New Jimi Hendrix: 'Hear My Train A-Comin'

Hear the latest stream from the new Hendrix album, and watch a bonus video of a talented cello duo taking on "Purple Haze".

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Rolling Stone is streaming an exclusive stream of "Hear My Train a-Comin" by Jimi Hendrix, which you can hear below.

It will appear as the third track on his forthcoming "new" album "People, Hell & Angels", which will be available digitally in the coming weeks and on physical formats in April.

Although many of these songs have been released in various formats over the years, the collection acts as a playlist of when he first worked outside of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience Trio between 1968 and 1970. On this track, Hendrix works with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox.

Listen to "Hear My Train a-Comin" by Jimi Hendrix here:

Meanwhile, popular Croatian string duo 2Cellos have taken on the Hendrix classic "Purple Haze" in their latest studio video:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of classical stringed instruments running through guitar distortion? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    another cynical cash grab for the hendrix estate. Hopefully they'll stop pissing all over Jimi's grave soon.
    Mr Winters
    Why do you keep posting new songs that aren't new?
    The only thing that for some reason irks me with that cello cover is the dude overly headbanging on the left there. I don't know why but for some reason that seems overly exaggerated and out of place.
    i thought the cellos sucked it was the dam hear my train a coming playing also at same time ha ah
    Here My train is a killer song...but this version is ECTASY!
    I'm glad that I can get through 25 comments without seeing a shit ton of spam... oh wait I'm on UG, where the mods are apparently too stupid to actually take care of it.
    I think I already own three versions of this song. Two were on the Jimi Blues compilation (which was probably my favorite album of his actually) and one from the Valleys of Neptune compilation. I think it's been released enough times.
    Jimi can never be released enough times. If he came back from the dead zombie-style, I'd let him destroy my brain. This song rocks, as they all do. He just grooves when he's soloing. Fucking incredible.
    These are new Recordings of some old songs that he did outside of his original group experiminting with other musicians. Heck im interesting in hearing this album
    I think this version of the song is great, but I'd never pay for this album.
    I used to wonder about 10-12 years ago, just how many unreleased tracks there were because I kept walking into the store only to see a "new" Jimi Hendrix single or re-vamped album. 10-12 years later I find myself wondering this again. Does anyone know how many are unreleased? I'm guessing that the family is keeping that a secret but if anyone knows please share
    There's the Black Gold album, the estate allegedly has it and will release it this decade. Then there's probably other recordings he did with the many awesome artists during that time. Imagine being a musician during the end of the 60's. Now imagine being the best rockstar!!!
    He was constantly in his studio Electric Ladyland recording. I'm sure there are tons of takes of all these songs and some experimental stuff too.
    Not trolling here at all, serious question: where are these new albums coming from? This one, Valleys of Neptune. Are they old sessions recorded but never released? Just seems weird that they're coming from nowhere and are actually professionally mixed/mastered just as any normal album. Are sound engineers taking old recorded files and making them sound good? And are the old album scraps that didn't make it?
    Not only is this song not new, but it sounds like a rehash of Voodoo Child. Actually, when they're not covers of someone else's music, all Hendrix songs sound like rehashes of one another. Severely overrated guitarist.
    LOL!!! This song has been out for a LONGGG TIME!!! This was on the 1st Jimi cd I bought 10 years ago!
    kill it
    Loved the cello cover and the double kick at the end was cool. Would be cool to see this ensemble perform live.
    Is it bad that I didn't listen to the Hendrix track for ages as I got distracted watching videos of the cello guys? They're great haha
    For some reason i feel that is tuned to 432Hz=A. I checked by generating a tone in Audacity of 432 hz as i listened to this song. it sounded on key to me. then i tried 440 Hz and it didnt quite sound as "right" to me. I heard that Jimi had recorded in 432 Hz so maybe thats why these were unreleased. Because of a Nazi conspiracy?
    this song was meant to be a live tune. thats just my theory why it wasn't released earlier.
    The best version of "Hear my Train" is off of the BBC Sessions disc 1 last song I believe....KILLER!!!