New Mastodon Album Nearly Complete: 'It's in the Finals of Being Mastered'

Album title reportedly unveiled, details inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon have recently posted a studio update, confirming that their new record is nearly complete and well in the final mastering stages.

"Dearest Mastodon fans, after many hours in the studio riffing out, we are excited to announce our new album is almost complete," the band stated via Facebook. "It is in the finals of being mastered. We are gearing up for our US tour with Gojira and Kvelertak next month! Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the High Road in May!"

In related news, the new album's title was reportedly unveiled as "Once More Round the Sun." Although no official confirmation was issued, a recent Paste Magazine interview refers to the record with the mentioned title. The band's Wikipedia page was also updated with the addition of "Once More Round the Sun" 2014 title in the discography section, but it still remains to be seen on whether the info is true.

Chatting with Soundwave TV last month, guitarist Bill Kelliher described the new album as "more polished and professional," but still not overproduced. "Now we have, I don't wanna say it's like, a polished record, because that usually implies it's something really overproduced and I don't think it is," he said.

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    Easily the most anticipated album this year!
    I feel as if that's a hard thing to say, because there are so many great bands releasing (or supposedly releasing) an album this year. For me, I'm extremely excited for albums by Iron Maiden, Testament, Tool, Opeth, Ne Obliviscaris, and Gojira all on top of this release by Mastodon. It's a great year for sure.
    My most anticipated too. Setting money aside in case they do a big collector's edition type deal like they did with The Hunter. That poster sure looks nice in a frame.
    I'm seriously looking forward to this album more than any other album I can honestly think of thats coming out this year.
    Mastodon is one of those rare bands where every single one of their albums is killer.... Like Converge, Enslaved, Nile etc
    New Chevelle and Mastodon, this year is shaping up to be pretty awesome!
    Also In Flames, Gojira, Machine Head, Opeth etc etc etc Gonna be an effin great year. Also don't forget about Killer Be Killed releasing in May. Those two tracks they released are sick.
    Besides (maybe) SikTh, the best band from the 00's. I know I'll be clocking up serious hours listening to this and learning the guitar bits. D-Standard at the ready!
    Why do I get this feeling that this won't be anything more than just a decent record? Oh yeah, it's because the last 3 records were anywhere from ok to awful. But it's all good because Agalloch and Eyehategod are putting out new records this year.
    Really? Well, to each their own, I suppose. I thought The Hunter and Crack The Skye were excellent.
    Crack the Skye to me is definitely their magnum prog metal opus and will stand the test of time as one of the best prog metal albums ever. Also loved The Hunter. And Blood Mountain. And Leviathan. And Remission. And Call of the Mastodon.