New MySpace Accused Of Illegal Streaming

The biggest independent labels say the re-launched social network is illegally streaming their songs after their deals expired in 2011. But is anyone using the new site after all?

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The newly-updated MySpace has already been accused of streaming independent music without permission.

It relaunched in late 2012 after being bought out last year from investors including Justin Timberlake, who relaunched his singing career on the site last week.

Up to 100 labels have found their music streaming illegally on the site, because its deal with indie label representative Merlin had expired in 2011.

They include three of the biggest independent labels: Beggars Group (which itself represents Rough Trade, XL and others), Domino and Merge.

"While it's nice that Mr Timberlake is launching his service on this platform, and acting as an advocate for the platform, on the other hand his peers as artists are being exploited without permission and not getting remuneration for it," said Charles Caldas, chief executive of Merlin in an interview with the New York Times.

MySpace responded to say it wouldn't renew a contract with Merlin, but that any songs remaining on the site were "likely uploaded by [other] users" and would be removed if the label sends a takedown request.

The new MySpace impressed many people with its fresh redesign, but a lack of user activity and the range of social alternatives which cropped up in its absence means that many people have no interest in the new MySpace.

Have you tried the new MySpace? What do you think? Do you remember using it in the old days? Let us know in the comments.

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    I actually think that MySpace in its glory days was better than Facebook ever was. As a musician, the amount of customization available and fan reach were way better and they never limited your exposure like Facebook did. I'd imagine Tumblr would be a great platform these days if you want to make an attractive and marketable page for your band.
    You can redesign myspace til the end of time and it probably won't ever get back even half it's user activity by this point. It's still useful for bands and artists but it can't really stack up against the likes of Twitter and Facebook now in the social aspect of it
    if you want to see something truly hilarious just go ahead and check that myspace of yours you haven't updated in almost 10 years. absolutely horrifying...
    The new Myspace is pretty cool, I like how they're focusing more on music instead of the social networking aspect.
    I have never used MySpace and don't plan to start. Same applies to Facebook and pretty much all social-networking sites.
    MySpace was always pretty good for bands though. That feature stuck around in popularity a few years after the purely social side faded away.
    i don't see the point, you can't reach all that many new fans and you get far more publicity (well at least right now) via a band's facebook page.
    loved it back in the day and if the user activity was at close to what it was before, id leave facebook in a heartbeat....shame
    Does this mean i can go back to playing Mafia Wars? on second thought...i'll pass.