New Infographic Tells You All You Need to Know About 2013 Music Sales

Rolling Stone publishes 2013 music sales review.

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Rolling Stone has published a handy infographic telling you everything that you need to know about music sales in 2013.

The infographic reveals, amongst other things, that there were 118 billion music streams last year, which would have been $59 million worth of album sales, that sales of rock albums are down 5.9% from 2012 and that CDs are still the dominant format by which people buy albums.

Check out the full chart below:

The Rolling Stone chart also confirms that streaming is fast becoming the predominant way in which people listen to music. Overall music streams are up 32% from 2012. Overall music sales, however, have seen a 6% slump. According to the inforgraphic, Justin Timberlake was the top selling artist of 2013.

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    Way Cool JR.
    I'l take a CD over a digital download any-day of the week.
    I'd take the digital download. What's so special about a cd? The digital download has better quality, cannot be damaged and can be used in a lot more ways. If it's sentimental value ur looking for the CD and the cd player is probably not the best place. U just put that disc in and hit play, records on the other hand are full of sentimental value. I'd take a vinyls record over any other type of recording anyday. The needle and grove sounds the best
    Way Cool JR.
    I have lots of vinyls to dude, and cassettes and love them both. Digital downloads have no better quality than CD's and most of them are worse. Also digital can be damaged just like any other format. The devices they are stored on can be damaged or corrupted. So nothing special about downloads at all. I would rather have to replace 1 album on a CD if it's damaged than an entire collection if whatever it's stored on dies or gets damaged. Makes way more since.
    I am surprised that the most popular music format is CDs for album sales. I honestly thought that digital format was way more popular. I guess I am wrong then, and for the better
    I could be wrong, but I think it's because a lot of digital sales are single songs, whereas people who actually buy full albums still seem to have a preference for getting CD's.
    Yeah, downloads are only for when I need to hear some stupid song like "Green Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf, but I know I just ain't going to buy the whole album. "Green eyed lady ocean lady! Child of nature....friend of man..." What lyrics!
    It's probably because it's digital sales, not digital downloads. It wouldn't surprise me if there were more digital downloads of albums than CD's bought, but these downloads would have been done by illegitimate means (free downloads) which wouldn't have been counted in this chart.
    Vinyls all the way.
    Absolutely this. Its also a collectors game. I have searched and searched for that rare pressing of certain vinyl I just had to have and happily paid top dollar when I found them.
    If they werent so goddamn expensive then I'd agree. Seriously 40$ for a vinyl?
    I have a big stack of em in my room that I got for $1 each. (have stuff like Boston, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.) The most I have ever spent on a vinyl was like $25.
    Yeah, but to be honest, it makes sense... Vinyls aren't that popular yet, the gramophones are way more expensive than anything with CD player (well, apart from those ****tardishly overpriced "deluxe" sets), they aren't made en masse... Plus it's more collectioner-oriented than CDs. It sucks, but hey, capitalism. Oh, well, back to living a pirate's life.
    I don't understand their music streaming sales and how that equates to money lost. First of all, who's to say someone wasn't streaming to see if they liked something, something they were never going to buy anyway? Secondly, how many of those millions of plays are repeats of one person listening to the same song or album over and over again. Thirdly, those top 10 streamed songs are garbage anyway.
    I don't know, there are at least three songs I enjoy on that list, although I really wish I didn't like "Blurred Lines" because there are few songs that reek more of douche than that one does.
    I was just going to comment the same thing about the music streams equalling album sales. I mostly buy CDs, but when I have streamed stuff, it's been more than once. So does that mean it's counted as "2 CD sales" for this chart???
    I'm sure they have a way of deciphering how many times something is being streamed and from where via IP addresses etc., but who knows maybe they wanted to skew the **** out of the inforgraphic.
    I don't understand why people don't just buy a CD over streaming! You pay pretty much the same price, and sometimes less for a CD. I mean sure it's not quite as convenient,but a CD is much better. I always love looking at the artwork in an album, and I just don't get the same joy when i download/stream an album
    Probably because not everyone cares about artwork. I listen to music on my PC, or through several of my networked devices around the house which pull from my PC, as well as my car stereo which pulls from my phone, which syncs off of my PC. CDs are a waste of space for me. But then I also do not stream over the internet. I purchase songs/albums online in MP3 format. One download and the file is spread everywhere I need it to be. No messing with ripping the audio from a CD and then storing the CD, which would never get touched again.
    I guess the download format is really perfect for singles, but for albums a download doesn't give you that much of an advantage and that's why CD is still the most popular format in album sales.
    The only reason Jay-Z got 1 mill was the Samsung deal, that album blew cock compared to the other mainstream rap albums of the year, I'd rather listen to Drake, it's that bad.
    How about they realize these formats are dying? Music, art, general human rights should be free... Fair enough that is wholly ideological and wouldn't work in this money orientated world but lets look at it this way, if there isn't money to be made in music will it not eventually weed out those who are in it purely for the money? I download music for free but the bands I care about I pay for, I support them and I urge everyone else to do the same, yes download an album but if you like it buy it... This is the modern day consumer protection, get with it or **** off.