New Nine Inch Nails Possibly Out This Fall, Trent Reznor Explains

Frontman also announces a "new product," explains why Beats Music stands out above competition.

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Discussing the launch of Beats Music streaming service and his duties as the company's chief creative officer, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor touched on the band's plans for a new album, hinting at a possible "Hesitation Marks" follow-up sometime this fall.

"We're leaving to go to tour mid-to-late February, in Australia with Queens [of the Stone Age]. We've got dates booked through the end of the summer. A lot of touring ahead," Reznor told Rolling Stone. "Just started on a new product. Can't tell you what it is yet. It will take place while touring. New music maybe this fall. Every spare second, and even seconds that aren't spare, are trying to wrangle this new creation into shape."

Asked if he could share more details about the "new project," the frontman added, "That's more than I should've."

During the rest of the chat, Trent mostly focused on Beats Music, elaborating why he thinks the company has a chance of beating the likes of Spotify. "Spotify - I met those guys before they launched in America and was wildly excited about the idea," he said. "'Wow, this is all the music in the world, for a flat fee.' They were bragging about the fact they were agnostic - 'We're not here to tell you what to listen to.'

"Interesting. I'm looking at a black screen, kind of like iTunes. Wonder if Nine Inch Nails is in there. Hey, it is. But as a music fan, I found myself trying to force myself to use it. I didn't reach for it when I got in the car to drive. It still felt the like I had to do the work to use it. It felt utilitarian."

In related news, full Beats Music commercial featuring Reznor's narration was posted, make sure to check out the company's vision below.

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    Hopefully the producers of the Grammy's don't cut out the final 2 minutes of the album.
    I know it's not related to this article but I'm seeing Qotsa & NIN in Australia in March and after seeing the grammy performance I can not bloody wait!!!
    Yeah...imagine how much more excited you would be if the show wasn't chopped up by adds.....
    I saw QOTSA last Fall and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. I also saw NIN twice last fall. They were great also but I preferred their lights in the sky and with teeth tours
    Whiskey Tango
    Really, that was a terrible performance. There were only two things good about it... 1. Lindsey Buckingham and 2. It was cut short. Trent was o.k. but man it got into complete suck mode when Qotsa were added to the mix. Pitiful.
    I understand that it's because it was the lead single and that it was nominated, but I wish they didn't play "My God is the Sun."
    It didn't sound nearly as good because its on a tv program, the mix for all of the music parts of the grammys were terrible. Though I will admit it was a bit anticlimactic watching it, I blame that on the program/programmers of the show more than the performance itself.
    To be fair he the "new product" could be anything. Maybe not NIN. It could refer to the next movie soundtrack he's doing, or something HTDA related, or something else entirely.
    Victor Escobar
    He did confirm that he's doing the soundtrack for the next Fincher film so I assume that's what he's talking about.
    Trent is freaking magic. I love all of his stuff. I can't wait for his new stuff.
    As a person that makes beats and whatnot for fun, I think the beats headphones are well worth the 200 dollars I paid for em. If you're not a producer, shut the **** up.
    Trent continues to sell out...
    I disagree with the 'continues' part, but come on Trent. Beats? Really? That overpriced garbage? From a guy that released an album for free? Does he have a drug habit in need of financial support again?
    you realize he's worked with dre as far back as on the fragile, right? dre mixed "even deeper"
    I don't see how helping create and design Beats qualifies as selling out? Overpriced garbage??? Isn't it priced pretty much the same as spotify? I currently have spotify and it is the best 10$ a month I could spend. I would consider switching over to beats eventually if i preferednit over spotify
    Pretty sure the "garbage" Jinzue was referring to was the Beats brand as a whole, particularly the headphones.
    Indeed I was. The Spotify/Beats Music argument stands. I agree with that. Nothing wrong with the service itself. I'm just wondering what his motivation could be for siding with that brand.
    The only thing I can imagine that would make Trent side with Beats is a larger percentage of profits goes to the artists.
    "All you know about me's what I sold ya, dumb****. I sold out long before you ever even heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, dipshit. And then you bought one." -Maynard James Keenan
    It seems as if this is something Trent believes in, so he's investing in it and collaborating with the company. It doesn't make him a "sell out." Beats maybe be expensive, but it's because they're a quality product. Besides, Trent usually only invests in musically related products, because he's a guy that cares about the quality of the art. "Selling out" would be if we saw Trent on the next Proactiv acne treatment commercials...
    Quality product? What the hell? they are overpriced plastic garbage which breaks quick as f*ck and has waaaaay to much bass to be even remotely balanced. Edit: to be fair, I don't know anything about their music streaming service, but I highly doubt it will be much more different than itunes genius/google music in terms of telling you what you might like. And as far as I used such services the google predictions win, by far.
    Reznor please pour your love on me please show us your scars!!!! Please show your love for me please do a tour on US!!! On US!!! On the US!!!!!