New Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Note Surfaces, Accuses Courtney Love of 'Doping and Whoring'

"She's a b-tch with zits," the letter reads.

Ultimate Guitar

The police has recently presented a previously unknown letter discovered in Kurt Cobain's wallet at the time of his death.

The letter severely criticizes Courtney Love and will likely additionally fuel the conspiracy theory that late Nirvana frontman's wife had a role in his death, CBS reports.

"Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife... even when she's a b-tch with zits and siphoning all (your) money for doping and whoring..." the note reads.

As the same source indicates, the given piece of writing is a direct contrast to Kurt's supposed goodbye note calling Courtney "goddess who sweats ambition and empathy."

As previously reported, a new documentary titled "Soaked in Bleach" is taking on the matter of Cobain's death, focusing on the idea of Love playing a major role in it. More info here.

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    And i thought my hand writing was bad..
    He should've been a doctor, he has the perfect handwriting for it.
    I wonder if at med schools they secretly have a class where they teach students to write as bad as possible.
    Yes, they have a class for penmanship which all doctors are required to take before they graduate. It's where they learn to write like a doctor.
    Actually... there's truth to this, there are accepted conventions between doctors, so that patients can't read their notes at a glance and find out snippets of information which they would take out of context, the only way for them to read them is to ask for them and read them in full.
    Maybe that's how he got all his dope. Writing prescriptions on a letterhead in that handwriting could fool any drug store.
    Yea... doctor, or a suicidal drug addict. They are highly skilled in handwriting as well.
    Although I have passed comment relating to Courtney's potential blame in his death I don't actually believe that she is directly responsible in manners suggested (hiring hitmen and the like). I more inclined that she had a direct influence over his state of mind, mood and behaviour that would have led him to make the decision. This was sent to me earlier today by someone: [url][/url]
    Exactly. I think that Courtney's involvement in his death was limited to influencing his state of happiness prior to him shooting himself. That's it. Talk of hitmen and the like is just whacko nutjob conspiracies.
    And now we'll have a bunch of nutjobs saying "THIS IS PROOF SHE KILLED HIM OMG." And they'll completely ignore the fact that suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people.
    "And they'll completely ignore the fact that [b]suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people. " Stop the presses.
    "...suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people." You must be highly educated in law and psychology to write something that intelligent.
    If your only evidence that it was suicide and not murder is that he was suicidal, and your only evidence that he was suicidal was that it was suicide and not murder, then you have a bit of a problem.
    The Cobain family had a history of suicide. They may be looking at family history of mental illness to find that evidence.
    Kurt's two uncles shot themselves. He was also depressed, on drugs and bi polar to boot.
    That doesn't proof enough anyways. Peter Steele was also a very depresive person, who went through similar things and he didn't blow his brains up
    No he didn't shoot his brains out... he just committed suicide via overdose. Is there a difference???
    Well he didn't commit suicide, and yea there does happen to be a few differences between blowing your brains out and overdosing. Im sure clean up being a big one.
    you know I'm pretty sure there was like, a forensic investigation to determine cause of death
    They cremated the body before the investigation was completed from what I understand. I could be wrong. She was also unusually happy when he died.
    A friend of mine died and at the funeral his Dad pretended as if it was just a big get together acting very happy and social and giving out different food recipes to everyone.. It is not unusual for someone to act very strange when a family member or loved one dies tragically.
    Velcro Man
    See, you only need to prove a crime, you don't have to PROVE innocence, that's not how the law works. Innocent until proven guilty.
    I'm not saying that Courtney is guilty. All I'm saying is that there is plenty of evidence that is simply dismissed as a conspiracy theory.
    Not all suicidal people commit suicide, but all people that commit suicide are suicidal. And the fact that Kurt attempted suicide multiple times before and often spoke openly about taking his own life would be some pretty good evidence that he was suicidal. He killed himself. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.
    "suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people" - It's actually not. There are loads of criteria for categorising someone as "suicidal", yet the majority of people reporting these tendencies either indulge in self harm periods or fail in committing the act itself.
    "suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people." Which is why they are such easy prey for manipulative sociopaths, Im not saying it wasnt suicide but there is just as much chance cortney was behind his death but because he was on medication and had a heroin addiction it was pretty much open and shut to those investigating his death.
    Here's the thing....suicide is not common among suicidal ppl. Depression runs rampant in my family, and the only suicide came from someone who was married into the family. Just an example of the insanity that is my aunt was found naked in a cemetery, with a knife, before promptly being hauled off to a psych ward. As for conspiracy theorists, I won't say one way or another whether I think murder or suicide. The truth is everyone has a right to their opinion. The way the case was investigated, despite alot of interesting coincidences and evidence, leaves alot of open ends to the open shut suicide case. I personally would be no more surprised if it was murder or suicide. I do agree on one much as proper investigation would be, to get facts and stop this debate, its time to let it go. The guy had problems and suicide or murder, let him rip.
    Suicide is a common occurrence for suicidal people... Really? Learn something new everyday.
    Wow, people. I was mocking the morons that say there is no possible way Kurt committed suicide despite the fact that he was openly suicidal.
    The note sounds more like an in-joke between the two more than anything else. Having said that, I would get a kind of morbid satisfaction if it turns out that they do find evidence that she was the killer.
    Just another miracle? … Like the one where he was too ****ing doped to be able to shoot himself, or hold a shotgun that had no prints on it? … I wonder if this letter is all in the same handwriting, or edited as the other…