New Metalocalypse Soundtrack Streaming in Full

artist: Dethklok date: 10/30/2013 category: music news
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New Metalocalypse Soundtrack Streaming in Full
Following the October 27 premiere, full soundtrack of "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem a Klok Opera" animated film is available for streaming. Composed by Emmy-awarded composer Bear McCreary and featuring a 50-piece orchestra, as well as guest appearances from the likes of drummer Gene Hoglan, Joe Satriani's bassist Bryan Beller guitarist Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani), the soundtrack was separately released yesterday (October 29). Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Star Wars icon Mark Hamill and Jack Black also made their special appearances, but as voice actors. Specifically, Corpsegrinder took the part of Metal Masked Assassin, Hamill is featured as Mr. Salacia and Senator Stampingston, while Jack Black was handed the voice role of Dethklok's original manager, Fat Blogger. Back to the soundtrack, the effort clocks in at just under hefty 75 minutes and is by all means ambitious. You can check it out in full below, courtesy of Yahoo Music. Prior to the official release, the album was announced with "Blazing Star" single. Finally, if you were wondering about the movie's plot, it kicks off straight after the abduction of Dethklok axeman Toki Warooth in the Season Four finale. "Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera" track listing: 01. The Birth / Fata Sidus Oritur / One of Us Must Die 02. Magnus and the Assassin 03. Partying Around the World 04. Tracking / Ishnifus and the Challenge 05. How Can I Be a Hero? 06. The Fans Are Chatting 07. Abigail's Lullaby 08. Some Time Ago... 09. The Duel 10. I Believe 11. A Traitor Amongst Them 12. Training / Do It All for My Brother 13. Before You Go 14. The Answer Is in Your Past 15. The Depths of Humanity 16. Givin' Back to You 17. En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti 18. The Crossroads 19. Morte Lumina 20. Blazing Star 21. The Doomstar Orchestra
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