New Megadeth Material Sounds Like 'Old-School Stuff,' Manager Says

"I have over 130 songs I've been working on," frontman Dave Mustaine says.

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Following a series of reports that Megadeth are working on new music, we finally got a chance to hear about the fresh material's vibe, as the band's manager dubbed Dave Mustaine's latest efforts "old-school."

Chatting with Loudwire, Dave was asked about the progress on the "Super Collider" follow-up. Apart from noting that the group got together with their classic-era manager Ron Laffitte, Mustaine stated:

"I'm just fiddling around with songs. I sent a song over to management, working with Ron Laffitte again and Ron and I were together during the heyday of Megadeth's biggest records - 'Rust in Peace' and 'Countdown to Extinction' and 'Youthanasia.' He's a metal fan and we've been friends for a real long time.

"I was interested to see what his opinion was. The last guy we had managing us was really sweetheart of a guy but he wasn't really born in the wool, if you know what I mean. He didn't really understand metal that much and if I would have sent him a song he could have said it was great, but deep down inside I probably would have said yeah, 'What do you know?'

Focusing on the new track, the frontman added, "I sent a song over to Ron and he freaked out. He said it's like the old-school stuff and I can't wait to see what happens. This is a guy that wouldn't say stuff like that unless he was serious. The band guys are all excited about it too, now as far as collaborating for new music.

"That's on these guys shoulders. I've got in my Pro-Tools rig," Dave continued. "I have over 130 songs I've been working on, pieces of stuff. Saving them, fixing them, making them right and more complex, more melodic, heavier and stuff. I'm ready to go [laughs].

"I'll see what these guys do, see if they hang out and just let - just rely on me or if they got some ideas of their sleeve. Another thing too, a song isn't just music. There's lyrics to it, and the melody. You can have a great sounding song but the vocal line can suck [laughs]. So, having someone come in and say, 'Hey, try this,' is always great," Mustaine concluded.

As the band's latest effort, "Super Collider" saw its release in June 2013 via Tradecraft.

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    Every ****ing band, every ****ing new album, every ****ing time. It's always "old-school sounding" and a mix of [band's most successful album] and [band's last album] and they're really excited about it and it's really heavy but also melodic. I know they really have no choice, but it's so goddamn annoying.
    Shiiiit, I really hope this is the case with the next album
    Mean while....Hammett and Hetfield already have 99999 riffs.
    PR bulshit...
    Seriously. They said the same thing before the last two albums and those were both shit.
    This. Seriously I remember multiple stories from various members of the band saying "it sounds like killing is my business" etc. So frustrating. Was easier to believe when they'd only done it with one album. Trick me once y'know?
    Everyone always say that before an album
    IIRC before the release of CTE Mustaine was asked about upcoming album, and he just said something like "it's the same as previous one"
    "We're really going back to our roots I swear you'll think we recorded this in '85!" - every "classic" metal band "Our newest release is our heaviest, most progressive work to date." - every modern metal band Why can't they be a bit more y'know...intriguing? Aevangelist just described their upcoming album with "a musically diverse downward spiral of horrifying bliss...a new journey towards blackness and nothingness." I mean it's practically the same thing but at least it's not a dull eye-roller.
    I think metal bands should throw us all for a loop, just say "This next album is gonna be really commercial sounding! Can I get a hell yeah?!"
    I really like Megadeth, and I hope for another 'kick ass' album as it has been a very long time since they released an album that didn't contain 3-4 great songs and a bunch of 'meh' songs to fill out the rest (or 1 good song on Super Collider)
    Have you listened to Endgame?
    For me it's United Abominations and System Had Failed, i'm not too worried as long as they keep releasing new stuff, some of it is bound to be awesome.
    Endgame was 'Deth's strongest release in years. The band lost track for a while, I feel, with a softer, more commercially-oriented style, then got back on a better course with The System Has Failed. \m/
    Hopefully it's as good as Endgame. Hard to believe that album came out in 2009, and since then released two lackluster albums. I still remember the mosh pit that erupted during Headcrusher, that warm, summer evening.
    I hope its true, but I've heard this many times before and I have been disappointed. Still, here's hoping some of that Rust in Peace magic is there, the band is definitely tight enough to pull it off.
    I usually don't believe pre-release praises,but this time i'm quite optimistic.
    When I think old school megadeth I think killing is my business, so far so good so what and peace sells, not youthanasia. Sure youthanasia and rust in peace are awesome but not quite old school enough if that makes sense. I love those earlier albums but understand that that part in Daves life is over.
    Older stuff meaning "Peace Sells, Rust in Peace", or old stuff meaning "Countdown, Risk"? Big freaking difference.
    I hope so I was afraid that megadeth was going down the road of metallica.
    You mean the road of doing what you want and not listening to a bunch of whiny people on the internet? Yeah no band should go down that road.
    IMO I think the last two albums were very easily forgettable. Hopefully they record in standard tuning as well, I haven't been a fan of listening to Dave in recent years playing the old stuff in D standard. Just doesn't sound right (to me anyway)
    After Super Collider, I doubt it. I love Megadeth, they where the band that got me into thrash metal, but christ Dave just retire. You don't need to pump out 15 years of bad albums like Metallica.
    It's probably its own thing and not a Rust in Peace 2 or something like that, but it might mean that we are getting something heavy. I'm hoping for something with more complex songs, stuff reminiscint of You are dead and Mastermind. Whatever happens, it's probably going to be interesting. It's certainly going to be an anti Super Collider, i'm quite sure of that. That one seemed to be a deliberate attempt at something in the vein of Led Zeppelin and stuff, while most of his recent comments has pointed in a heavier direction. Ey never really repeat themselves, so i don't think there's much reason to worry. Unless one hated every album since Countdown, then it's probably a lost cause.
    It better sound like old school Megadeth after their last album... Hell, if it sounded like Thirteen or Endgame that would be a huge improvement...
    I respect Dave's ability to articulate the construction of a song. It differs, in words, than the band he played in before Megadeth.
    I think having an old-school manager who actually knows metal may help alot. We cant forget this is the same band that released Risk, then followed with The System Has Failed, Dave knows how to write songs and more importantly, how to write in different genres. He saw how much Super Collider tanked, I think he'll try to get thrashier
    This makes me excited for the next Megadeth album. They didn't say the same thing with Super Collider at all so guys who claim they did are liars. With that being said, it was still a good album just different from the normal Megadeth sound. United Abominations was different too and I enjoyed that album more than Thirteen.
    I remember an article of Ellefson saying it reminded him of KIMB so yeah they kinda are saying the same thing.
    Actually, he was just referring to a part of a song which was spun into interesting and misleading headlines. Though to be fair, i don't think they ever made comparisons to Risk or World Needs a Hero, which would be the most appropriate albums to cite (Unfortunately nowhere as good as those...).