not the first time other band mates have taken the lead (So Fine, New Rose, you aint the first, dust n bones, double talkin' jive, 14 years...) people can't just listen to new music anymore...if it were any other band we'd be talking about how it's great that they're still changing things up and how the lead work is constantly improving or adding technical nuances to spice it up, but with GnR it's all focused on the drama of the past lol.
    In my opinion Axl singing this song would make it ten times better. Tommy has quite bland voice so I could not help concentrating on Axl's backing vocals. The song itself was quite good. Not what I'd expect from Guns n' Roses, but then again I stopped expecting anything from them when I heard Chinese Democracy.
    I'm not going to lie, I hated Chinese Democracy. But I think this is actually pretty good, a lot better than the songs that were on that album. I Really hope its a "New" song and not something left over from Chinese Democracy.
    New Guns is like new Coke back in the 80s, same name but the flavor was shite. I hope he would go back to the old formula or stop calling it GnR. Lame song.
    God, I know looks don't matter, but, just for the record, Axl looks so fat and worthless, haha.